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Being Black In AmeriKKKa Is Tough Even If You’re A 12 Year Old Young Lady……Try Being A Black Male (Stop & Frisk)


By Jueseppi B.



School threatens to expel African American student for ‘distracting‘ natural hair



12-year-old Vanessa Van Dyke is facing possible expulsion from Faith Christian Academy in Orlando, Florida because of the way she wears her natural hair. As reported by WKMG Local 6, the African American student said she was given one week to cut and reshape her hair or get kicked out of the school because administrators felt it violated the dress code and was a “distraction.”


The school’s student handbook includes rules about how hair can be worn and reads: “Hair must be a natural color and must not be a distraction to include but not limited to: mohawks, shaved designs, rat tails, etc.” But Sabrina Kent, Vanessa’s mother, does not agree with the school’s definition of “distraction.” “A distraction to one person is not a distraction to another. You can have a kid come in with pimples on his face you know. Are you going to call that a distraction?”



Vanessa has been attending the private school since third grade and says she wore her natural hair in the same style the entire year. The honor student is proud of her hair and told WKMG, “First of all, it’s puffy and I like it that way and I know people will tease me about it because it’s not straight or anything. I don’t fit in,” adding, “It says that I’m unique.”


The school administration only deemed Vanessa’s hair a violation of the dress code after the family brought concerns to them about bullying. “There have been people teasing her about her hair, and it seems to me that they’re blaming her,” Vanessa’s mother said. Faith Christian Academy has not answered any of the station’s questions and hasn’t released a statement.


The administration’s call of what is and is not distracting may be difficult to decipher when looking at the school’s promotional video and website. They show a teacher and students who could be deemed in violation of the dress code because of the hairstyles they are sporting. But one parent interviewed by WKMG thought that in the end it’s up to the school saying, “It’s a private school, they can, you know, it might be a distraction.”


For now the mother and daughter say that they have no plans to change the hairstyle. Sabrina said, “I’m going to fight for my daughter. If she wants her hair like that, she will keep her hair like that. There are people out there who may think that natural hair is not appropriate. She is beautiful the way she is.”


Vanessa is also standing strong despite the sacrifices she may have to make saying, “I’m depressed about leaving my friends and people that I’ve known for a while. I would rather have that than the principals and administrators picking on me and saying that I should change my hair.”


UPDATE: The Faith Christian Academy in Orlando, Florida (surprise surprise…Floriduh) has decided that Jesus Christ would not have cared one damn bit about the length & shape of a person’s hair, and have come to their racist senses and rescinded this stupidity.





Hill Harper Talks Don Lemon, Stop & Frisk & Incarceration Of Young Black Men


Published on Nov 12, 2013

GlobalGrind’s Christina Coleman sits down with actor and author Hill Harper to discuss the the motivation behind his new book “Letters To An Incarcerated Brother,” racial-profiling, Don Lemon & NYPD‘s controversial stop-and-frisk policy.





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  1. Good for Vanessa and her mother for standing up. Private institutions establish rules without thinking or considering their affects. Administrators apply those rules without thought. I am also glad they have listened and reconsidered.

    Hill Harper interview was interesting. I think I need to pick up the book and see also if I can get it to some of the people I work with in the Victim Impact program.


  2. See, I feel some kind of way about this. Perhaps little Vanessa’s case was extreme, but I have a problem with parents/people complaining about what a private institution mandates.
    If you signed the contract for your child to attend a private academy, then you need to abide by THEIR rules. Now the word “distraction” is subjective but don’t act like you have the right to change the rules when you choose that school.

    Again, I don’t think anything is wrong with Vanessa’s hair, but I also think a private school has the right to enforce whatever rules they make.


    • A private academy does not have the right to tell a person, based on color, heritage or race, gender or sexual orientation how to appear, so say the United States Constitution. That is what prevents segregation. That law pertains to everybody, private or public. Her hair is a distraction based on caucasian hair….unacceptable no matter what you sign. Next they can say Black skin color is a distraction.


      • The U.S. Constitution stipulates discrimination period, for whatever reason. what’s not to understand? She was singled out for her hair texture…This conversation is over, I don’t do stupid. If she were Jewish it would still be discrimination and violating the U.S. Constitution, which you should read. Discrimination ain’t just against Black skinned people….is it?


    • Tried to post my thoughts on Thanksgiving, but it didn’t go through..Mayhaps I was rushing back to get to my family celebration..Anywho here I go again..

      >>Much as I luvs ‘ya Chocolate Vent Sis? I’m going to have to totally disagree with you on this point..I, on the other hand, would take issue with a parent(especially Black parents) who don’t complain(I hate that word! but for lack of a better word right now..) who did NOT question right or wrong..Private institution or NOT..Perhaps even moreso private school..Why? Because said parent is PAYING for a better education for their child; than just the lukewarm education a great deal of public schools provide. Many of us know all public schools aren’t created nor maintained equally…Enough said on that point..NO school has the right to say a child’s natural hair is a distraction..This child apparently has been raised to be confident and has a good sense of who she IS..She isn’t her hair. She isn’t just her skin color..And she knows it..I could NOT be more proud of her as a Black person & woman..She is a beautiful child! And would probably be so even bald..But she ‘chooses’ to wear her hair natural..Against ALL of American societial norm of how a Black woman is supposed to wear HER hair..Thank you God! she hasn’t been raised & conditioned yet..I see a great deal of young Black parents catering towards their African/Black roots..And? I think it is a wonderful thing…Blacks need to stop apologizing for being Black & that sentiment has to begin with the youth…My first thought? Many have forgotten the ugliness of things when children desegregated schools! Black youth were taunted, spit on, and told they were ugly..Treated less than human..This child has the guts to STAND and not bow down to what someone else feels is a distraction..Would it be said the same of blonde dreads? Jueseppi is so, so correct..IF our natural hair is a distraction today..Easily next it could be Black skin..I commend her parents and her. I think as a collective group POC need to stand behind such efforts..Little sista girl is taking a stand that many grown Black adults don’t have the cajones to do these days . Real talk for real…I’ll be keeping updated on how this all plays out.. Way to keep us informed Jueseppi! Saw this on the news on my way to airport Wednesday but I didn’t have time to post it


      • Ok, I found it….went to spam but that because Chocolate Vent pissed me off so I sent her shit straight to spam, and you had her name, “Chocolate Vent” in your response so it sent that response comment to spam. I don’t get ANY1 of color thinking the way Chocolate Vent is thinking, it reeks of being a house nigger in my mind. Thats all I’m saying on this issue. Common sense is not so common any more.


      • I linked up with C.V. when I ran across her blog not too long after I joined W.P…Rare for our thoughts not to be closely aligned …I’ve learned when to quickly agree to disagree when I see my viewpoint is a complete 360 of folks I think highly of


      • I can’t hang with folks who have stupid views, no matter who they are or how much i like them. Common sense & logic guide me.


      • I can dig & respect that! As I said I was surprised to see she felt that way..Had to take a second look at the ‘nickname’ to make sure it was really her…Guess its confirmation that we can never really know how a person thinks on all issues though, right? Speaking of which; I was just outside talking to someone who is originally from Nigeria…His father was a diplomat; so as children they traveled ALL over the world..I can relate for my Daddy was in the Air Force, so we traveled all over the world also…Never met this Nigerian bro before in my life; but we’re at the same hotel where my fam reunion is based…Anyways it was such a highly interesting conversation! Highly…But it comes to mind now because I can talk to pretty much anyone, about anything, and anyplace..And I do, lillll..I’ve met so many new people here; I am loving IT..I enjoy hearing of different folks cultures, life experiences and world views..But enough of that for now..Are you enjoying your stay in Chicago? Is it super cold there? I heard they don’t call it the windy city for nothing..Still NO snow here! Ugh..At these temps I wanted to see snow since its been so, so long since I’ve seen any


      • I don’t necessarily object to talking with people who foster a different opinion or mindset from mine, it just so happens that 96.3% of the time, they have dumbass or racist reasons for s different opinion from mine. Now I’m not always correct, and nobody has to agree with me all the time, but if you disagree with me or have a different opinion, have a common sense reason WHY your thought process is different from mine. Don’t come with stupid shit as a basis for your different opinion.

        It’s cold here but clear & sunny…and the Ladies are so damn sexy in their winter gear!!


      • Understood…Surprised you explained; but gives me insight on how you think..Love it! And trust and believe, I don’t “get” how people can draw dumb arse conclusions or viewpoints; when logically it makes NO sense either..So I’m with you there my friend

        About the same here with the cold, clear, & sunny..I’d comment on the sexy wearing winter gear; but I’m trying really hard to be a good girl


      • I’m going to flip the script on that line of thought..Good bad girls have a good girl inside..And the good girl on the inside? Is silently screaming to be all she can be & not give a good phuck what others think…I’ve always been a good girl; & I’m even better when I let my bad girl see daylight…I look like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth; but it would(and does) I’m outspoken, opinionated, very self-confident, highly seasoned; yet on the outside I’m a classy sexpot(which comes naturally) But what I think is the sexiest thing about me? My brain & wits..though it doesn’t hurt to have a nice ass & long set of legs(thank God for good genes)


      • Well about the background…Love that shot of Michelle..Love that style of dress! I’ve got 2 like that but different colors..I’m actually looking for one in crimson for a Christmas crimson frat party I’ll be attending..I don’t know if its the lightening or whatnot; but she’s wearing more make up than usual..Just me may haps but I believe in less is more with makeup..Too much covers up natural beauty…It is NOT, in my opinion, to busy of a background..Looks really nice as your backgrounds always do…And OMG did I have a conversation this morning with family(still at our family reunion) about the new Obamacare..You’d have loved it!


      • It will be a small price for them to pay in exchange for being married to me… So, yep patience will be necessary . Also lots of energy and stamina to keep up with me. I could go on with qualities my best mate match will have but I am taking the hint. . You’ll get the brief censored version type responses from now on . Touché


      • The type of responses you decide to leave me are your choice, you didn’t get any hints or suggestions from me because I don’t leave hints. I enjoy your responses just as they were, and if I did not, I know how to tell you.

        Don’t read things into what I type or add words of supposition into what you read from my fingers….I am a straight forward man and I would have told you if your responses were too much for me.

        I like you just as you are. That was my attempt at humor. Enjoy your evening.


      • Awwww did I mess up your attempt at humor? I apologize and I stand corrected. And yes from the onset you’ve been a straight shooter..That is one of the things I enjoy so much about our dialogue..I think I shared with you many keystrokes back; that is how my Daddy is. All my life when I’ve wanted the no sugar-coated version of whatever or an opinion on whoever ; he’s been my go-to guy. (and he’s never been wrong in 50 yrs..but don’t tell him I said that)


      • Every morning I’m up early…Internal alarm clock..And here at the hotel it was also the best time to have the gym to myself..Can’t keep my girlish figure without working out..I work harder at it now @ 50 than in my 20s..On the flip side of that coin, how many days in a row have you been awake?


      • No days in a row. I went to bed a 8PM and woke up at 2 AM. Dis an update on Paul Walker & Roger Rodas, and the NYC Metro train derailment


      • Quick question, what do you think of this background of Michelle, I love this photo but does it look a bit too busy for a background? I usually go for simple photos with not so much background stuff in the background….what do you think?


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