2014 Mid Term Elections

Rally At World War II Memorial Ends At The White House….In Violence.


By Jueseppi B.




On October 3rd, 2013 officers fired 17 shots over several minutes before one round killed the driver of an infinity used to ram a White House barrier. 34-year-old Black American woman Miriam Carey, with a toddler in the back seat was killed on the northeast side of the Capitol.


Today, October 13th, 2013 several hundred protesters, incited by Ted Cruz & Sarah Palin, were allowed to remove barriers and storm The World War II Memorial and then take their threatening protest directly to the White House were they were met by DC police. They had the police backed up against the fence and it turned violent…..but never fear, none of these caucasian protesters were shot at 17 times.


This really needs to cease immediately. The media needs to report it and report it accurately. America needs to see what we are dealing with.


Politicians join protest at White House against war memorial closures


Published on Oct 13, 2013

Possible 2014 Senate candidate for Alaska, Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz joined demonstrators and veterans for ‘Million Vet March on Memorials’ on the White House lawn in Washington DC, Sunday, to protest the closure of the World War II Memorial due to the US government shutdown.

According to NBC News, the president was in the White House at the time of the demonstration.




Veterans Take Over WWII Memorial (10.13.13)


Published on Oct 13, 2013

WOW: Veterans Take Barriers from WWII Memorial and dump them at White House gates!
WWII Veterans Rally In Washington DC Against Government Shutdown WWII Memorial




Truckers and Protesters Storm WWII Memorial. Carry Barriers to White House. 10/13/2013.


Published on Oct 13, 2013

Truckers and Protesters Storm WWII Memorial. Carry Barriers to White House. 10/13/2013.




Protest World War II Memorial Ends at White House


Published on Oct 13, 2013

Protesters of the government shutdown began at the World War II Memorial early Saturday morning and ended at the White House gates and fence Saturday afternoon.




Protesters break through barriers, take them to White House


Published on Oct 13, 2013

Demonstrators of the ‘Million Vet March’ made their way to the White House in Washington DC, Sunday, as part of a protest against the closure of the WWII memorial due to the current government shutdown. Marines, soldiers and war veterans carried barricades from the Lincoln memorial to the White House.

One protester said, “They forgot us, they forgot we represent them, they forgot they’re heroes, we’re here to get our benefits back, we’re here to fight for the American people”

Although the event started as a peaceful protest, small clashes broke out after police failed to stop protesters creating barricades around the perimeter of the White House, prompting the arrival of officers in riot gear.




Capitol Police are responsible for protecting the tourists and other alarmed bystanders, as well as multiple branches of government. So where were the Secret Service and DC cops firing shots into these protesters who carried barriers from the WWII Memorial and tossed them at The White House.


Oh wait….these violent protesters were….wait for it….caucasian. Miriam Carey was a Black American woman.


Protesters of the government shutdown began at the World War II Memorial early Sunday morning and ended at the White House gates and fence Sunday afternoon.


The group was upset with the closure of memorials in Washington due to the shutdown stalemate. The original WWII protest was organized by the Million Vet March group, but took on a more political tone.


Now these dumbasses are upset over memorial closures but not veteran benefits being stopped. Not upset over furloughed government workers. Not upset over children & expectant mothers losing WIC benefits. Not upset over millions being cut off government benefits including military support personal. Not upset over the possibility of America going into a financial depression the likes of 1929 in 4 (FOUR) days. They ARE upset over some stupid ass stone statues.


Miriam Carey died ten days ago…. for driving her Infinity into a concrete barrier. These caucasian fucks got to go to The White House and toss steel barriers at the residence of The President Of The United States Of America….and just like George Zimmerman, got to go home.


I have a question for all you caucasians protesters….What would have been the result if Rev Jessie Jackson, Dick Gregory, Rev Al Sharpton, Minister Louis Farrakhan and  Rev Wright would have held a rally at the Lincoln Memorial then led a group of Black men, on a march, carrying steel barricades, to The White House with President George Dubbya Bush in residence?


Would those Black men have been allowed to back up DC police against a White House fence, then been allowed to go home?


Wake The Fuck Up America.


We Are Under Siege And A Race War Is Coming. When You Ask?


The First Muthafuckin Nanosecond One Racist Muthafuckin caucasian AmeriKKKan Puts Their Hands On Barack Hussein Obama. THAT’S when.


And Thats Real Talk.






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  1. I was more than disturbed at Miriam Carey’s killing. The jury is out on whether mental illness played a role in her going to DC, but I am of every belief that that incident could have ended differently. It’s more than open season on Black folks in America.


    • It is no matter whether she had mental illness or not, her murder was unnecessary. As I stated, these caucasian muthafuckas had the nerve to carry steel barriers to the White House, and toss them at Barack’s House, and they got to go home. Ms. Carey is dead for driving her Infinity into a concrete barrier then fleeing. Nobody talked with her about why she did it, if she had a malfunction or nothing, just kill her.


  2. When you learn how to create a blog, then teach yourself how to write, then figure out how to put 2 sentences together, then you too can have a place to voice your Reich Wing, Nazi Germany, fucked up humanity opinions and ideas.

    Until then, you backwoods cousin fuckin moron, you will continue to return to my blog to leave asinine comments that highlight your parents lack of intelligence.

    Have a very nice fake ass Happy Columbus Discovered An America That Was Already Discovered By Native Americans Day!! 😉


  3. I don’t understand….the GOP shutdown the government…then turn around and crash a protest of veterans over a closing of a federal monument caused by the shutdown, making it seem like it is the Presidents doing….and these people bought this????? What is wrong with people? People there carrying confederate flags….surely the vets didn’t like that? The confederacy lost…remember? and the GOP lost the last two elections…remember that? None of it makes any sense….


    • It’s not designed to make sense, it’s designed to cause confusion, mislead, misinform, incite hatred and cause Americans to morph into AmeriKKKans.

      This once great nation is now the laughingstock of the planet because racism is allowed to flourish & blossom.

      America is slowly spinning counterclockwise down the toilet of stupidity.


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