2014 Mid Term Elections

Shannon Watts, Mayors Against Illegal Guns: VICTORY, Facebook heard you!


By Jueseppi B.




Thanks to hundreds of thousands of supporters like you, Facebook and Instagram just announced new policies to crack down on illegal gun sales!


These are real, common-sense policies — and they’re going to make Facebook and Instagram safer for all users.1 As a mom and a Facebook user, I’m thrilled to share this news.


Join me by spreading the word about this amazing victory with your friends and family on Facebook and on Twitter! If you don’t use Facebook or Twitter, please forward this email.



These new Facebook and Instagram policies include several measures that will drastically reduce the chances of illegal gun sales on its platform, such as letting users report suspicious gun posts, deleting posts that offer to buy and sell guns without background checks, requiring Facebook gun page owners to post a notice that says users must comply with all applicable laws, and warning Instagram users about the law when they search for gun offers.


What’s more, all individual gun offers and pages dedicated to gun sales will be blocked for users under 18 — a critical measure for keeping our kids safe online.


This victory marks a huge milestone in the history of our movement — and it all took shape in less than a month, thanks to you!


Moms Demand Action got its start on Facebook, a place I knew I could turn to find other like-minded moms and make our voices heard in the aftermath of the shooting in Newtown. Facebook and Instagram have taken a major step forward to prevent gun sales, and we will hold them accountable to these promises going forward.


But there’s still so much more that can be done — by corporations, by Congress, by state and local political leaders — to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.


We’re all working together to change the culture on gun laws, one step at a time. This is just the first page in an exciting new chapter in the fight for common-sense gun laws, and I hope you will continue to be there every step of the way.


Please share the news with your friends and family on Facebookand on Twitter today, and let them know about the momentum for common-sense gun laws that you’ve helped us build.


We aren’t going away until all Americans can live free from fear of gun violence — Facebook and Instagram heard our message, and now we need to take it even further.


Thanks for being a part of this historic moment,


Shannon Watts
Founder, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America




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