Black Genocide Movement

The Trayvon Martin Foundation


By Jueseppi B.




The Trayvon Martin Foundation c/o The Miami Foundation
200 S Biscayne Boulevard Ste 505
Miami, FL 33131
United States
(305) 600 – 8810





The Trayvon Martin Foundation was established by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin in March, 2012 as a not-for-profit organization, under the auspices of the Miami Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose is to create awareness of how violent crime impacts the families of the victims, and to provide support and advocacy for those families, in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin. The scope of the Foundation’s mission is to advocate that crime victims and their families not be ignored in the discussions about violent crime, to increase public awareness of all forms of racial, ethnic and gender profiling, educate youth on conflict resolution techniques, and to reduce the incidences where confrontations between strangers turn deadly.






We would like to welcome you to the official Trayvon Martin Foundation website. As the founders of this foundation; we are humbled and grateful for your continued support and prayers.






TMF Circle of Prayer

The feeling of losing a child is an indescribable emotion. On February 26,  we lost Trayvon as a result of senseless gun violence. Our lives, as we knew it changed forever.


We are strengthen daily by our faith in God and want to connect with you on a personal level. Believing that together, we will heal in time. Through the foundation, we stand committed to being a strong support system for families across the country who have suffered a similar tragedy.


Please join the conference call every first Wednesday of the month @7:30a.m. which will begin at the conclusion of the trial. National faith leaders will also participate on the call in an effort to lead us in a powerful time of prayer, encouragement and rebuilding of  strength.



The Miami Foundation administers all funds going directly to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.


We thank you in advance for your donations.  Please note that all funds donated to the Trayvon Martin Foundation are used solely in furtherance of the Foundation’s management and mission goals. No funds donated will be used to support litigation involving civil or criminal legal actions related to the trial.


If you would like to mail in your donation, please make all checks/money orders payable to:



The Miami Foundation


(DO NOT make donations payable to “The Trayvon Martin Foundation”)


Please mail check/money order to:


The Trayvon Martin Foundation c/o The Miami Foundation
200 S Biscayne Boulevard Ste 505
Miami, FL 33131


























Trayvon Rally Saturday





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    • Well I’m not up on that but if you wanted to, I.m sure you could find a way to engage more actively. Just attending if possible is a great help.


  1. One does have to be careful about donations in Miami Dade,we do have a plethora of crooks here.I sent them a cashiers check,Just saying.


  2. I hope they can develop sensitive educational programs for non-blacks who think they are not racist. Nobody is colorblind, we all see in color unless someone is truly blind; it is important to meet individuals where where they are, not where we expect them to be.


  3. I have supported the Martin family from the beginning and I want to see them be successful in their efforts, and I will continue to support them, but I was actually disappointed when I went to the foundation’s site a few days ago. The article I read was offensive to me as a white person so I haven’t been back and I’m sorry to say I’m not able to support the foundation itself under the circumstances. If I read words that I feel are racist and/or ignorant, I don’t care what color the person is that’s writing them, the words still are what they are. Hopefully things will change as time goes by, I realize the foundation is relatively new.


    • Can U direct me to that article that offended you, so I can read it please? I read everything on the site but must have missed that piece.


      • I just went to this site to look for the article: – Is this the official site? I don’t see a “search” button but it honestly doesn’t look like the site I was on. I looked around the internet to see if there was something similar. Here’s a link to an article that’s basically the same as what I previously read: – but this isn’t the site I read the article on originally, the opening seems different (but I at least wanted to give you the link to check out.) Maybe you’ve seen this article somewhere. Wherever it was I saw the article the first time, I’d gotten to it from a link that was said to be for the foundation. Obviously I’m questionning myself now and I’d actually be happy to learn it wasn’t their official site – but it even had a donation button set up and everything. So pls tell me if the url I wrote at the top is correct. I’ll keep looking for it.


      • This is the only Trayvon Martin Foundation web site I have ever been on. I posted my blog “Trayvon Martin Foundation” directly from this link:

        I’m not doubting your word but when I was on the web site today, I saw nothing racist against anyone. Thats not what Ms. Fulton or Mr. Martin are about, which is why I asked you to guide me to what you read.

        There are a lot of scam artist out there so be careful.


      • I looked again and I only found a half dozen links to that article and none of them went to the site I was previously on. Maybe it was a scam to collect money? It was set up for that w/ donate buttons but it looked legit.


      • Thank you. You know it’s unnerving the more I think about it, because I really believed the link took me to their site. I guess I’m glad I didn’t like the article cause I would’ve ended up giving money to them.


      • U have 2 be very careful how you do things online when it involves donating cash. I don’t donate anything to anyplace using my credit cards. If I want to donate I send a check, or buy something like the Trayvon tee shirt being sold on the Trayvon Martin Foundation web site. I sent a check for 2 Trayvon tee shirts, but no cash donations.


    • I agree. As a woman in a bi-racial marriage (23 years) and having lived in both Black and white communities … and mostly, in mixed ones … efforts to ramp up either side in the arguments about racism and the law (and everything else associated with it) are not helpful. Yes, people need to talk, to understand, to fix what’s wrong to the extent that they are fixable. But overheated rhetoric is exactly what we don’t need.

      Good article here and it incuded Obama’s comments post trial.


      • Until you ARE Black, saying “efforts to ramp up either side in the arguments about racism and the law (and everything else associated with it) are not helpful. ” are your opinions. I don’t personally know you, but being married to a Black man or a mother to Black children does not make you any type of expert on BEING Black. At the end of the day, as they say, you still get to be caucasian and accepted as the right color.

        It like me being by my wife’s side as she gives birth, doesn’t allow me to know what giving birth feels like.

        I appreciate your view, but it can never be my view. Racism won’t allow that.


      • I never claimed to be anything but what I am, but being black, being white does not exclude either of us from understanding what’s going on an having a valid opinion. If you preclude ANY dialogue, exactly how do you think anything can change? Seriously? At some point, there’s got to be a way to have an interchange that has meaning. If you dont believe that anyone who isn’t Black can possiby undertand okay. So where do you figure to go from here? I’ll bow out, unqualified by dint of having the wrong skin color … who ARE you planning to enlist in your cause??


      • You misunderstand what I responded to from you. Dialog is great, but it depends on whom you are dialogging ( my new word for today, that i created just now) with now doesn’t it? I never suggested you bow anywhere, but taking advice from anyone caucasian on race relations, when the problem was caused in the first place by caucasians is problematic for ME, until I know that person well to know they are sincere and not just giving lip service. I think Mr. Tim Wise is one of the most knowledgeable humans on race on this planet and he is all caucasian.

        So I enlist people such as Mr. Tim Wise….and many more.

        Understand, race is caused by caucasians, so talking to caucasians about a thing they caused, and how to erase it, is a slippery slope FOR MYSELF.


      • I don’t recall giving advice. I said I didn’t think overheated rhetoric is helpful. I don’t think it’s EVER helpful in anyone’s cause. Anyway, glad you don’t need me, Good luck. I’ve got my own issues.


      • You’re NOT the enemy, but until I know you, I would be stupid to consider you a friend when it comes to race relations and just marrying a Black man and having a Black family does not qualify you as an expert on Black life experiences and racism. Does not mean you don’t bring your set of life experiences to the table. But you are not Black Like Me. Or your husband.


      • Not really. That reaction is exactly why I don’t discuss race with people I don’t know well. Enjoy your week. Namaste.


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