Keep this vitally important information coming….the NRAsshole supporters need to read this. Thanks again Gun Control Now USA.

Gun Control Now USA



Yesterday, at CNN.com, I offered two proposals to enhance gun safety that would not require a vote of Congress: (1) a Surgeon General’s report on the health hazards of guns in the home; (2) a congressional investigation of the safety practices of the gun industry.

Robert VerBruggen offered a substantial reply at National Review Online.

Before responding in my turn, there’s a threshold point that must be stressed and then stressed again. At one point in his reply, Robert dismissively describes one study of gun safety as a “tiny phone survey” “conducted in 1996.” And of course … he’s right! A lot of the most important data in the gun debate is unsatisfactory and isout-of-date.

There’s a reason for that, and the reason is that the gun advocates themselves passed a law through Congress almost 20 years ago forbidding the use of federal research dollars to study…

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