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The Secret Invitation Only First Lady’s 50th Birthday Party


By Jueseppi B.

Michelle with her AARP card, that we all got on reaching that 50 year old milestone.

Michelle with her AARP card, that we all got on reaching that 50 year old milestone.




The White House kept a pretty tight public lid on Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party Saturday night, but some details are starting to leak out.


Beyonce did indeed sing some of the first lady’s favorite songs, and the party lasted until at least 2 a.m.


The soiree also featured such stars — and Obama supporters — as actor Samuel L. Jackson, singer Smokey Robinson and basketball legend Magic Johnson, reports CNN.


NBA legend Magic Johnson leaves Michelle Obama's birthday party early Sunday morning in Washington. (Source: CNN)

NBA legend Magic Johnson leaves Michelle Obama’s birthday party early Sunday morning in Washington. (Source: CNN)


Presumably Beyonce’s spouse — musician and businessman Jay Z — also attended. He held a concert in Washington on Thursday.


President Obama himself also held court.


While the first lady actually turned 50 on Friday, the White House held the party on Saturday night.


During the week, Mrs. Obama joked about the milestone, at one point holding up her brand new AARP card.


Also reports CNN:

“Michelle Obama’s invitations caused a little controversy last week when it was revealed they said only drinks and light snacks would be served.


“The food choices didn’t appear to bother any of those who went. They mostly wanted to talk about how great the 50-year-old first lady looked, and how much in love President Obama is with his wife.


“Guests said Michelle Obama wore red and black, and looked stunning.”


Samuel L. Jackson & wife LaTanya Richardson at Michelle Obama's 50th Birthday Bash

Samuel L. Jackson & wife LaTanya Richardson at Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday Bash


(CNN) – An invitation to a White House dance party Saturday night to celebrate Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday is the hottest ticket in town.


Think less inaugural ball, and more “Saturday Night Fever.” While the First Lady may be sending tweetsabout joining AARP, she’s known for her dancing prowess. The party’s host – the President – has told guests to wear comfortable shoes.


“She’s got a really fun loving streak. She loves to dance. She loves music and why not, you know, you only turn 50 once so why not make the most of it,” said The Chicago Tribune’s Katherine Skiba, who has covered the First Lady since the Obamas entered the White House in 2009.


Americans have seen some of the First Lady’s moves before: “doing the Dougie” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last year, and grooving with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres back in 2008.


Michelle Obama Does The Dougie




Evolution Of Mom Dancing (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Michelle Obama)



Saturday’s celebration is set to last from 9 p.m. to midnight, and is being dubbed “Snacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert.”


“My guess is it won’t be a cast of thousands. It might be big but not super big,” said The Chicago Sun Times’ Lynn Sweet.


The White House made a special request that will affect how much guests can share about the event.


“The invitation does say no camera, no photographs. Well, I’ve covered many receptions at the White House, and even big shots like to take pictures,” said Sweet.


The Obamas’ inauguration after-party last year drew the likes of Usher, Katy Perry, and Beyonce – who is rumored to be performing at Saturday’s event.


Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama!




Happy 50th birthday, Michelle Obama




michelle-obama-50th-invite-1 (1)











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  1. Finally! A First Lady that can get down!🙂 She is so beautiful and poised, she really has class. She can dress like a queen and then next day dig in the dirt to plant vegetables. I have a huge amount of respect for her. I love it and love me some Samuel L.! Cooler than cool!


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