UniteWomen.org And The Suffrage Centennial Celebration

By Jueseppi B.







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General Information
UniteWomen.org has accomplished so much in just over ten months thanks to our thousands of volunteers and those following us on social media.

One of our initial goals that still remains true is to provide information to people on the issues and legislation affecting women’s rights and civil rights. We are very proud that through social media, we have been able to do just that. We reach over 18 million people on our Facebook page alone! That does not take into account Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. All of you following us on social media have played a huge role in making people aware of the issues by sharing what we post and that was born out in the results of the November election. We have all made a difference and we thank you!


While we were founded on social media and do all of our work here, many may not realize the structure we have in place beyond our social media platforms. Imagine an office building with 250 floors. Each floor has a department. UniteWomen.org works and organizes in over 250 different Facebook groups and holds meetings with volunteers from across the country in real time on Google Hangout. Our office building is on Facebook!


Each State has a Community Group and an Organizing Group. Additionally, we have groups set up for all of the State, Regional and National Directors to engage with each other as well as interaction with the other groups. In addition to an entire Campus Division, we have groups for graphics, 12 monthly task force campaigns, legislative research, video editing, each national campaign, each social media platform, fundraising, and much more. 


Our first 10 weeks, we organized and implemented 55 rallies in 45 states across the country “Unite Against The War On Women”. Many of you were there and those rallies were the beginning of our work. What have we done and are doing outside of “just posting” on our social media platforms? 


• registered people to vote
• hold protests against specific legislation
• hold candlelight vigils for victims
• volunteer to be clinic escorts
• donate at Domestic Violence Shelters
• organize self defense classes
• organize domestic violence worker appreciation events
• meet with State legislators
• hold film screenings on specific issues
• organized educational candidate events
• table at various events and conferences
• create and work with other organizations in state specific coalitions
• created the series of videos “In Their Own Words” and other original videos
• co-created the “We Are Good Women” campaign
• national and state leaders speak at events and conferences on many issues affecting women’s and civil rights
• hosted virtual and physical debate parties during the campaign season
• take state specific actions on each of our monthly awareness campaigns
• spoke and participated in a coalition protesting women’s issues at the Republican National Convention
• attended various events at the Democratic National Convention
• participated in many gay pride events across the country
• coordinate email, phone banking, and twitter bombing campaigns on numerous issues
• highlight and promote other organizations’ actions
• generate original graphics to be used on and off line
• participating in One Billion Rising and other V-Day events
• participating in the Silver Ribbon campaign celebrating the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade
• expanding outreach to audiences and organizations beyond the “normal women’s and civil rights” audience and organizations in order to grow awareness of issues affecting women and the LGBT community
• researching and compiling a database of ALL women’s and civil rights legislation
• expanding the Campus Division to grow awareness and participation of young adults in women’s and civil rights issues
• expanding our reach of 20 countries outside of the U.S. to educate and build awareness globally.


Since the election, we have been primarily working behind the scenes developing our 2013 plan which now encompasses the reauthorization of VAWA, co-hosting and creating the social media campaign of the Suffrage Centennial Celebration in D.C. March 1-3 and are in the process of building and managing the website for that historical event as well. In addition we made the announcement of a major initiative we will be launching in regards to the ERA and look forward to working with other organizations on this endeavor. We have developed an awareness campaign for each month starting with January’s Human Trafficking and Stalking. None of this takes into account our continuing to react to the attacks made from D.C. and States on women and civil rights.


We have over a thousand people working on the national and state levels planning all of these actions and more. They are all volunteers not only dedicating their time but their resources to develop the materials in order to accomplish our goals. 


The scope of the work for the Suffrage Centennial in part, includes handling all social media for the event, building and maintaining the website, co-hosting a day of panels and exhibits, planning the rally, creating merchandise for the event, creating brochures and physical information about UniteWomen.org, the Suffrage movement, and the ERA. While we are still in discussions with other groups about the ERA, we will be moving a core group of women to D.C. and looking for long term housing in order to protest daily in front of Congress until the ERA is passed. 


We are just over 10 months old and have been so focused on our goals and campaigns that we have not taken the time to focus on funding. Volunteers have provided the funding for most of these events and campaigns out of their pockets with minimal funding from outside donations. We have always needed help with funding for basic operating expenses and materials but now have a need for much more. The expense of the Suffrage and ERA efforts go well beyond basic expenses. In addition, we have been limited from moving forward on our “wish list” due to lack of funds. We’ve accomplished so much with little to no funding but there is so much more we could do. You can help by volunteering in any of our groups and/or donating by going to www.unitewomen.org


We have worked with a number of organizations on the state and national level. The more traditional organizations bring different strengths to the effort than UniteWomen.org and those strengths complement each other. We honor and commend those organizations and women who share in our commitment to work for women’s rights, and look forward to continuing to work with them and other groups in the future.


Find and join the UniteWomen.org Community group in your state!


Let’s connect more!
Follow us on Twitter: @UniteWomenOrg 
Watch us on YouTube: UniteWomen
Follow us on Tumblr: unitewomencampusteam.tumblr.com

Location 1221 Bowers Street #2225,

Birmingham, Michigan 48012-2225





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