Today the term “Black Republican” is an oxy-moron, much like a Black KKK member, or a Black Stormfront member….same thinking goes into why A Black person would be a member of either group?



The Daily Tribune News – Blacks and Republicans A Historic Alliance.

The Republican Party, as it stands today, is nothing more than a conflicted cacophony of the harmonious promise it once held. Originally formed by those who opposed the insidious institution of slavery, the song of equality that this party once sang is nothing more than a faded hit that fell off the chart of humanity long ago. 

It is important to realize, especially during Black History Month, the roles of  Black people in BOTH political parties throughout history. Much of the racial animosity, that  has held this nation in its virulent grip was actually created and eventually perpetrated by The Democratic Party. Many of these inbred lunatics stopped at nothing to ensure the survival of slavery. Whether it was the threat of seceding from The Union, or ignoring The Compromise of 1877 after slavery, Southern White…

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