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This Time It’s A Mass Stabbing: Lone Star College Student Stabs 14


By Jueseppi B.





Student charged after 14 wounded in mass stabbing at Texas college


From Fox News:



At least 14 hurt in stabbing spree on Texas Lone Star College campus


Published on Apr 9, 2013

The first reports that something was terribly wrong on the Cy-Fair Campus of the Lone Star College system came via social media. A tweet around 11:20 a.m. Tuesday that there had been a stabbing on campus. Moments later, the calls started flooding into 911 that multiple people on the campus had been stabbed. It appeared that the suspect was attacking people at random with some sort of weapon.


One picture tweeted to @myfoxhouston showed a classroom with tables and chairs pushed in front of the doors as a makeshift barricade. The first 911 calls indicated five stabbing victims, however as emergency crews started arriving that number quickly started to grow to more than a dozen. Four victims with severe stab wounds to the face and neck were taken by Life Flight medical helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital – Texas Medial Center, a level 1 trauma center. Two other victims were taken to the same hospital by ambulance.


Six people were taken by ground ambulance to North Cypress Medical Center and all were later released.


A spokesperson for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect tried to run from the scene but he was chased down and tackled by several students. Those students detained the suspect until campus police arrived. The campus was quickly locked down while campus police and Harris County Sheriff’s officers went classroom to classroom searching for more possible suspects. As a precaution, Cy-Fair Independent School District “secured” 7 near by elementary and middle schools which the search for a possible second suspect was conducted. After about two hours, Harris County Sheriff’s Office determined that there was not a second suspect and started slowly releasing students from the class. The students were only allowed to exit from a few certain areas and their cars had to be searched first.






Published April 10, 2013  Associated Press


A 20-year-old student went on a building-to-building stabbing attack at a Texas community college Tuesday, wounding at least 14 people — many in the face and neck — before being subdued and arrested, authorities said Tuesday.


The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that Dylan Quick had been planning the attack at the Lone Star College System‘s campus in Cypress for some time and had fantasies of stabbing people to death since he was in elementary school.






Quick, who was charged with three counts of aggravated assault, used a razor-type knife, and piece of the blade was found in at least one victim, the sheriff’s office said. Broken blade pieces also were found in the area where the stabbing occurred, and the handle was discovered in a backpack that Quick was carrying when he was arrested.


Authorities were seen entering Quick’s parents’ home in a middle-class neighborhood of Houston on Tuesday night. No one answered the door or the phone at the red brick home, where two vehicles were parked in the driveway, including a Honda Accord with a license plate that said “DYLAN.” It was not immediately known if Quick had an attorney.


The attack happened at 11:20 a.m. and sent at least 12 people to hospitals, while several others refused treatment at the scene, according to Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department spokesman Robert Rasa. Two people remained in critical condition Tuesday evening at Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute, spokeswoman Alex Rodriguez said.


Diante Cotton, 20, said he was sitting in a cafeteria with some friends when a girl clutching her neck walked in, yelling: “He’s stabbing people! He’s stabbing people!”


Cotton said he could not see the girl’s injuries, but when he and his friends went outside, they saw a half-dozen people with injuries to their faces and necks being loaded into ambulances and medical helicopters.



g-cvr-130409-texas-stabbings-245p (1)

Life Flight personnel rush a stabbing victim off a helicopter at a Houston hospital after a stabbing spree Tuesday near Lone Star College in Cypress, Texas.


Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia said that when emergency calls came into the department, there were indications that “students or faculty were actively responding to work to subdue this individual.”


“So we’re proud of those folks, but we’re glad no one else is injured any more severely than they are,” Garcia said.


Michelle Alvarez told the Houston Chronicle she saw the attacker running toward other students and tried to back away. She said she didn’t even feel it as he swiped at her.


“He came running and swinging at my neck, as I tried to get out of the way,” she said.


The attack came three months after a different Lone Star campus was the site of a shooting in which two people were hurt. The suspected gunman in that incident is charged with aggravated assault.



Thank you Fox News.



Now, just think….knife equals 14 injured with NO deaths. Gun or assault weapons equals……


Yeah…..get my drift?
















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  1. Now, just think….knife equals 14 injured with NO deaths. Gun or assault weapons equals……

    if you dont wont to own a gun dont. I do and its used to protect me and my family frome bad people with guns and ” KNIFES ” becouse the wont be their to protect us win the bad guy showes up!!!!!!!


    • Go Suck a Dick……Fool. Stay off my blog with that stupid muthafuckin bull shit.

      And it’s “KNIVES” you dumbass fucka, not “KNIFES”. why are all you fucktards so ignorant?


      • I could take that gun you own and shove it up yo rectum before you even cock it fool. GSADF = Go Suck A Dick Fool….was that spelled correctly and pronounced right fo yo dumbass?


  2. Hope you are well. My heart is heavy and I wonder how we survive the continues attacks and murders. And tell me what you think about our Korean leader and his delusions. It has been spring here the last 2 days and I have daffodils blooming. Hooray!


    • Daffodils you say?? Lucky woman. I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening. I am pleased you find peace and comfort from the garden. As for the North Korean idiot….he’s a young kid drunk on his sudden power. And with most young spoiled kids, he will probably need his young ass spanked a time or two. I hope his ass spanking does not cause any North Korean or American lives.


      • I have a green thumb. I’ll put up a few of my porch and garden.He scares me because I think he is crazy…Hilter kind of crazy.I honestly wonder how Obama does it. I would be in therapy 5 days a week. My mantra would be ” I will not kill, I will not kill.”So what hobbies do you have?


      • Blogging, cooking, swimming, and pissing off those who disagree with common sense and logic. Sometimes I have a hobby of sleeping.😉

        I kinda relax from blogging, to be honest. Posting the days events soothes my savage beast. Sometimes I take long walks, but not often.


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