Mr. J.B. And The Rules

By Jueseppi B.


Ok, so let me tell you a little bit about this guy. He’s this Blogger; thinker, hard-worker but always refers to himself as a Hack not a writer.  You know how some articles we read can be so boring but full of facts and information right. Well this guy puts down words like I’ve never seen before.  I mean it doesn’t matter the topic, he writes about a variety of things. Some pieces are full of facts, stats quotes and some not, but always his bold personal opinion. That’s where he grabs you. He has this bold manly kind of manner that almost stands up off the page as you’re reading it.

It can give the average unexpected readers that shock factor at first because you can darn near feel his strong but real honest presence standing next to you, his sense of “this is my view, my opinions and I’m saying it my way”!

Now of course it will be seen to most as rude, blunt and socially incorrect. Being quit intelligent, he already knows that some people are going to react to that factor and I believe he loves it.  Not just for the sake of the shock factor, more so because he is being truly himself.  This is a guy that knows who he is and what he’ll stand up for or against.  He’s not just comfortable in his skin but driven to release and express whatever honestly strikes him at his core.  Frankly, after my initial shock factor, I oddly found that part about his writing most refreshing. By the way it took me more than a couple of articles to get pass that shock factor, I simply didn’t comment on anything until I found my comfort zone with his work. I enjoyed the challenge quietly you could say (wink).

To give you an even deeper insight into what some of us fellow blog followers have seen, discussed and experienced from this Bold Odd Hack, here’s peak at some Comments and Responses to some of his writings. Revealing how his bold style and hard-work Matters in the Real! World:

* “Jueseppi, may you continue to be; to some – a light, to a few – their might, to many – their voice and to a million others – more than you could imagine.   ”Keep Doing You” no one else can.”

“This is one of the better blog posts I’ve read. Well written. Well researched. Straightforward and convincing. Good job. Thank you for writing it.”

* “Remarkably on target and factual… Mr. Baker, you express exactly what many others can only boil over from the inside and over again, yet will never speak it.”

* “Very interesting…and enlightening! I always learn so much from you!”

“Actually Mr. Jueseppi B. as a “Caucasian” American I did not stop reading when you asked me to. Sorry about that but I was very interested in what you has to say. Guess what…I wholeheartedly agree with you, and I happen to know that everything you assert about that time is accurate. You see I’m a frequent watcher of the History channel and PBS,…”

* “JB, I have to commend you for your strong commitment and daily leadership! Way to step up my friend!”

* “Jueseppi B.-Thank you so much for sharing this article on our page. I found it very informative and quite helpful. .. however, my granddaughter is mixed. I love being able to share this type of information with her, …I admit that I knew nothing of this until I read your article and am so very glad I did. I want my beautiful Peanut to know true history, not history that is distorted to suit what others feel should be known. Again I thank you for this information. I would love to have any links or reading material that you know of that relates to this topic. Blessings to you and keep theknowledge flowing.”

* “Proudly respectful of your mind soul and above all the Caliber of your integrity.  You are driven and you are relentless in your commitments.  Your works inspire, invite, provoke, incite, educate, stimulate and often cause pause for deeper thought.”

* “Congratulations Mr Jueseppi Baker! I’ve always known…

Your mind is like a Chef creating written dishes; blending of raw facts and emotions, sprinkling secrets of rare finds, adding blends of wild spices. Boldly served on a platter uniquely you!

An acquired taste most appealing to the broader palates worldwide.”

Written by Ms. Shelley Peterson.

My name is Jueseppi B, and this is my blog. I started The ObamaCrat.com blog after leaving Politics Anonymous.com. I partnered with a woman I met onFacebook a few years ago. She and I were Facebook friends for two years and we decided to work together as partners building up Politics Anonymous.com. The blog did very well, with my hard work and promoting & marketing. My partner was not focused on development of the blog and the bulk of the work was left on my shoulders. So, I decided, if I am going to work my ass off, why not work it off for myself? So on December 13th, 2011, The ObamaCrat.com was born.

I never think too hard about what I want to say or how I want to present it, I don’t have mixed messages, there is never any doubt about MY opinion. On anything. I do not step back and wonder what ot how my message will play I lack self consciousness in my writing, I am extremely intense in my message and I do not mince words.

I don’t have an open mind about much, and I love my mind that way. Common sense, logic, and critical thinking are what drives my opinions, thoughts and ideas, sometimes that gets mixed with emotion. Over the past few weeks, I have written about racism, and racist subjects, such asRon Paul being a white supremacist, or how to erase racism, and those particular articles have gotten a lot of response in the form of comments, both in Facebook and in the comment section of PoliticsAnonymous.com. Here’s some advice to those who write comments attempting to change my stand on racism and racist, or anything for that matter, you’d have more success sucking a watermelon through a straw.

Writing to me, is like taking a bowel movement, it is something I only do when I feel a need. If I don’t go sit on a toilet when there is no need to do so…why write when there is no need? I write because so many Americans are just plain stupid, and need to have a few facts & truths presented to them….but mostly I write to spread MY opinion, and your idiotic attempts to reverse my opinion based on your “likes/dislikes”….ain’t gonna ever happen. Some more advice, if you leave comments on what I write, and your comments piss me off, expect to have your ass handed to you on a paper plate. Unless you have facts to back up your opinions…..I am not interested in your words. If you are agreeing with me, or posting a sensible intelligent question for discussion or debate, we will get along famously. Do not waste my time with petty, stupid, idiotic comments designed to prove to yourself you are intelligent. If you must prove it, you ain’t.

My opinions are based on research, and in some cases, living through the events of the past and present that shape what I believe and decide actually is my opinion.

I am an angry Sicilian, African, Corsican,  & Pawnee Indian Male, who has a nasty attitude, an evil disposition, and an ornery and opinionated character. I guess you can label me the last Angry, Militant, Black man In America.

I am not a writer, or one who cares about grammar, punctuation, or if what I write sounds pretty. I am an ObamaCrat. I am not a Liberal, nor am I a Progressive, or Democrat, or Left Wing anything. I am not an Independent, or a TeaPubliCANT, I am an ObamaCrat. As such thisPOTUS has my support 500%, and yes, I follow him blindly….you don’t agree, so what? That is your opinion, and exactly like assholes, we all have an opinion….I just get to write about mine, and publish it everywhere. You wish to do that….start a web site.

One final thought about me….I am NOT a writer, I am a hack who uses his emotions along with some common sense and logic to form MY opinions….sometime with links to factual information that has led me to MY opinion. You might be foolish enough to argue with me, but you can not argue with a fact.

I offer my gratitude to my ex-partner, her laziness and lack of business sense assisted me in realizing I am better off working for myself, and that gave me the push to create The ObamaCrat.com. Thank You.


Welcome to The ObamaCrat.Com™

I believe in reblogging vital information from fellow bloggers. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you contact WordPress & make them remove the “reblogging” feature available to other WordPress bloggers.

The purpose of  The ObamaCrat.Com™ is to get Barack Hussein Obama re-elected “By Any Means Necessary”. Now that I have assisted the sane voters of America in accomplishing that task….we move on to ensuring thatPOTUS Obama’s agenda for his second term is realized.

Feel free to reblog anything I post here at The ObamaCrat.Com™. Our mission here is to spread facts, truth & vital information to combat the lies & misinformation of the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS.

I am an ObamaCrat. That means I support President Of The United States Barack Hussein Obama in ALL that he does, 5000%. If that upsets you, or rubs you the wrong way or makes you scared, too damn bad.

Might I suggest you find another blog that better serves your beliefs to read & follow.

Don’t attempt to leave stupid racist comments on MY blog, they go straight into the trash can.

Yes I voted for him because he is Black.

Yes I voted for him because he is intelligent.

Yes I voted for him because he is moral.

Yes I voted for him because he is a diplomat.

Yes I voted for him because he is smart.

Yes I voted for him because he is savvy.

Yes I voted for him because he is Me.

Enjoy your stay, and obey the rules.

If you choose to disobey the rules, enter At Your Own Risk.

A caucasian man asked his Black friend, “are you voting for Barack Obama just because he’s Black”? The Black man responded saying “Why not? In America Black men are pulled over everyday while driving just because they’re Black; passed over for promotions just because they’re Black; labeled as criminal just because they’re Black; not to mention the millions who will vote for Lyin UnFitt Mitt Romney and NOT Barack Obama because he IS Black. You don’t seem to be too concerned about that do you?



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