2014 Mid Term Elections

Shut Down The Tea Party (TeaTardedRepubliCANTS) This “NO”vember 4th, 2014


By Jueseppi B.




Shut down the Tea Party THIS November


One. Just one Democratic woman in our country is the governor of her state.


That isn’t good enough. We can’t let Governor Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire do it alone. Not when the GOP is running rampant in state capitals trying to push dreadfully anti-woman bills. Not when state Republicans are ramming through bills that would make abortion illegal after just six weeks. Or bills that rip funding from Planned Parenthood, shutter clinics, and restrict health care access — bills that clearly target women.


The solution? More Democratic women in governors’ mansions.


Imagine a woman governor like Wendy Davis, who’ll ensure Texas women don’t have to suffer from the anti-women antics of Greg Abbott, carrying out the legacy of his buddy Rick Perry. Or a woman governor like Allyson Schwartz who’ll make sure Tom “just close your eyes” Corbett doesn’t get to decide what’s best for women and families.


We’ve seen how Democratic women will stand up for us in Washington, now we need to make sure they can do it in state capitals across the country.


Let’s make it happen.


Shut down the Tea Party THIS November


DFA Dialer: Call Out The Vote in Virginia! logo


Republican politicians in Virginia are a microcosm of the national GOP. From their Ted Cruz-supporting gubernatorial candidate to their support for transvaginal ultrasounds, they want to pass the same dangerous agenda as their Tea Party allies in DC. That’s why many in the media are saying that Virginia’s election results will tell us whether Republicans sustained real damage from their shutdown stunt — or whether Americans will just forgive and forget.


But the only way voters in purple states like Virginia will send a shock wave through the GOP and the country is if progressives unite to defeat them between now and November


Here’s your chance to do something about the Tea Party on Thursday — using our easy-to-use DFA Dialer from the comfort of your own home. Just click here to join Democracy For America’s Call Out the Vote phone bank — and send an unforgettable message to the Republican Party and the country.


Get Registered. Get Out The Vote. Change The House Of Representatives.






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