“I don’t want him to ever be forgotten.” A Grieving Cousin Speaks To Moms Demand Action


By Jueseppi B.




“I don’t want him to ever be forgotten.” A Grieving Cousin Speaks to Moms Demand Action


by Moms Demand Action


At 21 years of age, Nathaniel McKelvin III (Nate) was shot at friend’s house in Columbia, South Carolina. He had gone to the home to get a haircut. The former high school football player had just earned his commercial driver’s license and was days away from starting a new job. While sitting on the porch, a car drove by and a hail of bullets rang out. To date, no arrests have been made. His cousin, Katurah Hall, writes of the anguish her family feels.





On November 15, 2013, my world shattered into a million pieces. Why? Because of a coward with a gun.


Before that day, I never really thought about the gun control issue, one way or another, but after that day, it has become my life’s mission. That day I lost my cousin Nate. He was like my brother. We grew up together, and he was only three years older than me.


I don’t want him to ever be forgotten. I’ve never, ever, felt a pain like this before, ever. There is a hole in my heart everyday. He won’t ever see another Christmas or another birthday. We miss him so much. My grandparents had to bury their grandchild, his mother had to bury her only son. Her baby… She had to do the same for his father 21 years ago. I just can’t imagine. And all of that, because of a coward with a gun. My cousin died on a Friday. He was supposed to go leave for his new job that Sunday. He was so excited. We were all so proud. He was proud.


My heart is broken. Our hearts are broken. We miss him so much, but we know he will no longer hurt, or deal with the things in this life we have to deal with. He isn’t suffering. But this wouldn’t have happened if the people who shot him didn’t have a gun. My cousin wasn’t a thug or a hood. He wasn’t just another black man shot in the news. He was a student, a hard worker, an uncle, a son, grandson, cousin, brother, best friend, and so handsome. We love and miss him.


But what hope for a world free of gun violence is there if 20 babies could be shot and killed in their school? If my cousin could be gunned down at a friend’s home? How can I find justice for him, if it seems those in charge are powerless or don’t want to help? We love him, always will. There will be justice. I can’t tell you when, or how, but somehow, all of us who are missing a loved one because of gun violence will find justice and peace.


If you or anyone you know has been a victim of gun violence and would like to share your story with Moms Demand Action, please email facesofcourage@momsdemandaction.org.


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  1. Nathaniel McKelvin’s death was senseless. These kinds of deaths make me very angry – there is no ‘why’ about it.


      • They will never get rid of guns completely – no matter how hard we wish it so. Picture the sheer numbers on hand in the US. My father had a collection of about 30 guns, including one his ancestor carried in the Civil War. He built a hidden closet storage where he kept them. My brother has several hiding places at his house. They are not unique. It may take another 200 years to make a dent in the stockpile.

        My father gave me a pistol when I left home at 17. I never shot it but I did clean it one night and the darn thing fell apart in my hands.🙂 I couldn’t figure out how to put it together so I gave it back to him and told him I did not want it.

        However, I worked a short stint as a night guard on a construction site. I never pulled the gun but I did put my hand on it once when I found an intruder. When I talked the guy into leaving, I knew I could never kill a person. That was part of the reason I quit. I shot the 257 magnum and my ears rang and the kick cut my thumb. I was never meant to carry a gun.

        I hate guns. In a perfect world there will be no guns.


      • Yes! Heaven help me! Typing fast with one hand I do make mistakes! Sorry. I also sold guns in a discount store in Texas once. That was not my main job but I filled in for their staff when they went on lunch and breaks. I already knew a lot but learned more there selling guns and listening to the consumers. The bullets for a 357 can be used in a 38, but a 38 cannot fire a 357’s bullets. See there – I’m full of useless stuff.🙂 That truly was a typo. *red face*


      • By the way, I was so excited I had to come tell you the good news: My daughter picked up a medication a while ago and came home smiling. Ninety days of the medication cost her less than the first month insurance premium of $252. Insurance has already paid for itself and this is January 3. … And yes, I started to cry. I had to tell you – I am so thrilled. I could hug Barack, Michelle the girls AND kiss both dogs! God bless America!


    • I am curious Kurt, are you for guns or against guns? This crime could have been avoided if guns were never ever invented. Guess how many human lives would still be here on Earth if there were no such thing as a gun/weapon/firearm?


      • I am heavily in favor of regulating guns. We need universal background checks for all gun sales. We need a registry. Let the ATF and LEAs do their jobs in tracking guns. We need more buy back programs. Melt those guns down. Convicted felons, especially violent felons should not be allowed guns. Those adjudicated as mentally ill should not have guns. We need better mental health treatment. You have very little chance of saving a life hanging out in front of a NYC subway or train terminal, but that is still more likely to happen than if you hang out with a concealed weapon somewhere waiting to stop a bad guy with a gun, unless you believe in time travel….


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