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Bakersfield Cops Beat Father To Death As He Begged For His Life


By Jueseppi B.






Published on May 12, 2013

5/11/2013 : BAKERSFIELD, CAKern County deputies beat an intoxicated man to death in the street Tuesday night, then detained and intimidated witnesses, confiscated video evidence, and arrested another man who spoke out. David Silva was beaten with batons, left in a pool of blood until an ambulance finally arrived after he was already dead.


A female 9-1-1 caller named Selena told the dispatcher, “There’s a man laying on the floor, and your police officers beat the (expletive) out of him and killed him.” She said that she witnessed the victim do nothing wrong to cause 8 officers to bludgeon him to death. “These cops had no reason to do this to this man.”



Police Beat a Father To Death While He Begs For Help – Then Arrest Witnesses and Confiscate Video





A 19-year-old male witness, Ruben Ceballos, was awakened around midnight by screams and loud banging noises outside his home. He said he ran to the left side of his house to find out who was causing the ruckus.”When I got outside I saw two officers beating a man with batons and they were hitting his head so every time they would swing, I could hear the blows to his head.” He said that Silva was on the ground screaming for help, but officers continued to beat him After several minutes, Silva stopped screaming and was no longer responsive, according to Ceballos.



Another witness, Jason Land, said that he witnessed the beating of David Silva. “They jumped out, reached for their bats, and beat that man until they killed him,” he said, “right in front of my face.” Land spoke up about what he saw and was arrested as retaliation. The witness was on probation and says police responded to his eyewitness report by claiming he was high on PCP and arrested him without any proof.


Witnesses also say that the victim’s body was left to bleed out in the street for a prolonged period without any medical attention, wasting crucial minutes before the ambulance arrived. By that point, it was too late and CPR attempts were futile.


Other witnesses, including Melissa Quair, were harassed and told that they must surrender their cell phones as “evidence.” Their houses were even searched as a crime scene in order to confiscate the video evidence.



Bakersfield Cops Beat Father To Death As He Begged For His Life


Published on May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013 – Bakersfield police are accused of beating a man to death and confiscating videos of the incident. Stephanie Elam reports.




The victim’s brother, Christopher Silva, says his brother was murdered and wants justice. He is demanding that his brother’s body be released so that he can see the result of the beating. He wants the confiscated videos to be released. “My brother spent the last eight minutes of his life pleading, begging for his life. The true evidence is in those phone witnesses that apparently the sheriff deputies already took. But I know the truth will come out and my brother’s voice will be heard.”









Police Beating David Silva in Bakersfield


Published on May 10, 2013

The security camera footage of the beating in Bakersfield on the morning of May 9, 2013 of David Silva by multiple police officers.






Cops beat to death David Silva 911 witness Call Audio




David Silva, 33, died just after midnight Wednesday, minutes after a confrontation with deputies. They reportedly tried to take Silva into custody for alleged public intoxication, and Silva allegedly fought and resisted arrest. The sheriff’s office admitted to using “baton strikes” to gain control of the situation.


Friday morning, the coroner’s office released its first post-autopsy comment, which left much unanswered: “After completing an autopsy, the cause of death is pending toxicology and microscopic studies.”


Multiple witnesses have come forward, claiming to have witnessed an unwarranted episode of brutality.










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  1. Pathetic poor excuses for cops & even moreso pathetic excuses for human beings – Making it harder for the good cops out there. Ugh! What s wrong with these people? What is wrong with the world? Ok – so this guy was drunk & probably obnoxious – but – WTH? They are supposed to be “professionals” & know how to handle these types of situations. Too many psychos are let into this job so easily. This type of beat-down screams hate.
    So sad – What a way to go. And – what a way for his loved ones to see him.😥


  2. Disgusting and shameful. Seems to be murder, plain and simple or why would phones be confiscated and people intimidated. Grotesque.


  3. This has been happening way too often, and it’s time to stop these cops! They have no guts to fight like a man, they need to be off the force. Always one guy on the ground and many cops on top of him. We can’t allow them to intimidate us into giving up our videos, or phones. Congress creeps are all in to set up laws against US trying to prove andf protect ourselves. Vote these guys out, state and local too, they are taking away our freedom of speech. IMO.


    • I agree with you 5000%. If you can not trust law enforcement, who is left to turn to in times of need? “To Serve And Protect” means to serve themselves and protect nobody they don’t know.


  4. This is the worst. It’s a homicide. I hate to say it, but some crazy whackadoos pass the test to get in the police department. They end up doing stuff like this. Terrible. Smh.


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