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What Russell Simmons Thinks Of Don Lemon’s “5 Points For Black Improvement” Ideas.

By Jueseppi B.

Don Lemons (Left) & Russell Simmons (Right...in more ways than one)

Don Lemons (Left) & Russell Simmons (Right…in more ways than one)


A couple of weeks ago, I watched CNN correspondent Don Lemon stick his foot in his mouth, on his TV news show. I was not too shocked at Mr. Lemon’s remarks because like most  BOURGEOIS Negros, Mr. Lemon has forgotten he was not handed his success but he worked to gain his position…..with help from others. Or as Barack likes to say…..”You didn’t build that by yourself….YOU had help.”


It’s one thing to become successful and rise from the ashes of the ghetto as the great Phoenix rose. It’s yet another, greater thing, to rise from the ghetto and return to help other rise as you rose.


Mr. Don Lemon’s Video…..


CNN’s Don Lemon Backs Up Bill O’Reilly: ‘He Doesn’t Go Far Enough’ In Criticizing Black Culture




My response to Mr. Lemon’s video after I viewed said video….

Is Don Lemon Qualified To Talk Of Surviving Racism?: Don Lemon’s Five Things To Think About.





Mr. Russell Simmons response, in full, in his open letter to Mr. Don Lemon…..


“I got a chance to see what you said over the weekend about black America. At first I thought it was Fox News, but then I remembered you’re a CNN dude. I have nothing against Fox News, as Roger Ailes is my man, but the gospel you were preaching sounded like O’Reilly and Hannity were pulling your strings. Thank goodness my political director, Michael Skolnik, was on the show to stand up for African-Americans, because conservatives love when we blame ourselves for the conditions that have destroyed the fabric of the black community. I respect your courage on many other issues, but I can’t accept that you would single out black teenagers as the cause of their own demise because they don’t speak the King’s English or wear belts around their waistbands.


Hip-hop language and clothing styles are expressions of frustration with the status quo. Young people sagging their pants today is no different than young people rockin’ afros, dashikis or platform shoes in the ’60s and ’70s. And many of those rebellious youth grew up to be quite successful… bell bottom-wearing, pot-smoking, Barry Obama became the President of these United States of America and a long-hair, anti-war activist named John Kerry became Secretary of State defending our country in more creative ways than just using violence. They were knee-deep in a rebellious culture, and did anything but integrate into a world that they saw is filled with problems that needed fixing, filled with challenges, or in their mind, with problems that they could fix. And now they are fixing them.


When this country closes 50 schools in black communities and continues to build more prisons, I know that young people see through the institutionalized bullshit that is laid out in front of them every single day of their lives. The lucky ones, like you and me, owe a real explanation of the problems in our community to the ones who are still living in struggle, not some old, conservative talking points left in the garbage from Mitt Romney’s campaign. I understand personal responsibility far too well, but you can’t ask them to pull up their pants and then stand idle as they fear getting shot in the heart by wannabe cops while walking home to watch basketball games.


America this weekend when you go back on CNN how we fix black America, tell them to re-start the “War on Poverty.” Tell them to end the failed “War on Drugs” that has cost this nation over one trillion dollars and unjustly incarcerated a generation of black men. Tell them to support the President’s plan for universal Pre-K, so no child enters elementary school having to play catch up with the other children who are fortunate enough to go to pre-school. Tell them make college affordable and obtainable for young students who come from low-income families. Tell them that the right to a healthy life should be universal and not just for the fortunate few. And lastly, tell them that young black men and women don’t just need “role models” or “mentors,” they need “sponsors” who are willing to offer them a job.


I want the black kids to grow up and be like you. I want them to know that their imagination is god inside of them and I want all kids, but especially black kids, to have the freedom to dream as well to create their own language. After all, without their jazz, blues, rock n’ roll and now their hip-hop, America wouldn’t even have a language of its own, much less a culture.”



Thank you Mr. Russell Simmons. The full Opt-Ed can be read at the Huffington Post:


Don’s a Lemon: Before You Go Back on CNN This Weekend, Read This!





Don Lemon is entitled to his opinion.


Russell Simmons is entitled to his opinion.


AmeriKKKa is entitled to the facts.


Black AmeriKKKa’s problems will not be solved by pulling their collective pants up and wearing a belt. Although I am sick and tired of seeing Black men’s underwear showing 25 inches above the waist of their pants.


As a side note to the baggy pants issue, a photo circulated around the internet showed Trayvon Martin laying dead on the grass after he was murdered by George Zimmerman. He was clearly showed in that photo wearing SKINNY JEANS and a hoodie. Baggy pants didn’t cause his death, Don Lemon.


Education, financial assistance and a fair and equitable opportunity for Black AmeriKKKans, to achieve the exact same life choices as caucasian AmeriKKKans, will solve the problem in the Black AmeriKKKan  community.


Fair & Equitable.


As for Mr. Don Lemon, I suggest he start returning to the Black community, lend a helping hand to some young & old Black AmeriKKKans. Help them rise from the ghetto.


Stand up for Black AmeriKKKa. Like he stood up for Gay AmeriKKKa when he announced he was Gay.


As A Gay Black Man In AmeriKKKa, Mr. Don Lemon Surely Must Recognize What Struggle Is All About.











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  1. Profound words and pointed. I continue to say, it is time to take on poverty of spirit and poverty of truth in this nation. We are sorely lacking in both. With our ‘me first’ attitude we are destroying entire generations and we will pay.


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