Moms Demand Action Kentucky Chapter Demands Resignation Of Representative Leslie Combs After Her Gun Discharged Inside The State Capitol Annex


By Jueseppi B.



Moms Demand Action Kentucky Chapter Calls for the Resignation of Representative Leslie Combs After Her Gun Discharged Inside the State Capitol Annex


by Moms Demand Action




The Kentucky chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is calling for the resignation of Kentucky State Representative Leslie Combs (KY-94) after discharging a semi-automatic handgun in the Kentucky State Capitol Annex on Tuesday evening.




Our lawmakers should be held to the highest of standards, and should never put others in harms way. As a concealed-carry permit holder, Rep. Combs should understand the risks of handling a loaded gun within close proximity of others. She not only put her own life in danger, but that of her colleague Rep. Jeff Greer (KY-27) who was present at time of the incident when her gun discharged and ricocheted inside her office. Rep. Combs’ actions set a poor example for those who hold her in high regard, including Kentucky’s children.


Moms Demand Action will not wait for another ‘accidental’ and preventable tragedy to happen. We are calling for the immediate resignation of Rep. Combs as incidents such as this cannot be tolerated, especially by our elected officials. Current law in Kentucky allows firearms to be openly carried in any city-owned facility in Kentucky — including libraries, parks, city council chambers and city hall, restrictions in court buildings are set by the judicial branch. Moms Demand Action are urging members to contact their lawmakers and insist firearms be prohibited in city and state owned and operated properties for the safety of our community.


Moms Demand Action





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