2014 Mid Term Elections

Joseph Robinette “Joey B” Biden, Jr. In Europe.


By Jueseppi B.

NOW you done gone and did it Vladimir Putin...you have Joseph Robinette "Joey B" Biden, Jr. In Europe.

NOW you done gone and did it Vladimir Putin…you have Joseph Robinette “Joey B” Biden, Jr. In Europe.



Joseph Robinette “Joey B” Biden, Jr. European Schedule.


5:15 AM: The Vice President arrives Warsaw, PolandLocal Event Time: 10:15 AM. Chopin International Airport.


7:15 AM: The Vice President arrives at the Polish Prime Minister‘s Chancellery, Local Event Time: 12:15 PM.


7:30 AM: The Vice President meets with Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Local Event Time: 12:30 PM.


8:30 AM: The Vice President and Prime Minister Tusk deliver statements to the press. Local Event Time: 1:30 PM.


9:00 AM: The Vice President meets with PresidentBronisław KomorowskiLocal Event Time: 2:00 PM. The Presidential Palace.


10:30 AM: The Vice President and President Komorowski deliver statements to the press. Local Event Time: 3:30 PM.


11:15 AM: The Vice President meets with PresidentToomas Ilves of Estonia. Local Event Time: 4:15 PM. Warsaw Marriott Hotel.


12:00 PM: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney, The Brady Press Briefing Room.  WATCH LIVE


12:15 PM: The Vice President and President Ilves deliver statements to the press. Local Event Time: 5:15 PM.


2:45 PM: The Vice President arrives Vilnius, Lithuania. Local Event Time: 8:45 PM. Vilnius Airport.



Raw: Vice-President Biden in Poland


Published on Mar 18, 2014

Vice-President Joe Biden is visiting Poland. It’s part of a campaign to show support for US allies and to warn Russian President Vladimir Putin to back off in Ukraine. (March 18)







Background Press Briefing by a Senior Administration Official on the Vice President’s Trip to Poland and Lithuania


Background Briefing by Senior Administration Officials on Ukraine


Remarks to the Press by Vice President Joe Biden and President Toomas Ilves of Estonia


Remarks to the Press by Vice President Joe Biden with President Bronislaw Komorowski of Poland


Remarks to the Press by Vice President Joe Biden with Prime Minister Donald Tusk of Poland






Joe Biden in Poland as Russia seeks to annex Crimea


Published on Mar 18, 2014

WARSAW, Poland (Global TV) – US Vice President Joe Biden has reached Poland on Tuesday to reassure anxious allies that the US will stand up to Russia’s aggression in neighboring Ukraine, even as Moscow brushed aside stern warnings from the West and signed a treaty to annex Crimea.




Vice President Biden in Europe to ‘reassure our allies’ over Russia’s moves in Ukraine





From The Washington Post:


By Scott Wilson


WARSAW—Vice President Biden arrived here Tuesday to reassure a set of allies anxious over Russia’s move into Crimea, a visit he will use to pledge additional security assistance and American help in diversifying Eastern European energy supplies heavily dependent now on Russian natural gas.


Over two days, Biden will meet with the leaders of Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all NATO members with old memories of Soviet domination and new fears of a resurgent Russia under President Vladimir Putin.



Putin’s Crimean Invasion: US VP Joe Biden in Poland to show support for NATO ally



Published on Mar 18, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden has arrived in Poland to reassure anxious allies that the US will stand up to Russia’s aggression in neighboring Ukraine, even as Moscow brushed aside stern warnings from the West and signed a treaty to annex Crimea.
But even as Biden arrived in Warsaw, Russian President Vladimir Putin was moving fast ahead with plans to absorb Crimea into its orbit, flouting fresh sanctions the US and Europe imposed a day earlier. In a fiery speech in Moscow, Putin lambasted the West for sowing unrest in Ukraine.

A day after Putin declared Crimea independent , Biden will outline the next steps that the United States intends to take to reverse the Russian move into Crimea and prevent a broader military push into eastern Ukraine, an escalation that would bring the conflict to the doorstep of Poland and the Baltic states.




Before addressing the Russian parliament, Putin on Tuesday approved draft legislation to annex Crimea, a step the Obama administration is seeking to head off. Putin’s actions follow a Sunday referendum in which Crimean voters — under the eye of Russian troops — chose to split from Ukraine and join Russia. The Obama administration and its European allies have condemned the takeover of Crimea as a violation of international law.


One senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the vice president’s plans, said his trip is “first and foremost to reassure our allies that we are deeply concerned about Russia’s action in Ukraine and what the deeper implications might be.”


The adviser said Biden will discuss measures that would be taken “in the days and weeks ahead,” building on financial sanctions imposed on 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials that President Obama announced Monday but that appeared to have little effect on Putin’s calculations.


The talks here and on Wednesday in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, come days before European leaders meet in Brussels to consider Russia’s actions in Ukraine.


The senior administration official, traveling with the vice president, said Biden would emphasize that whatever steps follow the sanctions the United States and European Union have already announced must be done “so that NATO emerges from this crisis stronger than when it went into it.”


Russia’s recognition of an independent Crimea, and Putin’s apparent step toward Russian annexation of the Black Sea peninsula, has proven to be a test of the Obama administration’s preference for economic sanctions and international diplomatic pressure over military threats.


Obama has sought to re-energize NATO, placing the alliance at the center of efforts to wind down the Afghan war and act together in humanitarian emergencies such as in Libya. Poland and Lithuania convened an emergency meeting of NATO members earlier this month in response to Russia’s move on Crimea.


But some allies, including in Europe, have watched with worry as Obama has in their view emphasized reaching out to antagonists at the expense of longtime friends. Administration officials strongly disagree, arguing that new relationships with such countries as Iran, China, and Russia benefit America’s allies in Europe and other regions.


How Obama intends to confront Putin has been closely monitored here and throughout Eastern Europe, a region far more susceptible to Russian economic sanctions, energy disruptions, and military threats. So far Obama, who plans to end America’s longest war at the end of this year in Afghanistan, has made clear military options are not under consideration.


Obama has moved U.S. navy ships closer to the Black Sea, where Russia maintains its only warm water port, and he has deployed additional U.S. fighter jets to Estonia and Poland. The senior administration officials suggested Biden would have additional security measures to announce, including stepped-up military training through NATO, during his visit here.


The official said Biden would not offer changes to administration plans for a missile defense system in Eastern Europe, which Obama adjusted on taking office at a time he was pursuing a “reset” in Russian relations.


Russian officials argued that the missile-defense system threatened Russian security and undermined arms treaties. U.S. officials, however, say the system is designed to target long-range missiles fired from such nations as Iran.


Since Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, some Congressional Republicans have called on Obama to return to the previous missile defense plan, one negotiated by the George W. Bush administration. That plan would have located a radar station in the Czech Republic and stationed 10 ground-based interceptors in Poland.


Obama chose instead to place interceptors on navy ships. Over the next four years, NATO intends to locate smaller ground-based interceptors in Romania and in Poland.


The senior official said Biden would tell Eastern European leaders during his meetings that those missile-defense plans remain “on track” and would not be altered to respond to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.


“It has never been about Russia,” the official said of the missile defense system.


Biden’s first meeting here is with Prime Minister Donald Tusk, followed by one with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski.


Thank you Washington Post.


Vice President Joe Biden is visiting Poland as part of a campaign to show support for U.S. allies and to warn Russian President Vladimir Putin to back off in Ukraine.

Vice President Joe Biden is visiting Poland as part of a campaign to show support for U.S. allies and to warn Russian President Vladimir Putin to back off in Ukraine.





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