Christopher Jordan Dorner was a killer, a murderer created by the U.S. military and ignited by the LAPD. He was/is nothing more than a criminal. Not remotely close to any fucking hero. No more than Lanza, Holmes or Jarred Loughner.


Don’t focus on Chris Dorner’s politics – CNN.com.

Man Hunt On For Former LAPD Officer Suspected Of Shooting Police Officer

Van Jones is spot on in his assessment of Chris Dorner. Many social media outlets have been ravaged with supportive comments for Dorner. He has been called a hero, which is complete nonsense. Heroes don’t purposefully hunt down and murder fellow citizens and co-workers for ANY reason.


 I suspect that Dorner was nothing more than a mentally-ill, pro-gun prick, who was a ticking time bomb that lacked the balls to deal with situations that many other regular day folk face everyday on a regular. Wouldn’t it  have been more practical, to have punched one of the fellow cops, he accused of repeatedly using the N-Word, dead square in the fucking mouth? A busted lip, and a few missing teeth would be far better bargains than bodies full of bullets being left behind for families and loved ones to mourn over…

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