2014 Mid Term Elections

A Moment Of Silence For Newtown Connecticut And Sandy Hook Elementary School.


By Jueseppi B.

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A moment for Newtown


On December 14th, one year ago tomorrow, we lost 26 fellow Americans to gun violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. We lost 20 of our youngest students, and six dedicated school workers.


To mark the anniversary of that senseless tragedy, President Obama will honor those lost at Sandy Hook with a moment of silence tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. ET. We’d like you to join.



Street artist Panzarino prepares a memorial as he writes the names of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims during the six-month anniversary of the massacre, at Union Square in New York



Join the moment of silence tomorrow, and help honor the victims of Newtown, Connecticut.


Sandy Hook: “Evil did not win.”


Published on Dec 6, 2013

A mother who lost her 6-year-old daughter at Sandy Hook shares what tragedy has taught her during the past year.




Children killed by guns since Newtown


Published on Dec 11, 2013

Mother Jones‘ special report on children killed by guns in the year since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.




Moms Demand Action: No More Silence 60 second ad


Published on Dec 4, 2013

Saturday, December 14 marks one year since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Moms Demand Action will commemorate the anniversary with No More Silence, a campaign to honor the victims and show our resolve never to be silent again about gun violence. The campaign will include a week of action culminating on December 14, with events in more than 35 states. Each event will include a communal ringing of bells—a moment of No More Silence—to remember the victims and to show that the time for silence is over.













NoMoreNamesFundraiser1 NMNSignUpLP



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      • The wenches are women I used to work with. We go out to dinner once a month. We do day trips and try to help out when one of us is sick. Monday three of us are going to this cool place. They want to see it decorated and am just going because it will be fun. It would have been interesting for me to see you seeing their house. They have a themed tree in every room including the bathrooms. They have a huge family room they added and it always has a huge lighted wreath over the fireplace and two trees. The one entire half of the room is a layout of a huge Christmas village. There are billboards, houses, churches, a Harley store, a coke plant, school and houses with people. It is so big it stays up all year They keep it covered with sheers off season. I have some pics I took at last years party if you’d like to see one or two of them. So our official name is The Fabulous Wenches. I came up with the name.


      • Well, sort of but we have more style and have no memberships or dues. See when I retired, everyone followed me. Nine months after I retired there was hardly anyone that I knew working and I had been there eleven years. Now between the wenches and FB I am in contact with almost everyone I worked with. With FB I stay in touch with most everyone I knew and hung out with in Erie. Musicians, poets, artists, photographers, a professional clown. So everyone from the day still has a way to communicate. So what are you doing? I get my hair done and then I am going to see Cindi. She is still managing Este Lauder. I had Christian Dior. You haven’t lived until you worked in cosmetics. I managed Dior. Then Dior and the store had a parting of the ways. So Dior pulled out of the store. Then I was made a selling specialist for Michael Kors, Lauren, and Jones of New York. I can look at a woman’s outfit and tell you what designer it is.


      • What happened to the place on your blog where your fans can leave comments? Anyway I wanted to congratulate your sister on her graduation. Bless her soul for surviving and succeeding.


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