Obama Family’s Gift To Girls Godmother Delivered By Mistake To A Suburban Chicago Woman.


By Jueseppi B.




A Chicago-area family got a belated Christmas surprise this week,a book of family photos from the White House meant for the Obama girls’ godmother, according to media reports and the White House.


Wrong family gets Christmas gift from Obamas


Published on Jan 3, 2014

Wrong family gets Christmas gift from Obamas For more Latest and Breaking News Headlines SUBSCRIBE to A Chicago are.

Obamas’ Christmas gift for godmother delivered to wrong family CHICAGO (Reuters) – A Chicago-area family got a belated Christmas surprise this week – a book.




Obama gift to godmother delivered by mistake to suburban Chicago woman


By Lynn Sweet


WASHINGTON — A Christmas gift from the Obama family to close family friends in south suburban Olympia Fields, Eleanor “Mama Kaye, Wilson” — Malia and Sasha’s godmother — and her husband, Wellington, ended up being delivered to the home of a woman in north suburban Wadsworth.


Alane Eklund Church put the word out on Facebook when she mistaken received Wilson’s gift. She also posted a picture of the card. That led her to a Thursday booking on NBC’s “Today” show to talk about the mistaken delivery.


The gift to the Wilsons — a photo album with personal pictures of the first family — was tagged with a card addressed to “Mama Kaye and Papa Wellington.” Church told “Today” that the gift for the Wilsons was in a box the Post Office had repackaged with items sent to her by her brother.


Church wrote on Facebook, “Ok this is crazy!!!! We finally received Tom’s brothers Christmas box from NY…. It can damaged and with an extra gift!!! All the packages were opened and tossed in a toilet paper box!!!! We got the Presidents Gift!!!!!!!!What to do…….? Wow!!!!”


A White House official said in a statement, “The President and First Lady sent a book of photos to their children’s godmother for Christmas. There was an errant delivery but we’re appreciative of the effort underway to make sure the gift arrives at the intended destination soon.”


Obama Christmas Gift To Girls’ Godmother Mistakenly Mailed To Chicago Woman


Published on Jan 2, 2014

A woman from the Chicago suburbs says she got an unexpected surprise for Christmas: A present that appears to be from the Obama family to Sasha and Malia’s godmother.








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  1. Interesting story. Aside from that, I still crack up and the two kids at the Christmas event with the Obama Family. So cute and funny. And Malia and Sasha are growing into beautiful young women. Love this family!!

    Glad you had a great holiday, Mr. J.B.🙂


  2. The gifts being sent to the wrong person is strange. I couldn’t imagine opening anything that is not addressed to me or my husband. Is that still a federal offence?


    • Good Friday afternoon…I would expect if sge opened this without looking at who it was addressed to, she is safe from prosecution…but if she saw it addressed to someone else and opened it anyway, that is mail tampering. A federal offense. Did you have a good holiday?


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