Month: June 2013

More Guns, More Children Die-Here We Don’t Grow Again!

Originally posted on GetRealWithDarylandDeVon@.Wordpress.Com: NRA Gun Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia) “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” according to the twisted, non-logical reasoning of The NRA. This bullshit, battle-cry continues to resonate throughout our gun obsessed society at an alarming rate while the most innocent…

Saturday In South Africa

By Jueseppi B.     FLOTUS Travel Journal: Connecting Continents   Michelle Obama June 29, 2013 02:05 PM EDT Today, through the wonders of technology, we brought together students here in South Africa with students across the U.S. who joined us through a Google+ Hangout for a lively […]

Way to go Oregon!!!

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Huge news for bees!!! Oregon has banned pesticides!!! Wow!! This is great news. A little late but great nonetheless… Read: Source: And: We ALL are ONE!! We ALL are connected to Nature!!

Ode To the Sea

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          HERESurrounding the island There’s sea.But what sea? It’s always overflowing. Says yes, Then no, Then no again,And no, Says yes In blue In sea sprayRaging, Says no And no again. It can’t be still.It stammers My name is sea.  It slaps the rocks And when they aren’t convinced, Strokes them And soaks…

An Act of Kindness

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The most unexpected considerations can bring about the most amazing results. In almost every case it is usually related to .. an unselfish act of kindness, given in the moment … just because … As kindness blooms  from open hearts,  flowering gratitude adorns. * Petals of love…