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Capitol Hill Suspect Identified As Miriam Carey, Dental Hygienist From Connecticut.


By Jueseppi B.

This image is believed to be of Miriam Carey, the dental hygenist identified in news reports as the suspect in a shooting incident that left Capitol Hill on lockdown for a brief period Thursday afternoon.

This image is believed to be of Miriam Carey, the dental hygenist identified in news reports as the suspect in a shooting incident that left Capitol Hill on lockdown for a brief period Thursday afternoon.



From The International Business Times:


Miriam Carey, Suspect Reportedly Killed In The Capitol Hill Shooting




Here’s what we know about Miriam Carey, the woman identified in news reports as the suspect in a shooting incident that left Capitol Hill on lockdown for a brief period Thursday afternoon, and has now reportedly been shot dead by police.


Carey, a 34-year-old dental hygienist has been identified by ­­­the New York Post and the New Haven Register newspaper as the suspect in a shooting incident that took place in the nation’s capital. Here’s what we know about Ms. Carey so far.


A law enforcement source told the Register that Carey is the suspect who was reportedly shot dead by Capitol Police following a high-speed car chase that began when she allegedly rammed her black Lexus into a barricade near the White House.


The altercation led to the U.S. Capitol being locked down for a brief period of time after shots rang out near Garfield Circle, in the vicinity of the Hart Senate Office Building.


Thank you The International Business Times.


Connecticut Woman, Miriam Carey Shot Dead Outside U.S. Capitol After Car Chased


Published on Oct 3, 2013

Connecticut Woman Miriam Carey Shot Dead Outside U.S. Capitol After Failed White House Break-in.



After attempting to ram down the gates to the White House, Miriam Carey, 34, a dental hygienist who once lived in Brooklyn led Secret Service agents and police on a pursuit toward the U.S. Capitol where she was gunned down. The chaos temporarily put the U.S. Capitol in lockdown.


A crazed Connecticut woman who tried to ram her way into the White House was shot and killed Thursday after she led police on a high-speed chase through the heart of Washington that left two police officers injured.


Miriam Carey, a 34-year-old dental hygienist from Stamford who once lived in Brooklyn, had a year-old child in the car with her who was not hurt, officials said.


“This appears to be an isolated incident,” said Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine. “There is no nexus to terrorism.”

ABC News reported the woman had a history of “mental health issues.”


The drama began around 2:20 p.m., officials said, after Carey — driving a leased black Infiniti — sped into the driveway leading into the White House and tried to breach security at 15th and E Streets, officials said.


Thwarted by the pylons and confronted by cops with their guns drawn, Carey spun the car around and hit the gas — knocking a Secret Service agent over the hood of the car as she sped away.


With Capitol police and Secret Service agents in hot pursuit, Carey raced 12 blocks toward the Capitol, chased at speeds of up to 80 mph at some points.

At Constitution Ave. and Second St., she collided a Capitol Police car and then barreled into some barricades outside the Hart Senate Office building, Dine said.


U.S. Capitol On Lockdown After Reports Of Gun Shots


From The New York Post:

Capitol attacker was Conn.-based dental hygienist


By Larry Celona


A dental hygienist from Connecticut was the female driver who tried to ram her car into a White House barricade and was shot dead near the US Capitol after a high-speed chase through Washington streets Thursday afternoon, law enforcement sources told The Post.


Sources said Miriam Carey, who formerly lived in Brooklyn, was licensed to practice in New York and Connecticut and had a permit to work as a hygienist in Connecticut prisons.


At least a dozen gunshots were fired when she tried to flee cops, who  had trapped her two blocks from the Capitol. She was believed to have been hit several times.


A child believed to be a girl about 2 or 3 years old was found unhurt in her black Infiniti sedan, which had Connecticut license plates.


Authorities had no immediate explanation of the woman’s motive. But Capitol Police chief Kim Dine told reporters there was no reason to believe it was an act of terrorism “or anything other than an isolated incident.”


ABC News said the 34-year-old woman had a history of mental health issues. A task force of FBI and Secret Service agents was executing a search warrant at her Connecticut home, CNN said.


The incident began when the woman got into an argument with officers a security barricade outside the White House and crashed her Lexus into the barricade about 2 p.m. witnesses said.


Then she drove up Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol, with at least 20 police and Secret Service cars in hot pursuit.





A witness told the Washington Post that the woman drove up the west side of the Capitol where a police cruiser blocked her path.


Police ordered her to get out of the sedan. But she threw the car in reverse, jumped a curb and hit another cruiser as she fled to the south side of the Capitol, the witness, Frank Schwing, said. Police opened fire as she fled.


Patty Bills, who works at Faith and Action, a Christian outreach group near the shooting scene, said she saw officers firing at the driver. It was not immediately clear whether the driver was armed.


“We heard three, four, five pops,” said Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa)., who was walking from the Capitol to an office building across the street. Police ordered Casey and nearby tourists to crouch behind a car for protection, then hustled everyone into the Capitol.


One police officer was injured, apparently when his car was struck. .Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer said his injuries were not life threatening.


The incident ended at 2nd Street and Constitution Avenue, two blocks from the Capitol and between the US Supreme Court building and the Hart Senate Office Building.


US Capitol Police ordered a lockdown of the complex, telling people in House office buildings to “shelter in place.” President Obama was briefed about the incident at the White House. The lockdown was lifted after 3 p.m.


There was no weapon in the woman’s car and she carried no ID, ABC News reported.


Thank you The New York Post.


U.S. Capitol On Lockdown After Reports Of Gun Shots US-POLITICS-SHOOTINGS-CAPITOL US-POLITICS-SHOOTINGS-CAPITOL US-POLITICS-SHOOTINGS-CAPITOL US-POLITICS-SHOOTING capitol Shots Fired near the U.S. Capotiol Building in Washington, D.C. lockdown1 Emergency personnel stand near a police car after gunshots were fired outside the U.S. Capitol building in Washington Shooting at US Capitol


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  1. Let me put it to you another way, your daughter gets gunned down by police with your 1 year old grandchild in the back carseat….your daughter is unarmed. Do you then make excuses for the police action of unarmed murder? This poor woman was shot at 17 times….and hit 17 times.


  2. U know someone is unarmed when they don’t shoot at you. I’m not going to back and forth with you over a common sense issue. This woman was murdered.


  3. This is pretty typical of the modern police state. I have seen instances not unlike this in my home county. It’s like Barney and his SWAT team wasting Otis because he made an “aggressive” move.

    As for the mental illness gambit. So what if she was? I have a neighbor who threatens to bring hell fire and brimstone down on my head and watch me burn. He calls me Frank. My name is not Frank. As long as he doesn’t show up with a gas can and a match,,, or call me Margaret,.. we’re good. If he does, I still would not have to kill the guy to reduce him.

    Bottom line, they did not need to kill this little girl. Period.


    • Murder is still labeled murder, no matter who does the murder. Law enforcement or some dumbass wanna be neighborhood watch moron.


      • America continues to go nuts and downwards…😦

        WHERE do you plan to move, JB?… My Obamacrat friends of Italian origin do plan to retire in Europe asap.
        – – –
        Speakin’ of policemen, we have a saying over here in “old Europe”:”beware of any policeman as he hasn’t invented hot water or even walking… his cap constricts his neurons and prevents him from thinking…”🙂 – translation word by word, but I’m sure you did understand the point…
        – – –
        Good night and my very best… Vive Prez Obama!🙂


      • Where? Feel the same. The police in the video at one point were very close to the car and were at the windows, they had to have seen there was a child there…say they didn’t know? Then, why couldn’t they shoot her tires with the automatic semi assault weapons they use…..but they just decided she was too much of a threat and just went and shot her. My God, your God, anyone’s God please help us. Oh, and she was black.


      • I don’t have a god because any god I’d serve would not allow Aurora, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Navy Yard, Sikh Temple and so on.


  4. I’m sure, as with everything, there is far more to ‘herstory’ than has or will be revealed..Especially since there was a child involved & the mother was shot..The public will sympathize so of course the story will be @she had mental health issues..She couldn’t have been too bonkers because she was a licensed dental hygenist..Curious if she was armed or not..If not & with all those officers present; certainly they could’ve just blocked her in with cars instead of shooting her to death?? How traumatizing for the child ! Those are some of my first thoughts about this shooting or rather murder..Though , of course, the words murder won’t be used.


  5. “ABC News reported the woman had a history of “mental health issues.””

    I feel bad for her and her child. I wonder if there is a way to check for postpartum depression?


    • Everybody uses “a history of mental health issues” as a crutch. Name me one human who does not have mental health issues.


      • Jueseppi, there is a difference between an excuse and a reason. I would only mention mental health in this instance because of the age of the child found in the car. The child was one year old and that would point in the direction of postpartum. A NJ governor’s wife focused a good bit of energy on postpartum depression because she had a serious case herself. Mary Jo pointed out hearing voices and a whole host of other delusional manifestations as earmarks for postpartum. If this is true in this woman’s case, it will not surprise me, making her one more that fell through the cracks. Meaning, she did not get the treatment she needed.


      • Oh I know about the mental health crisis in this country Ms. Jackie, but it’s used as a way of explaining every thing done wrong. How can talk already be circulating of mental health when this is not even 24 hours old? People don’t know what drove this young woman.


      • I saw the Facebook message about Miriam Carey’s sisters on CNN but the TV was occupied. Any clearer news as to the reasons she did this? I still think it will be postpartum. Hope you are having a good night.


      • Her sisters said she had PPD from baby birth but was on meds and had it under control. They said she was not some deranged person and have no clue why she did this. Said they both talked with and text her same day.

        I’m sure AC360 will rerun this interview.


      • Thank you, Jueseppi, for passing that on; I’ve looked and still not seen this anywhere.😦 I think they are waiting for an official statement. I am hoping the child goes to one of the sisters. I’m going to look online again. Thanks again for your help.


      • CNN is showing the interview all morning long Ms. Jackie. If you go to the CNN web site they have links to watch AC360 on their site.


    • The day you are certified as a clinical psychologist, let me know. Then and only then will your opinion be anything more than an opinion.


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