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Single Payer: For Those Who Don’t Know….Now You Know.


By Jueseppi B.



Why single-payer?

In a single-payer system, one entity would act as an administrator or payer. This entity would collect all health care fees and pay out all health costs, and all providers (e.g., hospitals, physicians and other practitioners) would bill one entity for their services. Patients would have a choice over their providers, who would remain as independent as they are today. Thus the single entity would be responsible for paying for health care, but, except in unusual circumstances such as the Veterans Administration hospitals or the Indian Health Service, would not actually deliver that care.


A single-payer system would greatly streamline administration, thereby cutting back on paperwork and allowing more money to go towards actual medical services. In addition, improved databases would allow better monitoring of utilization patterns, allowing the identification of geographical areas in which services are over- or under-utilized. This system has been estimated to reduce administrative services from the current 25-30 percent of the premium dollar under private insurance to approximately 5 percent.


Single-payer health care is a system in which the government, rather than private insurers, pays for all health care costs. Single-payer systems may contract for healthcare services from private organizations (as is the case in Canada) or may own and employ healthcare resources and personnel (as is the case in the United Kingdom). The term “single-payer” thus only describes the funding mechanism—referring to health care financed by a single public body from a single fund—and does not specify the type of delivery, or for whom doctors work. Although the fund holder is usually the state, some forms of single-payer use a mixed public-private system.


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCARES) is the beginning to Single Payer and insurance companies and their paid political whores know after The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCARES) becomes a success….single payer is next.


Barack Hussein Obama is smart enough to have realized he couldn’t get a Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) passed that included single payer. What he did was remove it from the original The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act bill in order to get healthcare reform started and cover the 40 plus million uninsured Americans.


Very smart move.


Ever really imagine why the wealthy greedy politician on both sides of the Congressional aisle are so against The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)? Think about it and consider exactly why so many elected politicians have made it their life’s mission to repeal ObamaCARES….besides overt racism I mean.


Corporate Insurance company profits….is why.


Now for some facts & truth that the average too lazy and uneducated American does not comprehend….Let me break it down for you who don’t know. Racist ass caucasians, and the hand full of house niggers who follow behind, sucking their nasty sweaty balls, do not want Barack Hussein Obama to be a success because he is Black. ObamaCARES is something that will put Barack Hussein Obama in the history books for much more than being the first Black human to be elected President Of The United States.


The Affordable Health Care Act elevates Barack Hussein Obama into the history books with The Presidents who implemented Social SecurityMedicareMedicaid, The G.I. Bill. It secures a legacy no other caucasian POTUS has had since those great men who started the above mentioned social services.


Can you imagine an America without Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, Veterans Benefits? In 30 years, Barack Hussein Obama will be known as the Father Of American Health Care. Now what racist ass cracka caucasian wants THAT?


Think it any coincidence the U.S. Government was shut down by racist caucasian slaves of the Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist on the VERY SAME DAY ObamaCARES opens it’s enrollment?


What were the headlines on October 1st…… Government Shutdown or the start of ObamaCARES Open Enrollment?


They could NOT allow The Affordable Health Care Act to be a success. I mean how can some Harvard educated Black dude be mentioned in the same breath as  President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Social Security Act of 1935. They could not possibly “let” a Negro be thought of in the same way we think of President Lyndon B. Johnson and Medicare…heaven forbid!!


SO, the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS devised a plan to make Barack Hussein Obama the shame of the 44 Presidents. Make his signature legislation, legislation that saves lives and insures millions of Americans for the very FIRST time in their lives, The Affordable Health Care Act aka ObamaCARES, the single reason for shutting down the United States Government.


It’s ALL about race. P.E.R.I O.D.


And insurance profits. Lets not forget Corporate Insurance company profits.



Single-payer health insurance collects all medical fees, then pays for all services, through a “single” government (or government-related) source. In wealthy nations, this kind of publicly managed insurance is typically extended to all citizens and legal residents. Examples include the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, Australia’s Medicare, Canada’s Medicare, and Taiwan’s National Health Insurance.


The standard usage of the term “single-payer health care” refers to health insurance, as opposed to healthcare delivery, operating as a public service and offered to citizens and legal residents towards providing near-universal or universal health care. The fund can be managed by the government directly or as a publicly owned and regulated agency. Some writers describe publicly administered health care systems as “single-payer plans”. Some writers have described any system of health care which intends to cover the entire population, such as voucher plans, as “single-payer plans”, although this is uncommon usage.


 Worldwide health care systems


Learn more about Single-Payer



Tell The Truth America: This Government Shutdown Is ALL About Corporate Insurance Profits AND R.A.C.E. And Reich wingnuts will go to great lengths to stop The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCARES) …….


Here are some Facts & Truth……


The “Racist Reich Wing” Drama Against ObamaCARES Continues: Hackers Attack Healthcare.gov


House Homeland Security Committeepublished a video on their Youtube page highlighting a portion of the committee questioning Roberta Stempfley, acting assistant secretary of the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Cyber-security and Communications, who confirmed at least 16 attacks on the Affordable Care Act’s portal Healthcare.gov website in 2013.


Roberta Stempfley highlighted one successful attack that is designed to deny access to the website called a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. A DDoS attack is designed to make a network unavailable to intended users, generally through a concerted effort to disrupt service such as repeatedly accessing the servers, saturating them with more traffic than the website is designed to handle.





November 13, 2013
This issue brief highlights national and state-levelenrollment-related information for the first month of theHealth Insurance Marketplace (Marketplace hereafter) initial open enrollment period that began October 1, 2013 for coverage beginning January 1, 2014 (see Appendix A for state-level data).





President Obama Announces New Steps To Help Americans Receiving Insurance Cancellation Notices


Published on Nov 14, 2013

President Obama announced a solution to address the cancellation notices that some people in the individual health insurance market have received in recent weeks, keeping with his pledge to make adjustments and improvements where they’re warranted as the Affordable Care Act takes effect. November 14, 2013.



President Obama Reveals New Proposal To Help Consumers Facing Insurance Cancellations


The new Health Insurance Marketplace will help millions of hard-working Americans find affordable health insurance.  Premiums are, on average, 16 percent below what was originally projected.  Nearly one in four insurers offeringhealth plans through the Marketplace are selling to individuals for the first time.  And a recent study found that an estimated 17 million Americans can get discounts on their premiums through the Marketplace, through tax credits.



Spineless Democrats: Take A Lesson From Governor Deval Patrick, The Next Black President


Meet a man who uses common sense, logic and critical thinking as a politician. Very uncommon traits to find in politicians today.
Meet Honorable Governor Deval Patrick.
Now meet his forward thinking on The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
Letter From Governor Patrick to the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation on the Affordable Care Act.


Wake Up America.










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