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Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton & Nathaniel A. Pendleton Sr. ~ “Our Daughter Deserves A Vote”


By Jueseppi B.






Here’s what President Obama said about our daughter last night:

“One of those we lost was a young girl named Hadiya Pendleton. She was 15 years old. She loved Fig Newtons and lip gloss. She was a majorette. She was so good to her friends, they all thought they were her best friend. Just three weeks ago, she was here, in Washington, with her classmates, performing for her country at my inauguration. And a week later, she was shot and killed in a Chicago park after school, just a mile away from my house.”



We were honored to join First Lady Michelle Obama as her guests at the State of the Union. And we were deeply moved by the president’s words — about Hadiya and about the need for Congress to fix our broken gun laws


Our daughter was a bright and beautiful girl who deserved a full life. No parent should have to bury their child, and there’s no excuse for any more delays. Congress has common sense proposals in front of them. It’s time for them to vote!



Call Congress RIGHT NOW and tell them: 33 Americans are murdered with guns every day. THEY DESERVE A VOTE.







We’re in Washington, DC today meeting with our members of Congress. We’re going to tell them about our daughter and what it’s like to lose someone you love so much to gun violence.


But we won’t stop there. We’re going to demand that they act now. We’re going to tell them: “You guys signed up for the job. Now do something!”


It’s time. Please join us by calling your members of Congress today:


Thank you for making your voice heard,

Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton & Nathaniel A. Pendleton Sr.
Mayors Against Illegal Guns



Hadiya Pendleton – Walking Angel



1,774 Americans fatally shot since Newtown.


More than 1,774, actually. In 60 days.


That averages out to 29 people a day. On Christmas, 30 Americans were killed by guns. On New Year’s Day, it was 58. On Martin Luther King Day, 28. Last Thursday was a good day — only 13 Americans were shot to death that day.


Click here to see Slate’s utterly breath-taking graphic of the gun-death tally since December 14, the date of the Newtown massacre.


  • Call Congress: 202-224-3121
  • Call the White House: 202-456-1111
  • Find your Senators by clicking here (if you’d rather send an email, you’ll find that information here, too).
  • Find your US Representative by clicking here (if you’d rather send an email, you’ll find that information here, too).






















Funeral Held For Teen Girl Killed At Chicago Playground












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