Lucia McBath & Ronald Davis, Parents Of Jordan Russell Davis, Interview On The Last Word With Lawrence .


By Jueseppi B.




Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law states that when deadly force is present, you have a right not to retreat, a right to stand your ground if you are in a place you have a right to be and are not illegally present in that place, and are committing no crime. At that point you are allowed by Florida’s Stand Your Ground law to meet deadly force with equal deadly force.


Since when did loud music, or a smart aleck, young 17 year old bravado mouth, become deadly force?


Jordan Davis Parents ‘He Will Pay’ FULL 15 Min Interview Last Word w Lawrence O’Donnell


Published on Feb 19, 2014

Jordan Davis Parents ‘He Will Pay’ FULL 15 Min Interview Last Word w Lawrence O’Donnell



Ron Davis and Lucia McBath, the parents of Jordan Davis, reacted to the verdict that convicted Michael Dunn of second-degree murder but not first-degree on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show Wednesday night. They said they were shocked and heartbroken at the miscarriage of justice, and were joined by their lawyer John Phillips, who told O’Donnell the jury “gave the benefit of the doubt to the Caucasian businessman.”


O’Donnell brought up the interview a juror in the case gave to Nightline, in which she revealed that the vote was 9-3 for conviction of first-degree murder. McBath didn’t feel any ill will towards the jury, saying they “put their heart and soul” into deciding this case.


Both parents were frankly stunned by Dunn calling himself the “f*cking victim”, with Davis saying, “The victim was the one that had a bullet go through his lungs.”


O’Donnell appeared to tear up a bit while bringing up the overwhelming response the Davis family has been getting on Twitter, and asked them what they would say to Dunn if they had the chance. McBath said she’d tell him, “Not only did you take Jordan’s life but you took my future.” And she believes that no matter what the final outcome on the first-degree murder charge is, “in some way, shape or form, he will pay… because he’s going to spend the rest of his life in jail.”


I am simply stunned that 12 humans can not look at the facts presented in this case, no matter how incompetent the states attorney did their job of presenting those facts, and reach a guilty verdict on Murder One.



Jordan Davis – CNNSoledad O’Brien interviews the family of Jordan Davis


Published on May 5, 2013

Soledad O’Brien interviews Jordan Davis’ parents on CNN’s Starting Point.




Jordan Davis – MSNBC The Last Word w/ Lawrence O’Donnell – Parents Speak


As Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services reports proudly that they have reached one million for their concealed weapons and firearm license program, others are left to bare the burden of this trend. Parents of shooting victim Jordan Davis tell their story and what they plan to do to make sure it doesn’t happen to your child.
















Jordan Davis RIP

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      • I’m hanging in there; work keeps me busy. I took on another project to try and get more info to a father’s group and that’s good. I’ve always been inclusive of dads because my husband was not a good dad. My girls lost out there.

        My connection is soooo sloooow…. *groan* If it were my choice I would have gotten cable years ago. My husband is the kind of guy that researches like crazy then looks for the optimum deal, no pun intended.

        BUT… I am still here.🙂


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