2014 Mid Term Elections



By Jueseppi B.






Everything You Want to Share, in One Place:


Whether it’s with an infographic or a White Board video, we’re always looking for new ways to highlight the work President Obama is doing on behalf of the American people in a way that’s interesting and easy to understand.


Now we’ve put all of our favorite content in one easy-to-navigate page: White House Shareables. You can sort by the issues important to you, or the type of content you’d like to see.


Check out the page — and get sharing.






The President’s Judicial Nominees


Our Nation’s Energy History


Anniversary Speech: March on Washington


A Plan for College Affordability


The Importance of Higher Education


Student Loan Win


U.S. Wind Industry Report


Ways Obamacare Helps You


Protecting Homeownership


Raising the Minimum Wage


A Better Bargain for the Middle Class


Student Loan Compromise


Obamacare: Saving People Money


Immigration Reform & Our Economy


Immigration Reform: Stronger Economy


Carole King Receives Gershwin Prize


The Climate Change Plan


Immigration Reform Saves $1 Trillion


White House Staff: Immigration Stories


Income Inequality & Wealth Concentration


Obamacare: Strengthening Medicare


Energy Agenda: Gas Prices


BRAIN Initiative


Energy Security Trust


Middle-Class Tax Cuts






After THAT Speech…If YOU Still Don’t Understand ObamaCARES……



Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr. Tours Flood-Affected Areas In Colorado



Barack’s World™ For Thursday The 26th Of September



Renewing The Call To Combat Human Trafficking



This Work Is Personal To Me



TheObamaCrat™: Affordable Care Act Marketplace Premiums. ObamaCARES Enrollment Starts Oct. 1st.



Delivering On The Affordable Care Act: Marketplace Premiums Lower Than Expected



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    • I am here to spread the good things this administration is doing for us all. I appreciate you say thank you Valentine…you’d be surprised at how many people saying thank you never occurs.


  1. Jueseppi, there’s a site here on WP that you can visit. He just wrote something, An Ode to Tea Party…. it’s the best ! ! ! ! I’ve been following this bl9gger for 2 years now. He’s great !

    I’m sorry I can’t link… but you can type this…. barkinginthedark.wordpress.com


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