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The Michael Dunn Trial – Day 3: The Tearful Girlfriend.


By Jueseppi B.



Michael Dunn Trial – Day 4: Rhonda Rouer,  fiancée of Michael Dunn, weeps like a Willow.




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On Saturday, an evidence technician testified there were nine bullet holes in the vehicle where Jordan was shot to death, three of them in the rear passenger side door where Jordan was seated.





Ms. Rhonda Rouer,  fiancée of Michael Dunn, was very emotional as she took the stand in his murder trial. Rouer was visibly shaking and crying as she told jurors what happened on the night Jordan Davis was killed.


Side bar…..But not emotional was her state of mind the night her beloved fiancée slayed Jordan Davis….they both left the scene of the murder and drove back to their hotel, and ordered pizza.


Ms. Rouer told jurors as they pulled into a convenience store parking lot beside a red Dodge Durango with loud music Michael Dunn uttered “I hate that thug music.”


Side bar….I hate racist caucasians too Michael, is it legal for me to kill all you racist caucasians?




JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — With tears in her eyes and a tissue in her hand, Rhonda Rouer took the stand Saturday in the murder trial of her fiancée, Michael Dunn.


She was questioned by both sides and watched a surveillance video from the night Dunn fired 9 shots into an SUV holding Jordan Davis while on the stand.


Testimonies from JSO officers who processed the crime scene where the shooting took place earlier in the day.


Dunn is charged in the death of 17 year-old Davis. The teen was fatally shot at a convenience store parking lot on November 23, 2012. Dunn claims the shooting was in self-defense.


Michael Dunn – Day 3 – Part 1





Michael Dunn – Day 3 – Part 2




Michael Dunn – Day 3 – Part 3




Michael Dunn – Day 3 – Part 4





Michael Dunn Trial – Day 3 – Part 5 (Dunn’s fiancée)




Michael Dunn Trial – Day 1 – Part 1 – Opening Statements




Michael Dunn Trial. Prosecutor Opening Statements




Michael Dunn Trial. Defense Opening Statements




Michael Dunn Murder Of Jordan Davis: The Trial Begins.


Moments of drama interrupted long stretches of deliberate questioning as opening arguments began Thursday afternoon in the first degree murder trial of Michael Dunn.


Before a mostly full courtroom on the fourth floor of the Duval County Courthouse, Chief Assistant State Attorney John Guy made opening statements before State Attorney Angela Corey took over questioning most witnesses. Beginning with a dramatic account of the events of November 2012, Guy told jurors that Dunn killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis because he was “fueled by anger and intent.”


Side bar…..Lets hope & pray that State Attorney Angela Corey actually does her job and works to convict murderer Michael Dunn, unlike her dismal performance in convicting George Zimmerman.













The scene of the crime.

The scene of the crime.





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