The Signs Of Our Times™: Racism Is Strong And Growing In AmeriKKKa.


By Jueseppi B.




From theGrio:

Jordan Davis’ shooter writes ‘shockingly racist’ letters from jail.




Michael Dunn is the man charged with the shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis after they were allegedly engaged in an argument over loud music coming from the car the teen was in at a gas station.




Davis died almost immediately and Dunn has been charged with first degree murder. He is currently in prison awaiting trial.


Dunn, 46, believes he acted in self-defense that night last November, when he shot eight or nine bullets into the car after the altercation escalated.


In the time he has spent behind bars, Dunn has written several incendiary letters to family members and friends.


According to News4Jax, Dunn has written over 100 letters, which an attorney for the Davis family called “shockingly racist.”


In a letter addressed to his “baby” Dunn wrote:

The fear is that we may get a predominately black jury and therefore, unlikely to get a favorable verdict. Sad, but that’s where this country is still at. The good news is that the surrounding counties are predominately white and Republican and supporters of gun rights.”


“I was thinking an easy way to die would be to ask a car load of thugs to turn their stereo down!” he wrote in another letter, referencing the friends that were in the car with Davis.


According to the Huffington Post, Dunn wrote the following statement in a letter addressed to his grandmother:

“The jail is full of blacks and they all act like thugs. This may sound a bit radical but if more people would arm themselves and kill these (expletive) idiots, when they’re threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior.”


In another letter he said:

“I’m really not prejudiced against race, but I have no use for certain cultures. This gangster-rap, ghetto talking thug ‘culture’ that certain segments of society flock to is intolerable. They espouse violence and disrespect towards women. The black community here in Jacksonville is in an uproar against me — the three other thugs that were in the car are telling stories to cover up their true “colors.”


Upon discovery of these letters, Attorney John Phillips, who represents Davis’ parents, told Jacksonville.com: “I don’t stutter very often, but I’m almost speechless. I’ve never seen such racist ignorance in my life.”

Dunn’s trial is reportedly scheduled for Sept. 23.


Thank you theGrio.




Racism Exposed: Larry “Klansman” Klayman


Freedom Watch’s Larry Klayman on Obama and the Quran


Published on Oct 14, 2013

Freedom Watch’s Larry Klayman makes some provocative comments to a group at the WWII Memorial. Don Lemon has more.



Obama Told To Drop The Quran


Published on Oct 13, 2013

Speaker At Rally In DC Tells Obama: ‘Put The Koran Down,’ ‘Get Up Off Your Knees’

Freedom Watch’s Larry Klayman speaks to a group gathered in protest at the World War II memorial in Washington.


Veterans and other demonstrators on Sunday protested at the World War II memorial and other national landmarks and monuments that have been closed by the ongoing federal government shutdown.


The rally, the “Million Vet March on the Memorials,” drew conservative politicians like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Sarah Palin, who both spoke at the event.


It also drew scrutiny because of some of the protesters who showed up — including one man brandishing a Confederate flag and another, Larry Klayman of the conservative advocacy group Freedom Watch, who accused President Barack Obama of being a Muslim.


“I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up,” Klayman told the crowd, according to CNN, which has the video.


The protest was part of a furor that has sparked up on the right over the closure of the landmarks. It began on the first day of the shutdown, when a group of World War II veterans were not allowed to enter the memorial. Republican members of Congress subsequently appeared at the memorial — many of them have accused Obama of using troops as political pawns.


The White House has fired back that Republicans are responsible for the closures, and the shutdown, because of their original fight to “defund Obamacare” through the continuing resolution.


One more time……

Freedom Watch’s Larry Klayman on Obama and the Quran.



Now….”We’re not racist when we call Obama a Muslim!”, shouts the TeaBagger. “His father was a Muslim from Kenya!


Then you realize that Barack Sr. was, in fact, an atheist, and Kenya is 83% Christian.


Then you realize that the TeaBagger thinks that because Kenya is in East Africa and there’s lots of black people there, it MUST be a Muslim country. So naturally a native Kenyan’s American-born son MUST be a Muslim as well.

Yep. No racism at all….



Larry Klayman defends Obama-Islam link



Freedom Watch’s Larry Klayman on Thursday defended his controversial speech at last weekend’s rally at the World War II Memorial, saying the response to his comments suggesting President Barack Obama “bows down to Allah” and the Koran underscores “why the truth needed to be said.”


At Sunday’s rally, Klayman, a conservative legal activist, called on the crowd to “wage a second American nonviolent revolution” and “demand that this president leave town.” He also said the United States is “ruled by a president who bows down to Allah.”


“I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Koran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up,” Klayman said at the “Million Vet March on the Memorials.”


On Thursday, Freedom Watch said in a press release that Klayman “metaphorically stated that our current president bows down to Allah.”


“He also challenged Obama, who has repeatedly shown his pro-Muslim bias over Judeo-Christian values, to get up off his knees, put the Qur’an down and to figuratively come out of the White House with his hands up and resign,” the conservative political advocacy group stated. “While these references were intended to be metaphoric and not literal, they do ring true nevertheless.”


And Klayman, described in the group’s release as “undaunted and in fact amused by the reaction by the far left and its enablers in the liberal media,” said the response to his comments shows the “left” and those in the “establishment” don’t “want to hear or admit the truth.”


“The strong reaction to my statements underscore why the truth needed to be said,” Klayman said in a statement. “These naysayers do not have the courage of our Founding Fathers, who risked their lives and fortunes for freedom. But there is a groundswell growing to take strong non-violent action to free We the People from the shackles of the political establishment, who have driven the country into the ground.”
Thank you POLITICO


Rally At World War II Memorial Ends At The White House….In Violence.


On October 3rd, 2013 officers fired 17 shots over several minutes before one round killed the driver of an infinity used to ram a White House barrier. 34-year-old Black American woman Miriam Carey, with a toddler in the back seat was killed on the northeast side of the Capitol.


Sunday, October 13th, 2013 several hundred protesters, incited by Ted Cruz & Sarah Palin, were allowed to remove barriers and storm The World War II Memorial and then take their threatening protest directly to the White House were they were met by DC police. They had the police backed up against the fence and it turned violent…..but never fear, none of these caucasian protesters were shot at 17 times.


This really needs to cease immediately. The media needs to report it and report it accurately. America needs to see what we are dealing with.


Politicians join protest at White House against war memorial closures


Published on Oct 13, 2013

Possible 2014 Senate candidate for Alaska, Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz joined demonstrators and veterans for ‘Million Vet March on Memorials’ on the White House lawn in Washington DC, Sunday, to protest the closure of the World War II Memorial due to the US government shutdown.

According to NBC News, the president was in the White House at the time of the demonstration.




Capitol Police are responsible for protecting the tourists and other alarmed bystanders, as well as multiple branches of government. So where were the Secret Service and DC cops firing shots into these protesters who carried barriers from the WWII Memorial and tossed them at The White House.


Oh wait….these violent protesters were….wait for it….caucasian. Miriam Carey was a Black American woman.



Miriam Carey died sixteen days ago…. for driving her Infinity into a concrete barrier. These caucasian AmeriKKKans got to go to The White House and toss steel barriers at the residence of The President Of The United States Of America….and just like George Zimmerman, got to go home.


I have a question for all you caucasians protesters….What would have been the result if Rev Jessie Jackson, Dick Gregory, Rev Al Sharpton, Minister Louis Farrakhan and  Rev Wright would have held a rally at the Lincoln Memorial then led a group of Black men, on a march, carrying steel barricades, to The White House with President George Dubbya Bush in residence?


Would those Black men have been allowed to back up DC police against a White House fence, then been allowed to go home?


Wake The Fuck Up America.



Post Racial AmeriKKKa? Are You Fuckin Kidding Me?




I’ve heard this term “Post Racial America” since 2008 when Barack Hussein Obama won his first term as President Of The United States Of America. It’s bull shit.


No such thing as a “Post Racial America” exist. The word “Post” is defined as “after.”


The term Post Racial America is defined as…..Post-racial America is a theoretical environment where the United States is devoid of racial preference, discrimination, and prejudice. Some Americans believed that the election of Barack Obama as President and wider acceptance of interracial marriage signified that the nation had entered this state, while others believe that groups such as the Tea Party movement prove it has not.


In January 2010 the Pew Research Center conducted a poll in conjunction with National Public Radio that indicated that 39% of persons of African-American descent felt they were in a better position than they had been five years ago, an increase of 19% from the previous poll taken in 2008.  Actor and director Mario Van Peebles made a television documentary titled Fair Game that challenged the idea that the United States had become a post-racial society.


DCF 1.0


Documentary “Fair Game”

Whats disgusting to me, as a Black Man, is I could only fine this 1 minute 6 second You Tube clip on this documentary by Mario Van Peebles…..in This Post Racial AmeriKKKa.



VAN PEEBLES: You know, we have an African-American family in the White House. It’s got a lot of folks thinking about identity and what’s going on, and are we really post-racial, is it now a fair game? And in, you know, one of the things we examined was tests where they sent out applicants for jobs. And we found that the white guy with the exact same credentials as the black guy – except for the white guy had a prison record and the black guy did not – the white guy got more job interviews with that prison record.





Message to Grassroots

Malcolm X November 10, 1963



What you and I need to do is learn to forget our differences. When we come together, we don’t come together as Baptists or Methodists. You don’t catch hell ’cause you’re a Baptist, and you don’t catch hell ’cause you’re a Methodist. You don’t catch hell ’cause you’re a Methodist or Baptist. You don’t catch hell because you’re a Democrat or a Republican. You don’t catch hell because you’re a Mason or an Elk. And you sure don’t catch hell ’cause you’re an American; ’cause if you was an American, you wouldn’t catch no hell. You catch hell ’cause you’re a black man. You catch hell, all of uscatch hell, for the same reason.


So we are all black people, so-called Negroes, second-class citizens, ex-slaves. You are nothing but a [sic] ex-slave. You don’t like to be told that. But what else are you? You are ex-slaves. You didn’t come here on the “Mayflower.” You came here on a slave ship — in chains, like a horse, or a cow, or a chicken. And you were brought here by the people who came here on the “Mayflower.” You were brought here by the so-called Pilgrims, or Founding Fathers. They were the ones who brought you here.

Read More Message to Grassroots


Malcolm X: Make It Plain (Full PBS Documentary)


Uploaded on Jan 8, 2012

The 1994 PBS documentary on the life of Malcolm X






Malcolm describes the difference between the “house Negro” and the “field Negro.”
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. 23 January 1963.


So you have two types of Negro. The old type and the new type. Most of you know the old type. When you read about him in history during slavery he was called “Uncle Tom.” He was the house Negro. And during slavery you had two Negroes. You had the house Negro and the field Negro.


The house Negro usually lived close to his master. He dressed like his master. He wore his master’s second-hand clothes. He ate food that his master left on the table. And he lived in his master’s house–probably in the basement or the attic–but he still lived in the master’s house.


So whenever that house Negro identified himself, he always identified himself in the same sense that his master identified himself. When his master said, “We have good food,” the house Negro would say, “Yes, we have plenty of good food.” “We” have plenty of good food. When the master said that “we have a fine home here,” the house Negro said, “Yes, we have a fine home here.” When the master would be sick, the house Negro identified himself so much with his master he’d say, “What’s the matter boss, we sick?” His master’s pain was his pain. And it hurt him more for his master to be sick than for him to be sick himself. When the house started burning down, that type of Negro would fight harder to put the master’s house out than the master himself would.


But then you had another Negro out in the field. The house Negro was in the minority. The masses–the field Negroes were the masses. They were in the majority. When the master got sick, they prayed that he’d die. [Laughter] If his house caught on fire, they’d pray for a wind to come along and fan the breeze.


If someone came to the house Negro and said, “Let’s go, let’s separate,” naturally that Uncle Tom would say, “Go where? What could I do without boss? Where would I live? How would I dress? Who would look out for me?” That’s the house Negro. But if you went to the field Negro and said, “Let’s go, let’s separate,” he wouldn’t even ask you where or how. He’d say, “Yes, let’s go.” And that one ended right there.


So now you have a twentieth-century-type of house Negro. A twentieth-century Uncle Tom. He’s just as much an Uncle Tom today as Uncle Tom was 100 and 200 years ago. Only he’s a modern Uncle Tom. That Uncle Tom wore a handkerchief around his head. This Uncle Tom wears a top hat. He’s sharp. He dresses just like you do. He speaks the same phraseology, the same language. He tries to speak it better than you do.


He speaks with the same accents, same diction. And when you say, “your army,” he says, “our army.” He hasn’t got anybody to defend him, but anytime you say “we” he says “we.” “Our president,” “our government,” “our Senate,” “our congressmen,” “our this and our that.” And he hasn’t even got a seat in that “our” even at the end of the line. So this is the twentieth-century Negro. Whenever you say “you,” the personal pronoun in the singular or in the plural, he uses it right along with you. When you say you’re in trouble, he says, “Yes, we’re in trouble.”


But there’s another kind of Black man on the scene. If you say you’re in trouble, he says, “Yes, you’re in trouble.” [Laughter] He doesn’t identify himself with your plight whatsoever.


SOURCE: X, Malcolm. “The Race Problem.” African Students Association and NAACP Campus Chapter. Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. 23 January 1963.



images (1)


Allow me to break it down for you who don’t know….there is no such thing as a “Post Racial America.” There is a “Post Racial AmeriKKKa”…and THAT AmeriKKKa has become a land of genocide for Black males.


Stand Your Ground Laws in 31 states have made it open season on Black males, replacing the tree & rope of southern lynchings with a firearm sanctioned by The NRA, A.L.E.C., The Koch Brothers and racist, scared, gun nuts who stand behind an antiquated 2nd amendment.


Trayvon Martin. Jordan Davis. Melissa Alexander. Remember the names, then research the thousands of other names you never hear about on local & national media networks, of Black skinned Americans killed under this Stand Your Ground Law.


You don’t need a rope or a tree to lynch a Black American in 2013. You only need to procure a gun at a gun trade show, or any gun shop across AmeriKKKa, then feel threatened by someone of color. Aim, pull the trigger. Then scream Self Defense.





There are two America’s. One is The United States Of America, which has humans who love and respect human life and stand for equality for ALL Americans. Then there is The United States Of AmeriKKKa, now THAT AmeriKKKa has sub humans who want equality ONLY for those who look, think and conduct themselves as caucasian, wealthy, greedy, evil caucasian males.


There are a few house niggers allowed to participate in that AmeriKKKa, just as in slavery times, the caucasian slavers employed house niggers as slavers to lure unsuspecting Africans into the nets of the caucasian slavers. House niggers are always useful to capture more Black Americans in slave nets….which in 2013, is the TeaTardedRepubliCANT Party.


There are also a few gullible women who forsake their own best interest of freedom for ALL women, the choice to decide their path on women’s issues such as birth control, contraception and equal pay, just to follow their caucasian menfolk. There are a lot of poor caucasian AmeriKKKans who vote against their own best interests on every level, to avoid voting for and supporting “That Negro President.”




“Back during slavery, when Black people like me talked to the slaves, they didn’t kill ’em, they sent some old house Negro along behind him to undo what he said. You have to read the history of slavery to understand this. There were two kinds of Negroes. There was that old house Negro and the field Negro.




That’s what separates the two America/AmeriKKKa’s and it has divided this once great nation in half.




Post Racial my Black Ass.


This Government Shutdown is not about ObamaCARES or The Debt Ceiling OR A Clean Continuing Resolution.


This government shutdown is racist and not very shy about it either.


Let me break it down for you who don’t know. Racist ass caucasians, and the hand full of house niggers who follow behind, sucking their nasty sweaty balls, do not want Barack Hussein Obama to be a success because he is Black. ObamaCARES is something that will put Barack Hussein Obama in the history books for much more than being the first Black human to be elected President Of The United States.


563637_402184726528923_333562452_n (1)


The Affordable Health Care Act elevates Barack Hussein Obama into the history books with The Presidents who implemented Social SecurityMedicareMedicaid, The G.I. Bill. It secures a legacy no other caucasian POTUS has had since those great men who started the above mentioned social services.


Can you imagine an America without Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, Veterans Benefits? In 30 years, Barack Hussein Obama will be known as the Father Of American Health Care. Now what racist ass cracka caucasian wants THAT?


Think it any coincidence the U.S. Government was shut down by racist caucasian slaves of the Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist on the VERY SAME DAY ObamaCARES opens it’s enrollment?


What has been the headlines today, Government Shutdown or ObamaCARES Open Enrollment?


They could NOT allow The Affordable Health Care Act to be a success. I mean how can some Harvard educated Black dude be mentioned in the same breath as  President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Social Security Act of 1935. They could not possibly “let” a Negro be thought of in the same way we think of President Lyndon B. Johnson and Medicare…heaven forbid!!


SO, the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS devised a plan to make Barack Hussein Obama the shame of the 44 Presidents. Make his signature legislation, legislation that saves lives and insures millions of Americans for the very FIRST time in their lives, The Affordable Health Care Act aka ObamaCARES, the single reason for shutting down theUnited States Government.


It’s ALL about race. P.E.R.I O.D.


And they were able to accomplish all this carnage for middle class federal employees and their families, middle class business owners, middle class workers, the poor, the elderly, American military personnel, children and expectant mothers, ONLY  because you middle class voters sat on your lazy asses on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.


Grover Norquist and The Koch Brothers thank you.


What YOU going to do on “NO”vember 4th, 2014? You better VOTE while YOU still have the right to vote. The UNSupreme Court Of The United States Of AmeriKKKa may just wake up on “NO”vember 5th and take that right away.


If YOU believe there is such a thing as a “Post Racial America” YOU are either blind and deaf to the current events….


Or YOU are caucasian.




American Promise

Opens on Friday in Manhattan.

Produced and directed by Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson; directors of photography, Errol Webber Jr., Alfredo Alcantara, Margaret Byrne and Jon Stuyvesant; edited by Erin Casper, Mary Manhardt and Andrew Siwoff; music by Miriam Cutler; released by Impact Partners. Running time: 2 hours 15 minutes. This film is not rated.


American Promise Official Trailer 1 (2013) – Documentary HD


This intimate documentary follows the 12-year journey of two African-American families pursuing the promise of opportunity through the education of their sons.

movieclips “movie clips” movieclipstrailers “new trailers” “trailers HD” hd trailers movieclipsDOTcom trailer 2013 official HD zefr jslewis “american promise” documentary african-american education america




American Promise Trailer


Published on Nov 21, 2012

American Promise spans 13 years as Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson, middle-class African-American parents in Brooklyn, N.Y., turn their cameras on their son, Idris, and his best friend, Seun, who make their way through one of the most prestigious private schools in the country. Chronicling the boys’ divergent paths from kindergarten through high school graduation at Manhattan’s Dalton School, this provocative, intimate documentary presents complicated truths about America’s struggle to come of age on issues of race, class and opportunity.




Late in the documentary “American Promise,” one of its directors, Michèle Stephenson, sits next to her adolescent son, Idris — one of the movie’s subjects — as he reads a disheartening e-mail. They’ve been opening college admissions notices and wading through some bad news. The two are shown separately and together, and at times in close-up. (Participants either talk directly to the camera — and sometimes to the various silent camera persons, who are introduced in the final credits — or avoid its gaze.) You can see every flicker in their faces, which allows you to notice and think about the glassiness in Idris’s eyes. He never cries, but you may find yourself on the verge.



Welcome to a “Post Racial AmeriKKKa.”












The Diary of Malcolm X














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  1. Yes, racism is alive, thriving and growing. I don’t think it will ever end. But it must be controlled, contained and the message is clear: it will not be tolerated. Elections matter and we must oust all Republicans and carefully selection Democrats who care about ALL people, not just whites and the rich.


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