Day: January 15, 2014

The President Takes Action In 2014 To Get The Job Done. What Say YOU 113th Congress, Where Are The Jobs?

  By Jueseppi B.     President Obama Speaks on the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation   Published on Jan 15, 2014 At North Carolina State University, President Obama announces new steps with the private sector to strengthen the manufacturing sector, boost advanced manufacturing, and attract good jobs with […]

But it’s NOT Republican obstructionism – Two Republican Filibusters On The Same Issue In One Day – ‘Republican Senators filibuster jobless aid’

Originally posted on The Last Of The Millenniums:
  Two piecies of legislation that would have extended long term unemployment benefits – passed the Senate with majority votes. But……But the Republicans filibustered BOTH pieces of legislation so they needed 60 votes to pass. But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism……In…

A Republican vision for America – ‘Corporations Are People Too’ Edition – ‘Wisconsin Republicans propose 7-day work week at behest of business lobby’

Originally posted on The Last Of The Millenniums:
  ‘Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce said that it conceived of the law when it noted that the federal government does not have a rule mandating that workers receive a certain number of hours off per work cycle’. ‘A pair of…