How to Eat Organic on a Budget and What Organic Really Means

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A lot of people tell me they love the idea of organic food and would start eating it in a heartbeat but their budgets simply don’t eating organic on a budget allow it. It’s true that organic food can cost considerably more than conventionally grown food…absolutely. The one glimmer of hope is that there has been a downward pricing trend as organic foods became more popular. Still, the prices aren’t low enough for many people, so how can you eat organic when you’re on a budget?

Here are a few ideas you can start with.

Start with one thing at a time. Going organic doesn’t mean you have to go all or none. Take small steps to where you want to go. I also recommend downloading the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Dirty Dozen list that shows you the produce that is most likely to be grown with the most pesticides, so either…

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  1. Organic is not that expensive. If people followed the food guideline of portion control they would realize it. Trader Joe’s has great deals on organic foods 1lb. bag of carrots .89 cents, 12 oz mushrooms $1.99, 2.5lb bag of apples $2.49… Trick, weigh items before buying some containers 1 bag of carrots might weigh over 1 pound.


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