I suggest all gun loving NRAssholes move to Mars, or better still, follow Newt The Poot, to his newly forming Moon colony.

Thanks The Last Of The Millenniums, for this update on NRAssholes insanity.

The Last Of The Millenniums


This is the foundation on which the ‘Citadel’ is being built.

Here’s hoping that a couple hundred ‘patriots’ sign up and are ‘approved’ to pay 25% of their 30 year lease price only to find out that the construction ‘season’ is just as long as the grwoing season in Benwah County.

Maybe next year, after they get the actual building permits, some ‘homes will be built.

Or for the ‘real patriots’, they can plant a tent or RV on the ‘Citadel’ land, 20 miles from the nearest town, electricity, running water and 4-6 feet of snow in the Winter.

Hell! Jim Miller says – ” Hell, I spent 179 days living in a tent in a Middle Eastern desert…whatever works to get the job done. Folks have lived in their garages starting businesses, in tents beside their wagons and horses, in caves before that. This is the easy part”.


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