YES. Any rights or civil liberty can and must be considered a civil right. So says the U.S. Constitution. If we as Americans stand behind the 2nd amendment, or the 1st amendment, then all things Constitutional must be supported. Thank you Mr. Nelson for this post.


Don Nelson

bg-fight-for-your-rightsAfter watching all of CNN I could stomach this morning I am left with a question. The “moderator” – so-called – posed the question: Is Gay Marriage a Civil Rights Issue?
Predictably the responses put up for all to read were pro and con.
My question: How many “married” couples do you know that do not have a marriage license, a certificate of marriage or some such document to show that they registered with a Civil entity prior to being allowed to be joined in Wedlock? I am aware that in some states there is what is called common law ‘marriage.’ And in some states that particular type of cohabitation has been either deleted or revised so that persons so involved are no longer considered ‘married’ under the law.
Marriage can be done by an Official of the Court – a justice of the peace…

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