Bad News

Understanding Racism……And Not…..Understanding Racism.


By Jueseppi B.

How does one know if one's actions and thoughts, opinions & ideas, are racist?

How does one know if one’s actions & thoughts, opinions & ideas, are racist?


Understanding Racism…..


John from   Submitted on 2013/07/23 at 17:44


I understand where you are coming from.


When I was a lot younger I was in the newly-integrated U.S. Military and I had a lot of conversations with black people – – – fellow soldiers and airmen – – – who were prone to remind me that “I could never understand.”


This sure as hell didn’t mean that I didn’t WANT to understand because I do want to understand – – because I happen to love – – yes I said “Love” – – everybody regardless of what is on the outside.
I am speaking of the kind of love that holds a dying young man in one’s arms speaking soothing words and praying through hot tears while the paramedics take their time in coming to the scene.


I am talking about the kind of love that a wonderfully kind-hearted old black lady named simply “Mama” had for me when I was broke and alone on the streets of a major American City – – – she took me under her wing and kept me fed and saw to it that I was protected among a vast number of people whose skin was a different color than my own.


I don’t probably “Understand” but I sure as Hell would like to be able to “Understand” because I cannot understand how anybody in their right mind can mistreat another warm and loving human being just because they might look different or be better at shooting hoops or at singing – – or a lot of things – – –


I have had the love of black people shown to me when I was in the hardest spot in my life – – – and that is something that I CAN understand – – –

What I can’t understand is how so many others are so damned blind to humanity and love and caring and sharing and still they have the gonads to call themselves such names as “Christian?”


Now there is something I really CAN’T wrap my head around.


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NOT Understanding Racism….. And NOT wanting to either…….


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  1. I love this comment. I have several times had occasion to take exception to something Mr. John has said and I have to say I kind of feel bad whenever I do. He always takes my words with such grace and humility. Now the thing is that having said all of that; I also often find he has a unique perspective and a way with words that inspires. Here he has obviously hit on the head. Thanks John and to you too J.


  2. Jueseppi, I’m so glad you posted this. I explained it thusly to several thick-headed individuals I’ve run across recently: If you see someone in need of a friend, a meal, a shoulder, a drink, and you notice the color of their skin before you notice AND MEET the need, you’re doing it wrong. Peace be with you, sir, and many thanks. I’ve been off WordPress for a few months, and I’m happy to know you’re still blogging. — Kelly


    • I sincerely hope your being off WP is so you can have some summer fun and enjoy life, and not because of any negative reason. Are you OK and have you been OK?


      • We are well, and thank you for asking. My father-in-law passed away right before Christmas, and life has been a little hectic since then. I had to take a WordPress hiatus in favor of spending more time with our tiny people and my mother-in-law; we’re actually in the midst of combining households with her right now. You are a dear gentleman for wishing us well.


      • My condolences to your husband, his mom and you. That can be a tough rough time. I wish you well and take your time returning, but hurry back.😉


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