From The Sanders Firm: THE MIRIAM CAREY FAMILY REACTS TO THE AUTOPSY REPORT. What If Miriam Carey Had Been White?


By Jueseppi B.

Miriam Carey star.preview


Six months have passed since Ms. Miriam Carey was brutally gunned down in Washington D.C. by Capitol Hill police and The Secret Service, while her 18 month old child was strapped in the backseat in a baby carrier.


The following is a post by The Sanders Firm:






NEW YORK, April 4, 2014 – Yesterday, after six months of “utter” silence by government officials, the Carey Family received the final Autopsy Report for their beloved Miriam Iris Carey. After a careful analysis, the report supports their original hypothesis the shooting of their beloved Miriam was “NOT JUSTIFIED.”


Important Facts from the Report

• Miriam was in “good health”
• Miriam was not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
• Miriam died from multiple gunshot wounds
• Miriam was shot from the back to the front, meaning all shots entering her body were fired while her back was turned, the locations indicate she was moving away from the officers; and
• Miriam sustained one shot to the back of her head


“The authorities knew since October 10, 2013, despite popular misinformation, Miriam had no alcohol or other drugs in her system debunking mental illness theory and they also knew since December 5, 2013, Miriam was shot multiple times about her body including her head and back,” says Eric Sanders.


With these latest government revelations, the Carey Family is understandably upset.


Important Facts About Use of Force Federal Agencies

Metropolitan Police General Order No.: RAR 901.07 Section IV (A)(2) No member of the Metropolitan Police Department shall discharge his/her firearm under the following circumstances… “At or from a moving vehicle unless deadly force is being used against the officer or another person. For purposes of this order, a moving vehicle is not considered deadly force. Members shall, as a rule, avoid tactics that could place them in a position where is vehicle could be used against them. (CALEA 1.3.4)”


“It stands to reason using simple logic, if the Metropolitan Police prohibits shooting at moving vehicles, the United States Secret Service – Uniformed Division and United States Capitol Police follows the CALEA standard as well, says Sanders.


CALEA is the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. Members organizations includes the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP); National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE); National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA); and the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF).


“We continue to call for the criminal prosecution of all employees involved from the United States Secret Service – Uniform Division and United States Capitol Police, for the United States Department of Justice to prosecute all employees involved for violating the civil rights of our beloved Miriam and for the immediate termination of all employees involved,” says Valarie Carey spokesperson for the Carey Family.


Valarie Carey, who is representing the interests of the Carey Family, filed a wrongful death claim on January 30, 2014, against the United States of America, the United States Secret Service – Uniformed Division and the United States Capitol Police seeking$75 million dollars on behalf of The Estate of Miriam Iris Carey, Mother Idella Carey and minor child EF to compensate them for their great loss of a daughter, mother, friend and confidant.


“While the criminal probe is pending, the United States Congress using its legislative powers must investigate Miriam’s death. Miriam’s death is symbolic of the growing problem of police using excessive force against the citizenry throughout our nation. With respect to Miriam’s death, it is in the public’s interest to ensure our government acted responsibly not only from a criminal or a civil perspective but from an internal agency perspective. It is also in the public’s interest avoid a similar tragedy in the future,” says Sanders.



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Thank you so much The Sanders Firm.







The sisters of Miriam Carey say, “It just doesn’t seem real!”


Miriam Carey was shot to death on October 4th, 2013 after first trying to ram her car through a White House barricade then leading Capitol police through a high-speed chase. It ended near the Capitol in a hail of bullets.



Carey’s sisters spoke with reporters in Brooklyn, New York Friday night after returning from Washington following the grim task of identifying their loved one’s body. They said they were “still very confused as to why Miriam is not alive.”


They told reporters gathered in front of their Bedford Stuyvesant home the the shooting of their unarmed sister by Capitol police was “unjustified.”


The sisters also spoke about being gravely concerned that Carey’s infant daughter was in the back seat during the entire incident. Police say Carey’s daughter was not seriously harmed and was placed in protective custody. Her whereabouts right now, are unknown to the family.


Amy Carey-Jones said that she believed her sister was struggling with postpartum depression, but could not explain the depths of her mental condition that could have lead to that fatal confrontation.


Federal investigators in Washington told reporters Friday that Miriam Carey had been under the delusion that President Obama was communicating with her and had her home city of Stamford, CT under “lock down.”  But back in Brooklyn Friday night, Carey-Jones said, “We don’t know why Miriam ended up going to DC, we don’t know if her depression contributed to her taking that ride.”


As far as the family could determine, Carey has no political agenda that might have prompted the incident.


Earlier Friday evening during an interview on CNN, Carey–Jones said, “There wasn’t a pattern [of mental instability]. It was something that occurred suddenly. She seemed overwhelmed. There was a lot of stress.” She challenged earlier reports that her sister showed outward signs of  severe mental stress early on.  “There were not moments of her walking around with delusions. That was not what was going on.”


She insisted that her sister was making progress with the help of counseling and medications. ”My sister was experiencing postpartum depression with psychosis, that was her diagnosis. She once had experienced a momentary break down that needed emergency care but got help and dealt with that.  She had challenges as a new parent but we always spoke closely with her as parents and was dealt with it as a family.”


In that interview, Carey-Jones said her sister recently told her that her doctors said she did not need medications anymore and, “They tapered her off the medications and she felt fine.”


The sisters would not say what medications Miriam Carey was prescribed. The Careys described their sister as a “vibrant” woman who had everything to live for, especially the love she showed toward her infant daughter. They said their sister, a professional dental hygienist, loved her work and wanted to teach, “To further give back to the field,” Carey-Jones said.


The family is questioning whether the only way to end the chase was by shooting their unarmed sister to death. One of the sisters, Valarie Carey, is a former New York City police officer. The family said they will conduct their own investigation.


“My sister just totally didn’t deserve this,” said Valarie Carey, “There are going to be a lot of different stories being told by people that claim they may know her. They don’t. She was a law-abiding citizen.”


In Brooklyn Friday night, Carey-Jones  told reporters, “We believe that law enforcement could have handled things differently.” She went on to  say, “Unfortunately, if someone does have a crisis, a moment of instability, how do people put in place to protect, how do they help you, how can they contain the situation and and give you the help that you deserve?”


The family’s position is the fatal shooting of Miriam Carey was “not justified.”



U.S. Capitol On Lockdown After Reports Of Gun Shots


At least a dozen gunshots were fired when she tried to flee cops, who  had trapped her two blocks from the Capitol. She was believed to have been hit several times. Does it really take a dozen gunshots at an un-armed Black woman with a child in the backseat, to stop her car?




There was no weapon in the woman’s car and she carried no ID. ALL This for one un-armed Black mother with her child in the backseat.

U.S. Capitol On Lockdown After Reports Of Gun Shots






Shots Fired near the U.S. Capotiol Building in Washington, D.C.





Miriam Carey’s Sisters Speak Out And Say “She Wasn’t Crazy Or Stalking Obama”


Miriam Carey’s sisters, Amy Carey Jones and Valarie Carey, tell TODAY’s Matt Lauer that their sister was not delusional and never talked critically about President Obama. They believe Miriam was frightened after being surrounded by police near the White House last week and that her speeding off was a way to flee the confusion.







Published on Jan 9, 2014

On October 3, 2013 Miriam Carey was murdered by police officers and Secret Service in Washington, DC. While being accused of “ramming” a White House gate, the 2010 black Infiniti car Miriam Carey drove did NOT have front end damage nor did the airbags deploy. The most she may have been guilty of was a traffic infraction which is NOT justification for killing her.


Miriam Carey was UNARMED with her 13 month baby in the backseat of her car at the time of the shooting AND KILLING. Miriam was not only a productive law abiding citizen, she was a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. A 34 year old mother with great potential and full of life whom her daughter Erica will never get to know personally. There was also another person that is now missing from the scene which we have every reason to believe has been kidnapped and possibly held hostage by U S government forces or even murdered. It was originally reported she was taken into custody.


Why this entire incident has happened remains a mystery. Some have suggested that Miriam was trying to contact President Obama to tell him her child was his, and Obama had told her to come to the white house to meet him there. At the time of the incident there was a police drill or exercise going on and many police were present. Possibly a set up to execute Miriam and silence her. It has been reported that the Sisters and family of Miriam are asking for a DNA test to be done to find out the identity of the Father. It is reported that the child was swooped away and is being raised by unknown persons while the Miriam sisters and family are not being offered custody or explanations.


Innocent Americans MUST NOT be gunned down by police because they commit a traffic violation or because they are afraid to stop their car while being fired upon by police. Miriam was first fired upon BEFORE ANY CAR CHASE OCCURRED. The actual murder took place after they shot at her for driving 100 feet when asked to stop, no high speed chase had ensued at all. They simply fired at her. If someone was firing weapons at you, would you stop and exist into the gun fire? Would a sane person probably keep driving? It is noted that she drove TOWARD the safety of more police not away! Stand up America. It is Time to Speak up for our rights!



Police State Conditioning: Miriam Carey DC Unarmed Driver Executed


Published on Oct 5, 2013

According to authorities, On Thursday, October 3, 2013, Miriam Carey “rammed” a couple of checkpoints near the White House entrance. She then sped away and was chased by police officers who then shot her dead while her 18 month old daughter was in the vehicle. She was unarmed, yet the Congress and the mainstream media have praised the “heroic” action by police in their killing this erratically-driving mother. This is the definition of police state. Everyone living in so much manufactured fear that they will praise the killing of any “terrorist” that steps out of line in any form or fashion.




I am not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of any imagination. I am a man who believes in facts & truth. The truth is once the child was removed from the Black Lexus, there was no reason to continue shooting at this vehicle. If a trained law enforcement professional is shooting at a target and NO RETURN FIRE is coming from said target….there IS NO REASON TO CONTINUE FIRING.


The facts is There was no weapon in the woman’s car, therefore she could not have returned fire or fired first at Washington D.C. law enforcement.


That FACT makes the Death Of Miriam Carey, an EXECUTION.


But Ms. Miriam Carey is just another Black human life taken, so what does it really matter. Right.



What If Miriam Carey Had Been White?


I know how Miriam Carey wound up dead. But, would she be dead if she was in a White female body with a neatly dressed White child in the backseat?


There is no around-the-clock news coverage of Miriam Carey. Imagine if it was a woman with White skin. We all would become semi-professionals in diagnosing postpartum. But, that’s not happening. The media is treating this story the same way they treat all single Black mother—with steadfast disregard.


What If Miriam Carey Had Been White?



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Capitol Punishment: Unarmed mom with health issues gunned down by DC Police


Capitol Punishment: Unarmed mom with health issues gunned down by DC Police





Autopsy Report






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  1. I am so so truly deeply very sorry for Miriam’s loss … I pray for her spirit to be restful in our Lord Jesus forever … As gracious God in his infinite mercy can grant her family everlasting joy to forget their sorrows ,,, In the name of the Father … of the Son … and of the Holy Ghost i ask … Amen …
    May all our prayers be fulfilled in the mighty name of Jesus … Hallelujah … Amen …


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