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The White House Blog: Barack Visits “Between Two Ferns.” The #GeeksGetCovered. 20 Reasons To Get Covered. Twenty Days Left to Enroll.


By Jueseppi B.




Watch President Obama on “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis


Megan Slack
Megan Slack

March 11, 2014
12:19 PM EDT


President Barack Obama participates in an interview with Zach Galifianakis for "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis"President Barack Obama participates in an interview with Zach Galifianakis for “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis,” in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, Feb. 24, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


President Obama sat down between two ferns to talk health care, Bradley Cooper, and basketball with Zach Galifianakis. Watch it here now — all your friends have probably seen it already, don’t be “that guy” who hasn’t.







Todd Park
Todd Park

March 11, 2014
12:17 PM EDT


America is full of geeks—and that’s a really good thing. Geeks are a critical driver of America’s innovation ecosystem, from the entrepreneurs launching startups in Silicon Valley to the scientists experimenting in university research labs to the whiz kids building gadgets in their parents’ garages.


Geeks Get Covered: A Message From Geeks at the White House


Uploaded on Mar 11, 2014

Geeks at the Office of Science and Technology Policy share their reasons why their fellow geeks should get covered.



The Obama Administration cares deeply about innovation, and about helping to make sure that geeks across the country, those coming up with new discoveries and exciting inventions—and creating jobs along the way—have the freedom and security to keep innovating.


That’s why today we are launching #GeeksGetCovered, an effort focused on raising awareness, sharing stories, and encouraging healthcare enrollment among geeks, innovators, and entrepreneurs.


Because of the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans finally have the security that comes from quality, affordable health coverage.  And, millions more have better, more reliable coverage than ever before.  The Affordable Care Act also means that this year, geeks, entrepreneurs, researchers, and others can now make the decision to innovate and pursue their dreams without fear of losing coverage or worrying that a preexisting condition or new illness will bankrupt their families.


As the President said last year, “If you’ve got a great idea for your own business but you’ve never tried it because your spouse had a preexisting condition and you didn’t want to lose your employer-based coverage, you’ve got the ability now to get your own coverage.  That’s security.  That’s freedom.”


Today, there is strong evidence that when affordable healthcare isn’t exclusively tied to employment, in more instances people choose to start their own companies. For example:


  • recent study estimates that because high-quality health insurance coverage will no longer be tied exclusively to one’s employer, the number of self-employed Americans could increase by up to 1.5 million in 2014.
  • Another study indicates that the Affordable Care Act has already boosted entrepreneurship rates by providing young innovators coverage that helps them chase their dreams.
  • Another study shows that Americans are more likely to start a business at age 65 than at age 64, after they have the security of healthcare through Medicare.


And what’s true for entrepreneurs launching the next company is just as true for PhD students or part-time researchers working to expand the frontiers of human knowledge.  These scientists researching a cure for the deadliest diseases or creating game-changing technologies have more options today than ever before to access affordable, quality health insurance in the new insurance marketplaces.


So to all the geeks out there:  we’d love to hear from you on social media about what affordable coverage means to you as a geek using #GeeksGetCovered.  View the video from geeks at the White House to fellow geeks across America and check out Healthcare.gov today!



Twenty Reasons to Get Covered, Twenty Days Left to Enroll




As of today, there are just 20 days left to enroll in health care coverage at healthcare.gov before open enrollment ends on March 31.


If don’t already have health insurance, head over to healthcare.gov to get covered now. You can compare your options based on price, benefits, quality and other features, and enroll in a plan that fits your needs and your budget.


WIth just one application, you can also find out whether you qualify for tax credits to help pay for insurance or other free or low-cost coverage options.





To mark the 20 final days of open enrollment, here are 20 reasons to get covered. Check them out, then head over to healthcare.gov.


20 reasons to get covered:

  1. Six in ten uninsured Americans can get coverage for less than $100 a month.
  2. Preventive services like well-woman visits, cancer screenings, flu shots and more cost you nothing out of pocket.
  3. Health insurers are prohibited from charging women more than men for the exact same coverage.
  4. It’s illegal for insurance companies to charge more or deny coverage due to a pre-existing condition.
  5. Birth control for women is covered with no out-of-pocket costs or co-pays.
  6. Insurance companies can’t cancel your coverage when you get sick.
  7. All plans must cover essential health benefits including outpatient care, hospital visits, prescriptions, and more.
  8. Because accidents happen, and no one is invincible.
  9. There’s a new way to shop for plans, compare benefits and apply for coverage all online on healthcare.gov.
  10. You may qualify for lower cost coverage or tax credits to help pay for care depending on your income or family size.
  11. Mental health and substance abuse disorder services including counseling and psychotherapy must be covered at parity with medical benefits.
  12. If you’re a parent, your kids can stay covered on your plan until they turn 26.
  13. Insurance companies can no longer put a lifetime cap on the essential health benefits they’ll cover if you get sick.
  14. Insurance companies can no longer impose yearly limits on coverage for essential health benefits.
  15. Insurance companies must spend at least 80 percent of your premium dollar on health care — or you get a rebate.
  16. No one deserves to go broke just because they get sick.
  17. Insurance companies can’t cancel your coverage because you make a mistake on your application.
  18. Insurance companies must publicly justify their actions if they want to raise your premiums by 10 percent or more.
  19. Because you only live once.
  20. You can apply for coverage online at healthcare.gov. on the phone by calling 1-800-318-2596, in person (find local help here) or by mail (download the application to mail in here) — the whole process takes most people about 15 to 20 minutes.


Get Covered: A Special Message from the President


Published on Feb 21, 2014

President Obama has a message for millions of Americans who now have access to new or improved affordable health insurance: Go to http://www.HealthCare





President Obama Speaks to the Latino Community on Why it is Important to #GetCovered


Published on Feb 13, 2014

As part of our ongoing efforts to educate Latinos about the benefits and protections under the Affordable Care Act and encourage them to sign up for health coverage, President Obama recorded a video message for the Latino community. Check out the message and hear the President talk about the tools available to help you and your “amigos, familia and vecinos” #GetCovered








Still Need Health Insurance? Join a Live Chat with Valerie Jarrett & Cosmo for Latinas


Erin Lindsay
Erin Lindsay

March 10, 2014
12:35 PM EDT


On Wednesday, March 12 at 3 p.m. ET, Senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett will join the editors of Cosmopolitan & Cosmo for Latinas for a live chat on Google+ to discuss everything you need to know about the Affordable Care Act and how you can get insured before the March 31 open enrollment deadline.


As one of the most disproportionately uninsured populations, Latinos are a key group to educate about the health care law.  One in four uninsured individuals who are eligible for the Marketplace nationwide are Latino and eight in 10 uninsured Latinos could get a break on costs in the Health Insurance Marketplace


Cosmo for Latinas Editor-in-Chief Michelle Herrera Mulligan and Cosmopolitan Deputy Editor Sara Austin will be asking YOUR questions submitted on Google+ and Twitter using the hashtag #WHCosmoChat.


Here are the details:


Can’t wait to get covered? Visit Healthcare.gov now, the open enrollment period ends on March 31st. To help spread the word, visit WH.gov/GetCovered.

For more updates on the Affordable Care Act and other issues impacting the Latino community follow @LaCasaBlanca on Twitter or visit the La Casa Blanca Facebook page.



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  1. My daughter went for her appointment and waited over two hours to see the doctor. This time the person at the desk told her the insurance company was out of network. Hmm. I don’t think any of the receptionists/bookkeepers know which end is up. The doctor told her to get an x-ray which she did not need since the overuse injury is in the soft tissues of her arms. (She has several medical issues.) He gave her first-aid instructions, told her to rest and suggested physical therapy which she will do. She doesn’t plan to go back to him because he did not listen to her and discounted much of what she said.

    I still wonder what the deal is with the different stories told to her by the office. Me? I just want my daughter to be well and have a normal life like others her age. BIG THANKS to you, Jueseppi. It’s nice to know I can vent and you will not turn me away.<3😉


    • I’d never turn you or your family away Ms. Jackie. I am going to suggest for the last time you both take some time to report this medical incident to whomever you can report it to in your area. It’s imperative this type of garbage stops, not just for you but for others whom will follow you. ObamaCARES is Federal law which supersedes any state law. People will attempt to do any & everything to see ObamaCARES fail, as well as The President.


      • I will tell her what you said but the ball is her court now. Her first comment was about other people getting treated that way. Hey, ObamaCare is here to stay and I WISH Barack was too! Thanks again,🙂


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