2014 Mid Term Elections

The Hatred Against #UniteBlue Reminds Me Of High School Cliques


By Jueseppi B.






Remember back in high school, how certain groups always hung together? If you were a member of a clique in high school, you couldn’t hang with people who were not allowed in “your” high school clique.


Fast forward to 2013, and Twitter, and a young upstart organization called #UniteBlue. The purpose of #UniteBlue is to utilize Twitter as a grassroots social media outlet to organize Liberals, Progressives, Democrats & Independents on Twitter, to participate in hashtag (#) campaigns for political gain. Also, and this is the best & most important part, #UniteBlue brings all like minded Twitter account holders together by identifying us with the #UniteBlue logo:




#UniteBlue started as a way to prevent right wing conservative TeaTardedRepubliCANT Twitter users, from having the Twitter accounts of anyone who disagreed with their conservative agenda, suspended from Twitter for tweeting Democratic minded tweets. Many Tweeters were finding themselves suspended just for tweeting support for POTUS Obama or any Liberal/Progressive/Democratic agenda.


Zack Green, a political consultant who has worked with all political parties in the past, saw an opportunity to unite Progressives, Independents, Liberals & Democrats using a common theme that brings like minded Twitter account users together, while slowing down or stopping wrongful Twitter suspensions.


Yes, you would think ALL us Liberals would be “oh so very happy”…..right……Hell NO.


It’s like going back in a time machine to the good old days of high school cliques. After Zack got #UniteBlue off the ground, somebody saw the speed with which #UniteBlue started to grow, and the jealous envy begin to mount. Questions were raised concerning Zack’s past, and whom he worked with as a political consultant. Questions rose up about how he started #UniteBlue.


Zack Green answered questions until the question answering was all he found himself doing, and so he said “enough”. If you wish to read about Zack Green and his beginnings,  you can do so at his history of #UniteBlue page. I read his page and found his answers to questions about him, more than enough for me.


But onto the reason for this blog post….







Many Twitter users are upset that #UniteBlue is uniting us Progressives, Independents, Liberals & Democrats. They claim that this organization has shady beginnings, that Zack Green is a right wing supporter and that Zack Green is not trustworthy because he worked with ex Governor Buddy Roemer, also an ex Republican. I remember when ex Governor Charlie Crist was a Republican. Do you? Charlie Crist now supports POTUS Obama.


The amount of jealousy and envy and hatred against #UniteBlue is so stupid it seems almost as if some TeaTardedRepubliCANT group is behind this infighting. It is not, it’s all us Progressives, Independents, Liberals & Democrats.


There are folks on Twitter not following or tweeting others because those others are #UniteBlue members. Tweeps who did follow & tweet one another are now in different cliques: The #UniteBlue clique and the #UniteBlue hater clique.


People are spreading lies & misinformation against #UniteBlue just on garbage that is rumored to be true.


Meanwhile #UniteBlue members are having a ball. We’re meeting new like minded people, sharing like minded Tweets, organizing #hashtag campaigns, making #hashtag’s trend and enjoying a relaxed mood because Zack Green figured out how to slow down & in some cases, stop the unwarranted Twitter suspensions. The more followers you have the less likely you are to be suspended over garbage.


You know something you’re doing is working when haters start to spread lies and misinformation against you. You realize it’s just like high school when you have folks attempting to persuade you to leave #UniteBlue.


If you don’t trust, like or wish to belong to #UniteBlue….that’s your business. When you try, on a daily basis, to talk or ridicule some adult to leave #UniteBlue because YOU don’t like the organization, then you’re no better than that TeaTardedRepubliCANT you fight against.


Grown educated informed adults are perfectly able to think for themselves and do not need YOU to provide guidance on which political organization to join. I never try to lead or guide anyone to anything, I research, study and decide for myself what I want to follow and whom I wish to support.


I say instead of hating on #UniteBlue and trying to divide & conquer, get involved in whatever local political organization you do trust & like. Find a way to get United and defeat the TeaTardedRepubliCANT party on “NO”vember 4th, 2014. The mid terms are vital and crucial for us Progressives, Independents, Liberals & Democrats.


Any political organization the brings together Progressives, Independents, Liberals & Democrats, in a common cause, is just fine and dandy by me. Don’t care whom started it or why, as long as it has positive results.


So to be clear, if you tweet me with some dumb shit about #UniteBlue, you will be told to “GSADF.”



Visit Zack Green. See for yourself what 140Elect is all about.



Learn all about #UniteBlue:

#UniteBlue: Whats It All About And How To Get Involved



















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  1. I don’t think asking legitimate questions is “hate”. There are some issues related to UB that are concerning, and I think people should be able to raise those issues without being harassed or blocked. I also think that raising legit questions is not “infighting”, “drama” or “high school”.

    I’ve been sent info from people I respect on both sides of this debate, and I honestly don’t know what I think of #UniteBlue now. I do know that I respect the people I follow on Twitter, and I respect their decision to join or not join it.

    I also appreciate the concerned warnings from people who rightly care about progressives and our community.

    I will not harass or block someone just because they choose to join or not join Unite Blue. I will not make a decision whether to join or not join based on who is for or against it. I am still digesting all the info I’ve been sent, and I’m also recovering from a concussion.

    As of now, I’m not joining, but I am also not ready to definitely say it’s a good or a bad thing. I hope it turns out to be a very good thing. I just don’t know what it is at this point, and that needs to be okay.

    I would like to see progressives #ConnectTheLeft by respecting each others’ decisions (and each other) on whether to join UB or not.

    I also think that if someone raises concerns about UB, they should not be harassed or blocked.

    As progressives, we are smarter and better than to let a difference of opinion on this divide us. Let’s disagree like rational, healthy, mature adults and give each other the space to think and feel differently about this.

    If you see comments about #UB that you disagree with, you have many choices: you can ignore them, reply with civility, ask respectful questions, disagree in a respectful manner or DM someone.

    Disagreement among progressives on this or any other topic does not need to get ugly or divide us.

    Whatever UB turns out to be, time will tell.


    • I find it absolutely amazing that grown educated humans can’t read what is written and comprehend without adding or subtracting their own opinions into what they read. I clearly stated hating is the spread of lies and misinformation. That is hating. High school tactics are when people block you or ridicule you to force you to do as they wish. You even talked about this happening….yet you found a need to dispute what I wrote.

      Too bad reading is not fundamental for you.

      The bottom line is grown men & women have the right to join, follow or un follow whom and what they choose without others attempting to harass them into their point of view.

      Thats what this post is about. Which you seemed to miss entirely.

      I could give a rats ass what a person does, and I demand that same respect when I choose to or not to do something.

      Thats what being an adult in America is all about.


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