Paying Forward The 2013 Most Influential Blogs


By Jueseppi B.






A Special thank you to E A M Harris……for paying forward The Most Influential Blog Award to TheObamaCrat.Com™.


Allow me to introduce Ms. E A M Harris……








I am a reader and a writer. My aim on this blog is to post about literature.

There are books I love and a few that bore me (I won’t blog about those).

There are poems and stories I write (but I won’t blog about them very often).

Literature connects with daily life, has a place in society, has a mass of academic theory. I’ll write about these things occasionally.

From time to time I write down my observations of people and happenings I meet. I’ll include some of these – they are the raw material of all creative endeavor.



Stop by her blog: E A M Harris, for amazing post on poetry and authors works. Thank you again Ms. Harris.



The Rules:
There are no rules for this award except you MUST pay it forward, and that means, sometime in the next 6 months, you “should” chose the blogs you deem worthy of your label of The Most Influential Blog Of 2012, to you.
That’s it. Only rule.



Now For MY Most Influential Blogs Of 2012:
Each blog chosen by me, has in some small or huge way influenced me in some way, be it by inspiration or by information.



The White House Blog


Gun Control Now USA


Cut N Edge Cartoons






Sarah Gets Critical


Cheri Speak


The Good, The Bad, The Worse





There you have it……now these above listed award winner must “pay it forward”.


















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