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Cheri Speak

“Black History is OUR History.” ~ Cheri M. Roberts

The same year that Martin Luther King, Jr. graduated from Booker T. Washington High School and Malcolm X was ordered to register for the draft, another notable young African-American male’s draft number was called. It was 1943 and the United States was deeply ingrained in WWII as a young James Harvey entered the United States Army during what was one of the most ideologically and culturally tumultuous times in world history. The Nazis had already killed more than one million Jews and racism and segregation in America was at a boiling point.

“The disadvantage of men not knowing the past is that they do not know the present.” ~ G. K. Chesterson   

By October of 1944 Harvey graduated from Aviation Cadet Training at the Tuskegee Army Air Field as a Second Lieutenant Flying Officer and entered “The Experiment”…

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