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Barack Obama Holds “The Most Wonderful Press Conference Of The Year.” If Only The White House Press Corps had Some Intelligent Questions!


By Jueseppi B.



I have had the pleasure of watching a few Presidents Of The United States Of America hold press conferences in my 54 years. I have never observed a more disrespectful, nasty, stupid White House Press Corps than the one President Barack Hussein Obama has had to endure during his 5 years in the White Man’s House.


From asking dumbass questions to interrupting The President in the middle of him answering a question, because they don’t like his answer, to downright disrespectful comments in follow up questions…..this White House Press Corps are an unprofessional disgusting bunch of racist corporate owned media whores.




President Obama Holds a News Conference

December 20, 2013 | 1:00:48 |Public Domain


President Obama answers questions from the press in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room.



From Associated Press:


President Barack Obama said Friday that insurance sign-ups are surging now that the government’s website is working better for consumers. But it was too soon to say the rollout has turned the corner.


More than 1 million people have enrolled since Oct. 1, Obama said at his end-of-the-year press conference. That’s more than two-and-a-half times the number on Nov. 30, when major fixes to the website were completed. At that point, only 365,000 had signed up through new federal and state markets offering subsidized private insurance.


“That is a big deal,” Obama said of getting coverage for uninsured people. “That’s why I ran for this office.”


Separately, officials said 3.9 million people have qualified for government health care through the law’s Medicaid expansion. Even so, things aren’t exactly humming along.


The last day to sign up for coverage to take effect with the new year isMonday. And Jan. 1 is the day the people can start using their new policies. Starting then, the law forbids insurers from turning away people with pre-existing medical conditions. The law’s mandate that virtually all Americans carry coverage also goes into place, although uninsured people can avoid a tax penalty if they pick a plan by Mar. 31.


Obama was feeling optimistic Friday. In first three weeks of December, more than 500,000 people signed up through the federal website, he noted. On Oct. 1, only a handful managed to enroll successfully.


Crossing the 1 million mark was a milestone, but the administration’s own estimates called for 3.3 million to enroll by Dec. 31. The target now is 7 million by the end of open enrollment on Mar. 31.


Associated Press writer Kelli Kennedy in Miami contributed to this report.



President Barack Obama smiles as he prepares to answer a question during an end-of-the year news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House

President Barack Obama smiles as he prepares to answer a question during an end-of-the year news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House

White House Schedule – December 20, 2013


Office of the Press Secretary
December 20th, 2013




Friday, December 20 2013 All Times ET


In the evening, the First Family will depart the White House en route Honolulu, Hawai’i. The departure from the South Lawn and the arrival at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickamare open press.


2013-12-20t235521z_683681048_gm1e9cl0lwz01_rtrmadp_3_usa-obama 2013-12-21t000334z_1170544231_gm1e9cl0mbh01_rtrmadp_3_usa-obama obama-hawaii 2013-12-21t000215z_2056225429_gm1e9cl0m9n01_rtrmadp_3_usa-obama 2013-12-21t001306z_1420052930_gm1e9cl0mq901_rtrmadp_3_usa-obama 2013-12-21t001051z_1376641267_gm1e9cl0mke01_rtrmadp_3_obama 2013-12-21t000548z_358363817_gm1e9cl0mdu01_rtrmadp_3_obama 2013-12-21t000743z_1354299954_gm1e9cl0mhb01_rtrmadp_3_obama


6:45 PM: THE FIRST FAMILY departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base, South Lawn.


7:00 PM: THE FIRST FAMILY departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Honolulu, Hawaii.




12:05 AM THE FIRST FAMILY arrives in Honolulu, Hawaii, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Honolulu, HI.


A Safe Trip For You And Your Family, Mr. President.


“Mele Kalikimaka” Barack, Michelle, Sasha, Malia, Mrs. Robinson, Sunny & Bo







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