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TheObamaCrat.Com™ Soapbox: Why The Racist caucasians Hate Barack


By Jueseppi B.







They Hate Barack Hussein Obama Because……..


Barack is a Black Man.


Barack is proof that you can not keep a good Black man oppressed.


Barack didn’t dump his Black wife who supported him during the “lean days” for a caucasian First Lady.


Barack loves his African sistah, who is his wife & the mother of his children.


Barack has scruples.


Barack has morals.


Barack has love, real love, of Country.


Barack is intelligent.


Barack is smart.


Barack is a very good Husband.


Barack is an even better Father.


Barack plays golf with Tiger.


Barack is The President Of The United States. Twice.


Barack plays Chess while dumbass Congressmen play Uno.


Barack has Swag.


Barack can sing.


Barack can dance.


Barack connects with babies, children, youth, middle aged, elderly.


Barack cares about people.


Barack was not born wealthy, but is wealthy in ways the wealthy can never become.


Barack is Black.


Barack is cool under pressure.


Barack is from Chicago, Hawaii and Harvard.


Barack passed The Affordable Health Care Act.


Barack is not like any of the past 43 POTUS.


Barack does what the past 43 POTUS could NOT do, AND does it with style, flair & grace.


Barack uses common sense.


Barack uses logic.


Barack uses critical thinking.


Barack is the former President of The Harvard Law Review.


Barack is a “baller.” (that means he can shoot the B-Ball)….(he got game).


Barack is married to Michelle LaVaughn Obama.


Barack is not caucasian.


Barack stands for & supports the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered Community.


Barack wants comprehensive Gun Reform.


Barack wants ALL Americans to be American Citizens. (path to citizenship).


Barack has Executive Powers, and “Ain’t Skeeeerrrrrd” to use them.


Barack supports the Unions.


Barack uses drones to fight a terrorist war. JUST like the past President. (the 43rd POTUS, Dubbya).


Barack is gonna choose his cabinet, regardless of how much racist Congressional politicians attempt to obstruct.


Barack Is the Real “Teflon Don”. (Google it).


Barack’s accomplishments benefit ALL Americans, especially the racist, dirt poor caucasians who hate him.


Barack actually feels our pain as poor, disenfranchised  Americans.


Barack repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.


Barack supports Women. In ALL Things.


Barack IS a role model.


Barack killed bin Laden, Dubbya did not.


Barack saved Detroit and General Motors. By himself.


Barack has 36 continuous months of job growth.


Barack is a diplomat, a compromiser, a true organizer of ideas and solutions.


Barack has defeated all major obstruction to his agenda.


Barack has created a legacy to rival all past 43 POTUS.


Barack “Don’t Bluff.”


Barack is the epitome of Republican family values. RepubliCANTS are NOT.


Barack supports and fights for a Woman’s right to choose abortion and a right to choose her own health care options.


Barack is all powerful with Joseph Robinette “Joey B.” Biden, Jr. as his Vice President.


Barack supports Immigration Reform.


Barack IS A Black Man. (did I mention this?).



Lastly…..”Let’s Celebrate!“ A Very “Happy you will never be Presidents’ Day” to: Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham & John McCain.
















Black President





















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  1. Obama has integrity. He and his family are all beautiful. They all have style and charm. I’m so proud of him I could burst. I would love to be his neighbor. I can’t say the same for any other president in our history.


    • Yep. You hit it right on the head. I can not remember a past President who has captured the feel of the Average American voter, such as this Man. Hope you had a good Presidents Day.😯


    • Well they are ignorant & insignificant. Thats the problem with any hater, they lack the ability to do what the person they hate is able to do. That goes for any and all haters.😯


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