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Tomorrow: Join a Virtual Road Trip with President Obama on Google+


Tomorrow President Obama will take a virtual road trip across the country via Google+ Hangouts to discuss the issues and policies laid out in the speech with citizens joining from around the country.


Want to come along for the ride? Find out how to participate.




Want to come along for the ride? Here’s how you can participate:


  • Record your video question now. Record a 60-second video question for the opportunity to participate in the Hangout Road Trip with the President. Be sure to include your name, location, a bit about yourself and the question you’d like to ask. Then, post it on YouTube or Google+with the hashtag #AskObama2014.


  • Watch the enhanced State of Union. Tune in toWhitehouse.gov on January 28th at 9pm ET to watch President Obama’s address live and enhanced with data, graphs and charts that explain the policies and issues he’ll be discussing in the speech.



President Obama participates in a Fireside Hangout on Google+President Barack Obama participates in a “Fireside Hangout” on Google+ with Americans from around the country to discuss his State of the Union Address, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. February 14, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


Be sure to follow the White House on Google+ for the latest updates on the Presidential Hangout Road Trip – and to learn about other Hangouts with Obama administration officials. The White House uses Google+ Hangouts to engage with citizens on issues from science and technology and immigration reform toholidays at the White House and the First Lady’s Let’s Move!initiative. After his 2012 and 2013 State of the Union adresses, President Obama joined virtual conversations with Americans to discuss the issues that matter most. You can watch video of those hangouts here and here.


We’re always looking for ways to engage with citizens online — and that’s why we’re kicking off a series of online engagement events with White House officials starting right after the speech. Find out all the ways you can engage with the 2014 State of the Union at WhiteHouse.gov/SOTU.



Patricia Shiu
January 30, 2014
04:06 PM EST


Ed. note: This is cross-posted from the Department of Labor’s (Work in Progress) blog. See the original post here.


President Obama demonstrated his commitment to equal pay with the first bill he signed as president: the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act on Jan. 29, 2009. In his State of the Union address five years later, President Obama again made a forceful argument for equal pay.


“Today, women make up about half our workforce,” he said. “But they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. That is wrong, and in 2014, it’s an embarrassment. A woman deserves equal pay for equal work. … It’s time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a ‘Mad Men’ episode.”




Lilly Ledbetter went for years without knowing she was the victim of pay discrimination. Unfortunately, her experience is all too common. So, at the Labor Department we are working to make it easier for women to learn about the pay gap and to take action to protect their rights. We’ve developed several tools to help women ensure that they’re receiving fair wages, such as the web and Smartphone apps developed in our 2012 Equal Pay App Challenge.


We’re also working very hard to make sure that employers abide by the law when it comes to paying their workers fairly. At the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, while conducting audits we regularly collect and analyze data about how workers are being paid in order to find the “hidden discrimination” that they – like Ledbetter – don’t know about. Over the last four years, we have built up a pretty impressive record of fighting pay discrimination and winning, and winning and winning some more. I believe that trend will continue as we go forward.


Before I joined the Obama administration, I spent 26 years representing workers who had been affected by discrimination. And one thing I am sure of is that the best way to ensure equal pay is for workers to take an active role – to be their own best advocates.


With that in mind, here are three things every woman, and man, can do to mind the (pay) gap:


  1. Know your worth. Do your research, be aware of company and industry pay trends and don’t be afraid to negotiate for the salary and benefits you deserve.
  2. Know your rights. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order 11246 and the Equal Pay Act of 1963 are three key laws designed to eliminate pay discrimination.Learn what those laws require and how they apply to you.
  3. Take Action. If you are concerned that you are not being paid fairly, we are here to help.


Closing the pay gap is not easy nor is it the job of any one entity. In other words, we can’t do this alone.


President Obama encouraged the nation to work together to address the economic challenges women face, saying: “This year, let’s all come together – Congress, the White House, and businesses from Wall Street to Main Street – to give every woman the opportunity she deserves.  Because I firmly believe when women succeed, America succeeds.”


We agree.


At OFCCP, we will continue to make sure that employers understand and live up to their responsibilities under the law. We will also keep providing the information workers need to be their best advocates. Because getting to fair pay takes more than one agency or one advocate or one tool – it’s everyone’s job.



Advance Estimate of GDP for the Fourth Quarter of 2013


Jason Furman
Jason Furman

January 30, 2014
09:33 AM EST


Economic growth was solid in the fourth quarter, a testament to the resilience of American businesses and families. The private sector’s strong performance in the fourth quarter caps off its fastest year of growth since 2003. And over the four quarters of 2013, real GDP grew 2.7 percent, its strongest rate in three years. Nevertheless, the unemployment rate is still unacceptably high, and too many Americans are still looking for a job and fighting to make ends meet. In his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, President Obama outlined his plans to build on the progress made to date and ensure 2014 is a year of action, with steps to increase growth, create new jobs, and expand economic opportunity.




1. Real gross domestic product rose at a solid 3.2 percent annual rate in the fourth quarter, the 11th consecutive quarter of growth. Looking at the various components of GDP, growth in consumer spending picked up from the previous quarter, as did exports, business investment was in line with its recent performance, but Federal spending fell sharply, and housing posted its first quarterly decline since 2010. In the last two quarters economic growth accelerated to a 3.7 percent annual rate and over the four quarters of 2013, real GDP grew 2.7 percent, up from 2.0 percent in 2012. (Note that economists generally prefer to measure growth on a Q4/Q4 basis because that reflects what happened to the economy just in 2013, the alternative annual measure of growth also places considerable weight on what happened to the economy in 2012 and thus does not provide as meaningful a measure.)


Read More.





From Daycare to Diploma: A Conversation with Secretary Arne Duncan




Streamed live on Jan 29, 2014

This Wednesday, as part of White House “Big Block of Cheese Day”, we’re hosting a Google+ Hangout with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the Teacher of the Year, Kathy Hollowell-Makle.

Partnering with Google’s Connected Classrooms, we will be inviting students across America to ask questions on a range of education topics including pre-K, #STEM and College Affordability. Submit a question below or with #AsktheWH




Remarks by the President on Retirement Security


Remarks by the President on Minimum Wage


Open for Questions: State of the Union 2014


State of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math



Speeches and Remarks/Statements and Releases


Remarks by the President on Opportunity for All and Skills for America’s Workers


Remarks by the President on Retirement


Remarks by the President on Minimum Wage — Lanham, MD


Statement from the President on the Retirement of Representative Henry Waxman


President Obama Signs Oklahoma Disaster Declaration


Readout of National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice’s Meeting with Foreign Minister Luiz Alberto Figueiredo of Brazil


Statement by Press Secretary Jay Carney on Freedom of the Press in China


FACT SHEET: Opportunity For All: Empowering All Americans with the Skills Needed for In-Demand Jobs



Cheerios 2014 Game Day Ad | “Gracie”


Published on Jan 28, 2014

When families eat breakfast together, amazing things can happen.



I Love Gracie.



GOP Senator Admits His Obamacare Alternative Would Burden The Elderly.


Orrin Hatch on Obamacare alternative, it sucks.



Orin Hatch just lied. Chuck Todd allowed the lie to go un-corrected, as per his usual.



Presidential Actions


Presidential Memorandum — Job-Driven Training for Workers


Presidential Memorandum — Retirement Savings Security





Celebrating Black History Month: The Black History Moment Series #1. Slavery.


Celebrating Black History Month: The Black History Moment Series #2. The Middle Passage.





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