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The Fallout From A Guilty Rape Verdict In Steubenville, Ohio


By Jueseppi B.







From the website PUBLIC SHAMING:


The news out of Steubenville today is a *small step* in the right direction for a town that seems to be plagued with cover-ups in an attempt to save their beloved football team. Two young men were sentenced to juvenile detention in the Steubenville rape case today. I suggest you look up what they put the victim through if you are not familiar with the story. Anyway, as per usual when the internet discusses rape, there’s some pretty horrible stuff online today.


Take it away, Twitter…


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Steubenville Rape Trial Verdict: It’s A Fuckin Joke



Want to see the face of two rapist? Want to see what it looks like to be small town football heroes who can get away with raping an innocent girl, an underage young girl, at a “house” party?





Defendants Trent Mays, 17  and Ma’lik Richmond, 16.







Now guess what amount of jail time Judge Thomas Lipps handed down to these two rapist…..


In sentencing the boys, Judge Thomas Lipps urged everyone who had witnessed what happened in the case, including parents, “to have discussions about how you talk to your friends, how you record things on the social media so prevalent today and how you conduct yourself when drinking is put upon you by your friends.”


Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’Lik Richmond, 16, were sentenced to at least a year in juvenile prison in a case that has rocked this Rust Belt city of 18,000 since last summer and led to allegations of a cover-up to protect theSteubenville High team. Mays was ordered to serve an additional year for photographing the underage girl naked.


They can be held until they turn 21.


The length of their sentence beyond the minimum one year will be determined by juvenile authorities; they can be held until they’re 21. Lipps said that “as bad as things have been for all of the children involved in this case, they can all change their lives for the better.”


The two broke down in tears after a Juvenile Court judge delivered his verdict. They later apologized to the victim and the community, Richmond struggling to speak through his sobs.


“My life is over,” he said as he collapsed in the arms of his lawyer.


Let me interject right here that the lives of rapist should be over in more ways than one, for these two young idiots.



Here’s more on the case from the AP:


STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — “Two members of the high school football team that is the pride of Steubenville were found guilty Sunday of raping a drunken 16-year-old girl in a case that bitterly divided the Rust Belt city and led to accusations of a cover-up to protect the community’s athletes.”


Am I the ONLY one who finds this entire case and how a backwoods dumbass community handled this unspeakable assault and rape of a young girl…..disgusting AND despicable?


America is one fucked up place to live in 2013. If you have children who have yet to reach adulthood….chances are they won’t reach adulthood before being raped, assaulted, or murdered.


America….love it as it is…..or work like hell to change it.


My simple solution for any & all rapist is castration.


My solution for dumbasses who condone and defend rape/rapist, is simple as well…..they should be raped. Yes I know thats a very harsh way of thinking, but lets face it, as Americans, most things that are issues to one person, are not an issue to another person………..


Unless it is experienced first hand.


Murder by guns does not bother Americans unless it happens to touch their lives. Americans don’t give a damn about cancer taking a life, until someone they know dies from cancer. Americans are the most selfish self centered society on the planet.


Until some tragedy hits home.


For any human to defend a rapist or the crime of rape by saying things like “She asked for it” or “she got what she wanted/had coming”……that person needs to experience the violent act of rape.


First hand.




























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  1. I agree with the post too,though i think there are degrees of rape. The worst – well perhaps the guys should be castrated, I don’t know – cruelty perpetuates cruelty. The relatively minor ones, I think the punishment is too harsh. I say that as someone who’s experienced the more minor end of rape, from a boyfriend who didn’t believe in ‘no’.


    • I am sorry but there are no degrees of rape & sexual assault in my mind. None whatsoever. I’ll leave it at this: if you have a daughter who is assaulted by a boyfriend who ignores “NO”……..then you tell me about degrees of rape.


  2. The three sports I participated in during high school were football, track, and boxing. I was living down in Florida with my oldest brother at the time, and attended Miami Killian. Of the three sports, football had the strangest culture. Track was similar to an individual sport, and boxing more so. But football was about team, and cohesion of a unit. Sounds good, but the further I progressed in the game, from each level to the next… the weirder it got. I loved, and still love the game, but I never bought into the culture that came with it. That culture was in some ways required, but the over-the-top macho stuff kind of left me cold, and I was always uncomfortable with the kind of false status being a starter and a skill position player gave me. There was absolutely a sense of entitlement that attended it, that rubbed everything I had been taught by my brothers about being a man the wrong way. Interestingly… they had played the game too, and loved it. . So while I enjoyed the game, even practice, and yes, the violence of it all… I did not pal around with team mates, and I struggled to conceal my contempt for most of the coaches, who seemed to delight in bullying kids. I was tolerated because I was gifted and I could play. The head coach at the time was a guy name Chris Vagotis (SP?) who had been an assistant at Alabama. He even had a tower. The man was a tool and I detested him. He painted a life and death struggle of it all. I already knew what death was. I’d seen it as a kid. Up close and very personal. This guy had no clue and I knew it. But I kept my mouth shut cause I wanted to splinter that line every time I got the ball. It was fun. I fed on it. And if I got dinged and saw that black void with the blue dot in the middle… that was fine too. That was the game.

    So I just adopted the notion that it was okay to dislike violence. And it was okay to be good at it. But the culture… I never could get next to that, man. I refused to be willfully stupid. I just kept quiet. Boxers were a lot more honest, most being kind, if somewhat flamboyant. Sprinters are diva’s, but they are fun to be around. Football players? Depends on the program. Depends on who is mentoring those boys.

    I don’t know what happened in Ohio, but something about that program and the worship of it reeks. And if that had been my daughter? I’d make it a point to meet the head coach.


    • I believe the parenting and adult supervision in Ohio is the problem. The parents whose home this drinking party was held in are responsible for this rape as well as the parents of the two young boys who actually did the rape. The community that attempted to hide this crime are also responsible. Parenting is my issue with this whole mess in Ohio. I am a parent, and there is no way in hell I would protect or defend my son in the case of a rape like this particular rape case.

      It’s not the football mentality, it’s the lack of parenting skills in American society.


    • Remember Penn State. America is a very messed up place to live right now. Human lives means nothing. Women mean even less. Thank you Ms. Maggie for your comments, it does me good to see common sense prevail.😉


  3. Damn right, JB! “No means No”. End of the GD conversation!

    “Americans are the most selfish self centered society on the planet.
    Until some tragedy hits home.”

    I’m starting to think you’re right. I don’t care if that girl was outside with her va-va-va exposed. No one had the right to touch her and treat her like some old used goods. I have 2 daughters, and it’s lights-out on a mofo that tries to harm my girls should I catch them breathing. Pardon the language.


  4. You can keep applying your analogy to gay marriage as well…now that Rob Portman’s son is gay its suddenly OK for there to be gay marriage in the republicans’ books. (OK a few Republicans)…I like your post, excepting the bits about the castration and empathy rape…


    • Well to be honest Crankydem….I’ve never been concerned about what others like or think. God, if God does exist and did actually create the human race, gave me common sense and I use my common sense as much as possible. People are human, and Portman changed his mind because the gay issue hit home for him. Before Portman’s son “came out” he was against gay relationships/gay marriage. he had no personal point of reference. After his son announced he was gay, Portman had to re-access his position based on a personal reference. THATS what makes Portman human, realizing that life is never cut & dried/black & white.

      As for castration and empathy rape (your term, NOT mine)….again the simplest solution is always the best solution. Dumbass people who think rape is a joke or not serious and life altering to the victim….deserve the “experience of rape”. If you don’t want your dick castrated, keep it in your muthafuckin pants. Have a great week. 🙂


  5. You are so right. Micheal Moore said something similar in a piece he wrote about the Sandy Hook murders. Allow the parents to release the pictures that authorities took(I am sure there were many)to show the devastaion of assault weapons. The NRA would be out of business. If someone,especially the men talking the bs in this incident ,were raped,I can assure you,THEY WOULD change their damn minds about rape. Thank you for always speaking the truth.


    • Rape is never a joke nor is it something to take as purely a woman’s issue. Rape/rapist effect everyone. Thank you for your support and your kind words Ms. Cynthia. 😉


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