2014 Mid Term Elections

The Ugly Truth About Facebook And Twitter


By Jueseppi B.

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This is not the ranting post you might imagine it to become, it is a post addressing a growing concern of mine about social media.


In my time of having a Facebook and a Twitter account, I have come in contact with pages and accounts on both social media programs that are hateful, racist, anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ, anti-American and explicitly sexual not to mention all the pedophile pages & accounts.


No amount of complaining, reporting or protesting these nasty, evil, violations of TOS (Terms Of Service) has moved Facebook OR Twitter to remove, suspend or delete these offensive accounts or pages from their social media programs. I know because they still exist on Facebook and Twitter.


BUT, if you post things that are Pro-Obama, Pro-Trayvon, Pro-Women’s Rights, Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Voting Rights, Pro-Choice, Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, Anti-Bullying, Anti-GOP….you’ll find your Tweets on Twitter and your Facebook Post removed, censored and your account suspended.


I know this as a personal fact.




I have been on Facebook for about 8 years now and have been suspended too many times to count. Last year I was suspended 7 times for posting spam material from my blog…get this now…..onto the 9 Facebook groups I started and manage, and the 3 Facebook fan pages I started and manage.


Yes, you read that correctly…..I post onto Facebook from MY Blog, into Facebook pages and groups….Facebook pages and groups that I created and manage. So in reality Facebook suspended me for spamming myself.


No conversation. No investigation before suspension. No explanation or reasoning how it’s possible for me to spam myself.


Then I wondered, how is it possible or right that I get suspended for 3 days for posting the content I post, when every racist, sexually explicit, pedophile, evil nasty Facebook page or account is allowed to remain in good standing with Facebook? No matter how many complaints are reported against THOSE Facebook accounts?


I remember a Facebook group started in 2009 asking God to kill President Barack Hussein Obama in much the same way God took the lives of Farrah, Michael, etc…..and the many request that this Facebook page be removed because it was offensive….went ignored.


Today I was suspended for the 3rd time in 3 week for “spamming” my own Facebook pages/groups.


To Facebook and the one reporting my post on MY own Facebook properties as spam….I will not be stopped, I will continue to post what I choose on MY Facebook accounts.


You wish to clean up Facebook, remove the pedophiles, the racist, the evil nasty accounts you protect with 1st amendment Freedom of Speech rights.







I have had a Twitter account for about 3 years. I use Twitter in much the same way I use Facebook, to promote & market my blog. Yes, I have been suspended from Twitter many times in those 3 years. I am not your average Tweeter in that I’m not there for friendships or fun times. I’m there to post from my blog on issues such as racism, racial hatred, bullying, anti-LGBTQ issues, Civil Rights issues, Environmental issues, Oppression issues such as women’s rights & human trafficking & judicial injustice to name a few.


As I stated above, I have this blog, and in order to reach a greater number of readers to spread my blog agenda, I bought Twitter followers from a company that sells “Real Twitter Followers.”


Not fake Twitter accounts, not inactive Twitter accounts. Real Twitter account holders. Real Twitter followers like me. The company I used to purchase these Twitter followers uses a marketing application to find like minded real Twitter accounts who have similar views on world issues, just like I have and are compatible.


This does not violate Twitter’s TOS agreement and is allowed according to Twitter’s TOS.


Twitter has removed 7000 of my Twitter followers, with absolutely NO explanation, and as I stated, every single bought & paid for Twitter follower is a real active blood & flesh Twitter account holder.


Now Mitt Romney bought 100,000 Twitter followers during the heat of the Presidential election….but he was allowed that purchase. I personally know of 17 Twitter account holders who have also bought Twitter followers for the same exact reason, to promote their businesses…..they were allowed that purchase. Of course these Twitter account holders promote their businesses, and are not posting the “offensive” content I post.


Twitter has the exact same “no hear, no see, no action” policy on the many racist, pedophilia, evil nasty tweets as Facebook has with it’s offensive post/groups.


My question is simple….why is it necessary for social media to discriminate against positive action, remove, censor, ban and discourage as well as suspend anything that exposes oppression and the evil nasty work of the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS.


My message to Twitter….I will continue to buy REAL Twitter followers, and increase the people who are interested in truth, facts and knowledge to fight lies, oppression, hatred & misinformation.


I won’t be stopped.



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  1. Jueseppi, you must be ruffling too many right wing feathers, that they keep trying to block you. Isn’t there any recourse against those who wrongly mark you as abuse or spam?


    • Not that I have found. There is actually no live human to discuss anything with on either social media program. BUTT, there are ways around all that….I’m just too lazy to create new accounts and new pages/groups. As they say, this too shall pass. As Lawrence Fishburne told Gregory Hines in The Cotton Club….”I’ll kill ’em with my tap shoes”….my tap shoes being my blog post!! Thanks for visiting….I admire your blog work.


  2. Ugh, didn’t realize this was happening. My main complaint about Facebook is that it’s kinda shallow and mostly used by people to do things like post pics of themselves…


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