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TeaTardedRepubliCANTS Tell Unemployed: “We Don’t Give A Damn About You, We Got Lifetime Jobs.”


By Jueseppi B.



Democrats failed on Thursday to win enough Republican votes to reauthorize long-term unemployment benefits for more than a million workers cut off in December.



From Huffington Post by Arthur Delaney :


House GOP Says It’s Too Late To Pass An Unemployment Extension




Andrew Perez contributed reporting.

Thank you Huffington Post by Arthur Delaney.


WASHINGTON — Republicans in the House of Representatives say it’s just too late to pass legislation restoring unemployment benefits to the 2 million workers who’ve missed out since December.

The Senate advanced a bill reauthorizing the benefits in a procedural vote on Thursday, setting up passage as soon as next week. Then the ball would be in House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) court.

Boehner has voiced opposition to the bill. Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee, which oversees unemployment insurance, elaborated Thursday on Boehner’s recent argument that the Senate measure would be “unworkable” even if Congress approved it — so lawmakers shouldn’t bother.

While Congress has reauthorized federal benefits after allowing them to lapse before, the House GOP argument goes, it hasn’t reauthorized them after allowing them to lapse for this long. In 2010, congressional dithering caused the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation program to lapse for almost two months. The Democrat-controlled House had passed a benefits bill, but GOP filibusters tied it up the Senate.

“Given that both the House and Senate were officially on record supporting an extension BEFORE the program expired, States and recipients had a strong signal that an extension would eventually be reached,” Ways and Means Republicans said in a press release Thursday.

“This meant that during that lapse, States continued to take claims in anticipation of an agreement,” the statement continued. “States went about verifying weekly eligibility, as if the program were operating, and then just held the claims without paying them until the President signed the law. This time around, without action from either the House or Senate, States have long since stopped verifying weekly eligibility and holding claims.”

But a few states have continued verifying weekly eligibility, at least according to their websites. The Maryland Department of Labor’s website, for instance, tells claimants to keep filing: “We will continue to take the initial claims for the EUC Program after the program expires; however, we will not be able to pay any EUC benefits unless the U.S. Congress extends the program.”

The National Association of State Workforce Agencies said in a letter last week that the Senate’s unemployment legislation would be difficult to implement, though the letter did not specifically cite the fact that some state workforce agencies haven’t told workers to keep filing claims. The letter did say, however, that it would be tricky to send benefits to claimants moving through the three available “tiers” of federal compensation.

“It would be very challenging to identify these claimants, and then administer the proper payments, due to the complexity of the review process and the potential volume of claims to review,” the letter noted.

U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, who in his previous job ran Maryland’s unemployment department, has said that despite the challenges identified by NASWA, the Senate bill would still be workable.

A key difference between the 50-day lapse in 2010 and the current lapse, which has lasted more than 80 days, is that the legislation under consideration would require states to implement changes to their unemployment programs, such as requiring claimants to swear they aren’t millionaires.




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      • That is sad, seems a waste of natural resources not to take advantage of real Americans with knowledge to help solve a problem.


      • I agree, but so long as business executives ‘testify’ before congress they need ‘labor’ that doesn’t exist in the US they will continue to import it in on temporary work Visa (H1B) and we, those of us who paid for our college degrees and worked for years will be pushed out into the grey market begging for crumbs from their table. We will work for pittance, we will work on contracts, we will see rates slashed, sometimes we won’t get paid because whoever held the contract didn’t have the real relationship with the end client, they were three doors down.

        Believe me, some of the things I have had said to me are unbelievable . Just yesterday I was asked if I would fly at my expense from Dallas to New York, after a phone and a Skype interview, because they will want to get a ‘look’ at me before they contract me for a year (like I am meat).


      • I feel for you, but I can’t really comprehend why a college degree professional would stomach that type of treatment. No disrespect to you but it seems beneath the type of person you are, that you’d work for or with those types of dumbasses. I guess working as a chef for years and years, we were accustomed to being in high demand based on our talent level and didn’t have to worry about a flood of foreign workers.

        So tell me what you’d tell the White House if you had an hour with a high ranking official.


      • To shut down the flood of H1B for all but what they were originally intended and review the current ‘rules’. To look closely at the labor rules in place today, including the extended H1B rules that keep them and their spouses working long past the original agreement across primarily IT and Engineering fields. To look at the flood of ‘in-sourced’, out-sourced, on-shore / near shore models that allow companies to contract all labor thus reducing costs, pay no benefits and keep costs low. To look at the flooded market of ‘body shops’ that make their money shuffling the H1B resources from company to company, contract to contract and the lawyers that help them do it.

        It is such a scam. It has been going on for a decade. Somewhere I have all the numbers. IBM, Microsoft, Infosys, Arthur Anderson, Cap Gemini and the list goes on, all of them do it.

        Why do I put up with it? Because i have to eat and pay the bills. If I don’t put up with it I don’t get contracts and this time around it is harder than ever.


      • If you can get this information to me, and I can assemble it for a blog post, would you be willing to do that?


      • Take your time, as long as we get your message out there to people and to the other bloggers, thats what matters, no rush on a time frame.


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