2014 Mid Term Elections

What Exactly Do “We” Care About?


By Jueseppi B.




A seventeen year old kid is shot down like an animal on a hunt, for being Black and wearing a hoodies in a neighborhood he had every right to be walking through, and we are not upset over that, instead we’re upset over skin color, race, self defense and Stand Your Ground. Since when is it self defense to shoot & kill an unarmed human, no matter the skin color, age or gender?


What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



We have a jobs bill sitting in Congress for over a year that would put out of work Americans back to work. We have a sequestration problem that has laid off, hurt and crippled American workers and American families.

We have immigration reform problems effecting 11 million undocumented “Americans” who contribute revenue to America’s bottom line daily.

We have Gun Reform legislation that 96% of Americans want and 2% of America needs to kill, for a continuation of profits. The 2% profiteers are winning…..so far.


Yet, we are concerned with the fate of a criminal traitor treasonous former American who stole 4 laptop computers full of American intelligence and information about American National Security secrets, and plans to use them as a citizen or person with asylum in a foreign country. AND some misguided stupid Americans call him a hero in the mold of MLK & Ms. Rose Parks.



What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



We have a President Of The United States Of America, who on a daily basis is out there fighting the 113th Congressional body for OUR rights. A 113th Congressional body interested in vacations, breaks, lining their pockets with lobbyist cash, sucking up to racist all caucasian & all male organizations, and ignoring the very people who voted them into office.

A 113th Congressional body who hates women, people of color, LGBTQ community members & supporters, student, the elderly and our own veterans. Oh, almost forgot, they hate anyone not exactly like them……(caucasian & wealthy and christian)…especially immigrants.


BUT we are all so concerned with The NSA, The IRS, Benghazi, how many times the hardest working President in Presidential history plays golf, drone strikes on foreign land in time of war, what a trip to Africa cost, what brand of toilet paper the POTUS uses.



What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



Climate Change is not real because TeaTardedRepubliCANTS tell us it “ain’t real.” TeaTardedRepubliCANTS don’t like Tesla Motors because they manufacture an automobile that omits no greenhouse gases.

TeaTardedRepubliCANTS are being payed by big corporations to push fossil fuels because fossil fuels make big corporations, billionaires.

TeaTardedRepubliCANTS push The Keystone XL Pipeline because big oil tells them to push it, the hell with the vital damage such a pipeline will do to the American environment.


The NRA is directly responsible for Five Thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty deaths by guns in the 203 days since The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.


Thats 5,780 dead Americans since 12/14/2012.


Thats also 28.4 deaths a day by guns in America, land of the free & home of the brave.



What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



Americans are more concerned about what a woman does with her uterus, her reproduction choices, her birth control decisions and her right to have an abortion.

Americans are so involved in what happens with a woman’s unborn fetus, yet as soon as that human life reaches adult hood, those same Americans don’t care if the state of Texas executes that once fetus, even if said human is innocent (Troy Davis).


Americans care while in the womb about keeping that life, alive. Once it reaches adulthood, lets kill it.



What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



Americans don’t want people of color to vote. Americans don’t want women to vote. Americans don’t want the elderly to vote. Students, immigrants who are American citizens, the disabled, veterans and our soldiers fighting on foreign soil….you don’t need to vote either.


The only Americans that Americans want to vote are wealthy caucasian Americans who think like, look like and vote like, TeaTardedRepubliCANTS.



What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



Everybody can have their own sets of opinions, thoughts & ideas.


There are only one set of facts.


What Exactly Do “YOU” Care About?







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  1. What is important? I’d have to say humanity. This covers pretty much every point brought up here. Unfortunately, we have a problem with this due to the greed and hatred of a select few.

    The president is working hard to get things done, get this country moving forward again. There are those in both houses of Congress that are fighting every policy brought before them, using subversion to destroy this country from within, because they feel they are untouchable.

    It turns out that, thanks to the PATRIOT Act, there is a remedy. While they cannot be tried for treason, they CAN be investigated and charged with Domestic Terrorism. There is currently a petition at We The People calling for this. The petition can be found at http://wh.gov/lxbOo and I urge you to not only sign the petition, but to make sure that everyone you know is aware of it and urge them to sign it as well.


    • Good morning Ms. Dr. Rex, I hope you are having such a fun great weekend on your end, the you just barely have time to blog!! Whats the weather like there? Reading your comments always brings a smile to my face, thank you for those words of support that keep me smiling.


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