Is it just me, or has this deadline nail biting last second fiasco that happens time after time, while Congress is off on breaks & vacations….gotten real old very quickly?

The Fifth Column

Speaker of the House, John Bohener, et al are making sure that they pin the “sequester” bill on President Obama.  The idea is to blame Obama for anything that goes wrong once the sequester is set in motion.

Economist and former Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden,  Jared Bernstein knows a thing or two about these things and wrote the following piece:


It’s time to defuse the latest fiscal time bomb

This originally appeared on Jared Bernstein’s blog, On the Economy.

For my sanity and yours, I rarely get into the silliest corners of politics, but this conservative talking point that the word “sequester” must actually be called “Obama’s sequester,” like they had nothing to do with it, is really beyond the pale.  I get that both sides are trying to position themselves to not get blamed for this totally preventable, self-inflicted wound, but here are some…

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