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Young Kendrick Johnson: Kills Self By Blow To Back Of Head Then Crawls UP Inside A Rolled Up Gym Mat…So Say Authorities.


By Jueseppi B.



Young Kendrick Johnson. Murder or Accident?


I originally wrote this on  May 14, 2013 and now new evidence has come to light in this travesty of justice, which is more like injustice than anything else. Black life in AmeriKKKa is a worthless joke….it’s not justice but “JustUS.”


From ClutchMagazineOnline.


What Happened to Kendrick Johnson?




Kendrick Johnson was found dead 110 days ago. The sophomore’s bruised and battered frame was hidden in a rolled-up mat in Georgia’s Lowndes High School’s gymnasium. Johnson’s parents believe he was murdered and are seeking answers and justice.



Authorities have ruled Kendrick Johnson’s death accidental, claiming Johnson was ensnared in the mat while attempting to retrieve a piece of clothing. A preliminary autopsy found no signs of struggle or injuries congruent with a murder. The case was closed soon after the autopsy results were released.



Lowndes County Sheriff Chris Prine issued this release Thursday- 


This morning Sheriff Prine, investigators from the Sheriff’s Office, Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson and District Attorney J. David Miller and all met and participated in a conference call with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.


In addition of the persons from Lowndes County, the call was attended by Doctor Maryanne Gaffney-Kraft, the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy of Kendrick Johnson in January, George Herring, Deputy Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation-Division of Forensic Sciences, Doctor Kris Sperry, Chief Medical Examiner for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and representatives from the Forensic Biology section of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.


During this call, the findings of recent forensic testing and the autopsy were relayed. Based on the findings of the investigation, physical evidence, forensic sciences and the autopsy, the death of Kendrick Johnson has been ruled as an accident as a result of positional asphyxia.


Although not previously released, Sheriff Prine stated that this investigation was very extensive and included the completion of multiple forensic tests, including DNA samples collected from the scene and the interview of over one hundred {100} persons, including students, teachers and other people who were identified as the investigation progressed.


Nothing learned during the investigation has indicated anything other than this was a tragic accident.


Sheriff Prine continued to express his sorrow for the family and hopes that with the release of the investigative findings, including the medical findings, the family can find the answers they seek and begin the healing process.


This explanation hasn’t persuaded Johnson’s father.Kenneth Johnson believes his son was murdered and left in the mat to be discovered.


“He was last seen third block going to fourth block, he was seen no more,” Johnson told the local news affiliate, WALB. “Then again, I want to express how did my son go missing during school hours in broad daylight? We know our son was murdered while he was at Lowndes High School. We do know that.”


A graphic photo shows Johnson with visible lacerations on his face. The coroner claims the injuries are due to all of the blood rushing to his head while he was attempting to escape the map.


These explanations are not satiating the Johnson’s quest for answers. His parents have requested a complete autopsy, but allege authorities have not been cooperative or transparent about their investigation. Lowndes High School’s administration refuses to release security camera footage of Johnson entering the gymnasium or what occurred in the moments prior to his death.


The sheriff’s department did not contact the coroner until six hours after Johnson’s body was discovered, leading speculation that evidence was either removed or tampered with prior to the notification of death. The coroner, Bill Watson, claims his investigation was compromised by the delay.


“This was not fair to the decedent, his family, and the citizens of Valdosta and Lowndes County, Ga. And it’s wrong as rain,” Watson told the Examiner.


He continued. “Well it compromises my investigation one hundred percent. I don’t know what the county did when they got there on the scene. The body had been moved. The scene, in my opinion, had been compromised.”


All of these missteps are prompting the Johnson family to continue probing for answers. On April 25, Johnson’s parents staged a demonstration at the Lowndes Judicial Complex in Valdosta, Georgia. Supporters chanted and held “No Justice, No Peace” signs before blocking the front door to the complex.


Johnson’s parents and five other supporters were arrested for civil obedience, but still plan to continue protesting until a resolution is reached.


A final autopsy was conducted, but the results haven’t been released by the GBI Crime Lab. The sheriff’s department has no approximate estimation for when the results will be available.


“We certainly would like to get it as fast as anybody but we don’t know when the GBI will be able to complete this testing,” Lt. Stryde Jones of the Lowndes Co. Sheriff’s Office told The Global Dispatch.


“We’re still waiting the final facts and to close it out prematurely and to make a premature decision would just be totally wrong, and we wouldn’t be doing justice to the family, to the community, or to ourselves as a law enforcement agency,” Jones explained.


Johnson’s father is still grieving. He asked local reporters, “How can you go on when you have a beloved child who wakes up everybody in the house and makes a laugh out of everything, how can you go on? It’s hard.”


However, the family’s mourning is not keeping them from seeking justice for Kendrick.


The question we must all continue to ask is: What happened to Kendrick Johnson?


Thank you ClutchMagazineOnline.




The Results Are In: 17-Year-Old Kendrick Johnson’s Death Ruled An Accident 


After suspicion that their son was murdered and a call for further investigation, officials in Lowndes County, Ga. are finally announcing the anticipated autopsy results that will reveal the cause of Kendrick Johnson’s death.


According to WCTV:

Based on the findings of the investigation, physical evidence, forensic sciences and the autopsy, the death of Kendrick Johnson has been ruled as an accident as a result of positional asphyxia.


However, Kendrick’s family isn’t convinced.


The family believes Johnson was murdered. His body was found inside a rolled-up cheerleading mat in the old Lowndes High School gym January 11th. Investigators believe he was in the gym alone, reached into the mat to get something he dropped, and got stuck.

“I’m frustrated that my nephew was supposedly found in a mat, when that doesn’t make sense,” said Johnson’s Aunt, Stacy Roe.


Civil Rights activists with Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and The United Justice League led the rally, calling for a federal investigation.


“We want an independent investigation, lets just say by an agency with higher credentials than Lowndes County. There’s been a number of what we feel are inconsistencies, are mishandlings, and for that very reason is why we want another set of eyes,” said Atlanta’s National Action Network Chapter President, Marcus Coleman.


The family says they expected the autopsy report would rule the death as an accident. And they plan to keep rallying until federal investigators step in.


“When you have the body that’s been moved, when you have the Coroner’s Office being notified hours later, when you have the misplacement of his clothing, which could be a direct indicator of any evidence needed to move forward,” said Coleman.

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R.I.P Kendrick Johnson Facebook Page


The Johnson and supporters of the KJ movement have continued to put pressure on local officials through peaceful assembly in a myriad of demonstrations throughout the month of April on the streets of downtown Valdostaand near the Courthouse. The Johnson and supporters of the KJ movement have continued to put pressure on local officials through peaceful assembly in a myriad of demonstrations



Kendrick Johnson (Bottom) looks the same as Emmett Till 2 days after he was found (On Jan. 11, 2013) deceased at Lowndes High School, but the Sheriff say that no foul play was involved…THE DEVIL IS A LIE!!!…The Johnson family needs the TRUTH AND JUSTICE!!!




This is a picture of Kendrick Johnson’s father trying to get himself into one of the mats they say Kendrick Johnson supposedly gotten himself stuck in. His father was trying to push himself into the mat & this is all he could get inside of the mat… Y’ALL BE THE JUDGE!!!



New developments in the Kendrick Johnson Case.


New photos in Ga. teen Kendrick Johnson’s death raise specter of foul play, report says

By ByIris Carreras & CBS News:


CBS) LOWNDES COUNTY, Ga. – The body of  Georgia 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson was found in an athletic mat last January, a  death originally ruled an accident.

Now, new images suggest that it could have been something else, reports CNN.


Johnson’s body was reportedly found wedged into a rolled up wrestling mat at Lowndes County High School on January 11, and medical examiners had determined that he suffocated while reaching for a sneaker.


The teen’s family, who doubted the medical examiner’s findings, commissioned a second autopsy that concluded he died from non-accidental blunt force trauma, according to CBS affiliate WCTV.


In a new video and photos taken by the sheriff’s office and released by CNN, blood can reportedly be seen in several areas of the gym where Johnson was found. Blood streaks are also seen on a nearby wall but investigators reportedly said it wasn’t Johnson’s.


Harold Copus, an FBI agent turned private investigator, told CNN, “I don’t believe this was an accident. I think this young man met with foul play.”


CNN reports the Lowndes County Sheriff’s office refused to discuss the case saying it was closed.


Federal prosecutors in Georgia are now reportedly reviewing the photos to determine if another investigation is necessary.


Johnson’s father told CNN he believes his son was murdered.


Thank you CBS News.



What happened to Kendrick Johnson!


Published on May 10, 2013

Kendrick Johnson: Georgia Teen’s Family Waiting For Autopsy.





Kendrick Johnson Murder or Accident, Michael Baisden, Al Sharpton and Death at LCHS


Published on Jan 14, 2013




Part I. Autopsy, Kendrick Johnson Exhumed June 14, 2013


Published on Jun 15, 2013

June 14, 2013, 5:30 AM “Sunset Cemetery” Valdosta, Georgia.




Part II. Kindrick Johnson Auopsy, June 14, 2013


Published on Jun 15, 2013

June 14, 2013, 5:30 AM “Sunset Cemetery” Valdosta, Georgia.




Part III, and Conclusioin (June 14, 2013), KENDRICK JOHNSON


Published on Jun 15, 2013

June 14, 2013, 5:30 AM “Sunset Cemetery” Valdosta, Georgia.




See disturbing new evidence in Kendrick Johnson’s death


Published on Oct 8, 2013

Disturbing new evidence casts a new light on the death of high school student Kendrick Johnson. Victor Blackwell reports.





Gym mat death shocker: Body stuffed with newspaper


By Victor Blackwell and Devon Sayers, CNN




Valdosta, Georgia (CNN) — The death of 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson was awful enough for his parents. Then came the doubts about investigators’ conclusion that it was an accident.


But the discovery that their son’s body and skull had been stuffed with newspaper before burial added a horrific new dimension to their anguish and further fueled their skepticism of the official findings.


“We have been let down again,” his father, Kenneth Johnson, told CNN. “When we buried Kendrick, we thought we were burying Kendrick, not half of Kendrick.”


Kendrick Johnson was found dead in a gym at Lowndes County High School in January. State medical examiners concluded that the three-sport athlete suffocated after getting stuck in a rolled-up gym mat while reaching for a sneaker.


Death was not accidental, family’s autopsy finds


His parents, Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson, never have bought that explanation. They won a court order to have their son’s body exhumed and a second autopsy performed in June.


During an autopsy, internal organs are removed and examined before being returned for burial. But when Dr. Bill Anderson, the private pathologist who conducted the second autopsy, opened up the teen’s remains, the brain, heart, lungs, liver and other viscera were missing. Every organ from the pelvis to the skull was gone.


“I’m not sure at this point who did not return the organs to the body,” Anderson said. “But I know when we got the body, the organs were not there.”


Two entities had custody of Kendrick Johnson’s body after his death — the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which conducted the first autopsy in January; and the Harrington Funeral Home in Valdosta, which handled the teen’s embalming and burial.


GBI spokeswoman Sherry Lang told CNN that after the autopsy, “the organs were placed in Johnson’s body, the body was closed, then the body was released to the funeral home.” That’s normal practice, Lang said.


The funeral home would not comment to CNN. But in a letter to the Johnsons’ attorney, funeral home owner Antonio Harrington said his firm never received the teen’s organs. Harrington wrote that the organs “were destroyed through natural process” due to the position of Kendrick Johnson’s body when he died, and “discarded by the prosector before the body was sent back to Valdosta.” A prosector dissects the body for pathological examination.


Scene points to foul play


Stuffing a body with old newsprint and department-store circulars — “like he was a garbage can,” as Jacquelyn Johnson put it — isn’t exactly standard practice in forensic pathology or the mortician’s trade. Vernie Fountain, the founder of a Missouri embalming school, called it “not consistent with the standards of care” in the industry. And Dr. Gregory Schmunk, the president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, told CNN, “I have never heard of this practice.”


Organs are typically placed in plastic bag, which is then put back into the body cavity after an autopsy, Schmunk told CNN in an e-mail. While individual organs may be kept back for further testing, he wrote, “This would not amount to all of the organs in any circumstance that I can imagine.”


Funeral homes are licensed by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, which has opened an investigation into how Johnson’s body was treated, said Jared Thomas, a spokesman for the agency.


Anderson, who was hired by the Johnson family for a second autopsy, found Kendrick Johnson had sustained a blow to the right side of his neck that was “consistent with inflicted injury.” Challenging the state autopsy’s finding of positional asphyxiation, he concluded the teen died as the result of “unexplained, apparent non-accidental, blunt force trauma.”


And death scene imagery obtained exclusively by CNN has led a former FBI agent to question how Johnson died: “I think this young man met with foul play,” said Harold Copus, now an Atlanta private investigator.


Lowndes County Sheriff Chris Prine refused to discuss the matter with CNN, calling Johnson’s death a closed case. The U.S. Justice Department announced in September that it wouldn’t open a civil rights investigation into the case.


But federal prosecutors in south Georgia have met with the family’s representatives and are weighing whether to open their own probe, said Michael Moore, the U.S. attorney whose district includes Valdosta.


“This is about getting to the facts and the truth, and we want the Johnson family and the community of Valdosta to have confidence in the process,” Moore said. “I am cognizant of time, and we continue to move the process along.”


Moore urged anyone with information about Johnson’s death to contact his office. Johnson’s parents have come to believe their son’s death was no accident, and the macabre discovery about their son’s body has only deepened that belief.


“It’s unbearable, just about,” Jacquelyn Johnson said. “The only thing that wakes you up in the morning is to just keep pushing.”


CNN’s Mary Lynn Ryan contributed to this report.


Thank you  CNN.


Now I’m NOT a crime scene investigator but I do have common sense, and my common sense tells me Kendrick Johnson could not kill himself by a blow to the rear of HIS OWN head. Then proceed to crawl up inside of a rolled up gym mat.


And die of suffocation….after being dead form a self inflicted fatal blow to the back OF HIS OWN HEAD.


Or am I just crazy?


Black life means jack shit in The United States Of AmeriKKKa.






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  1. Wtf…happen to this kids..All of the adults no what happen here….lock up everyone. .then they will talk…God bless this family. .Jackie let go and let god..they can’t lie to him…someone was there and so was god..God has the final word..


  2. Major Cover-up here. Doesn’t anyone think that hmmm… idk Lungs would be required to be examined in order to determine if he actually suffocated?!?! This Sherrif clearly gave instructions to the funeral home in spite of proper protocol in order to cover up what actually happened. Have you seen the poor boy’s autopsy photo? You don’t have to be a pathologist to determine just by looking at this boy’s face that he was clearly met with foul play! An athlete goes into a gym doesn’t leave it and gets rolled up in a mat and somehow a large amount of blood appears underneath his squeeky-clean shoe? Blood on the wall that wasn’t his, another person’s shoe appears and another person’s jacket also appears but none of these items were collected and tested? I can’t wait until I get my law license and bar number so that I can help stop such miscarriages of justice. #Sheriff needs shot


  3. My tears are unashamedly flowing, burning hot against my cheeks and my throat is dry and tight as I read this and I cry out to God, “Oh Lord! Justice for this sweet and innocent child. I remember when your Holy Word said “That which is hidden in darkness will be brought into the light.” Justice, Oh Lord! Justice for this innocent child I pray!


  4. I stopped by to tell you that you have the keenest sarcastic wit I ever knew. Kendrick and Trayvon are in a never-ending list of victims and the end is nowhere in sight. My heart bleeds for these souls and the world is ashamed of this country’s hypocrisy.


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