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Trayvon Martin’s Murder Is Now A Halloween Costume


By Jueseppi B.

William Filene (L) dressed as Trayvon Martin, Caitlin Cimeno (center) and Greg Cimeno as George Zimmerman. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

William Filene (L) dressed as Trayvon Martin, Caitlin Cimeno (center) and Greg Cimeno as George Zimmerman. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)


From theGrio:

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman inspired Halloween costumes cause uproar


by  | October 28, 2013 


An incendiary photo was posted to Facebook this Friday featuring two young Florida men dressed as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, complete with blackface, a blood-stained hoodie and a shirt that reads “Neighborhood Watch.”


The image was reportedly uploaded by Caitlin Cimeno from Martha’s Vineyard who captioned the photo: “Happy Halloween from Zimmerman and Trayvon,” followed by a smiley face emoticon.


Cimeno is pictured in the photo, posing in the middle between Greg Cimeno, 22, who dressed as Zimmerman, and William Filene, 25, who posed as Martin.


In the photo, Greg Cimeno, of Cape Coral, Fl., points his hand like a gun and directs it at Filene’s head.


Meanwhile, Filene, who is white, painted his face black and is seen wearing a gray hoodie, which is marked by a single gunshot wound in the chest and surrounded by fake blood.


According to Gawker and The Smoking Gun, Filene has an arrest record for loitering/prowling and failing to register an automobile. He was reportedly last arrested in June for felony auto theft where he was subsequently sentenced to 18 months on probation.


As for Caitlin Cimeno, her Instagram account remains private but her visible bio reads: “Stand For What a You Believe In And Make Sure You Stand Your Ground.”


The Smoking Gun wrote:

In Facebook posts last year, Cimeno referred to elderly women who wore tight pants and tube tops as “tacos,” and, when requesting that a friend contact her, she wrote, “Text ne niggs.” In August, Cimeno also posted a photo of an African American girl wearing a t-shirt reading “Black Girls Rock.” In her accompanying caption, Cimeno wrote, “First of all, sorry Hun but mommy lied to you & secondly if I was wearing a shirt that said something like the truth ‘white girls rock’ I would be stared at and called a racist cracker.”


Greg Cimeno reportedly wrote a comment below the photo saying, “Anything for the laugh,” which prompted one of Caitlin’s friends to write, “Not too funny.” In response, Greg said:  “Not too funny. It’s f**king hilarious!!!”


The photo also drew criticism from others who commented on the photo: “Anything for a laugh? so a kid gets murdered and its funny some peoole are beyond disgusting,” one person wrote.


Some took to Twitter to voice their disagreement over the photo: “That Trayvon Martin Halloween costume was just straight disrespect! There is NO EXCUSE for that,” one person said.


“To take Trayvon Martin’s death and make a mockery out of it with a Halloween costume is sickening,” another tweeted.


What do you think of their Halloween attire? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Well I came, I saw, I read…Usually I like your posts; and you’ll forgive me I hope for not liking this one. The thing I find the most sad about this? They’re so young! Someone’s children or youth; and children aren’t born with such ugly, awful, funky, wicked, EVIL thoughts..Even if those who spawn them have a history of pure hatred & racism. Still this is 2013 we’re supposed to have been further along than this by now! We’re supposed to be far further than young Black youth males being gunned down while being what they were born@Black. I get chills when I see or hear of something like this. I’m a Ma/Moms/Momma of 3 Black men who I simply adore! I take personally such incidents as this. I take personally such incidents as Trayvon being stalked & gunned down & then to top things OFF his killer set free…I take personally the Oscar Grants, the Sean Bells, the Orlando Barstows gunned down in recent years by law enforcement..And those are just a few names that were made public..Who knows the actual amount? The message is being made clear & these youth got the message. A BLACK MALE LIFE IN AMERICA IS NOT WORTH A THIN DIME. I say to that message ? The DEVIL is a liar! And until people begin to teach their babies of ALL colors and of NO color; that people are equal people regardless of skin color or anything else? This madness is going to get worse. Shame on America for as the supposedly brightest of mammals ; this is unacceptable . At every level. I’ve got to believe these youth knew this wasn’t funny & did this to gain attention. Mayhaps IF their parents paid attention to them & gave them love; they’d not be spewing such disrespect and ugliness. On a National platform no less..I pray they outgrow it. There is always hope. I knew I shouldn’t have read this


    • I know how you feel, but it don’t stop with those you named, Troy Davis was innocent and still executed in Texas, Melissa Alexander is a perfect candidate for Stand Your Ground but she had a 20 year sentence until this month.


      • But you and I can keep hope alive, right? I feel like going for a brisk swim or walk right now; and I can’t..Feeling very antsy & ready to be outside and freeeeee in the beautiful sunshine…Are you working hard over there? What is the new scoop?


      • I’m just blogging about Jordan Davis mom speaking before CongrASS. I spent the morning early afternoon volunteering politically. Back home now.


      • Just getting a chance to read this..Long day & just in from my evening jog , so headed to shower to get this sweat off! But wanted to pop my head in to try to catch up on comments..Hopefully I’ll get to browse what I’ve missed in a bit..Kudos on your volunteer stint!


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