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Vice President Biden to Travel to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup

WASHINGTON, DC – The Vice President will travel to the Federative Republic of Brazil in June to attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  While in Brazil, the Vice President will attend a game of the U.S. national team.


Additional details about the Vice President’s trip will be released at a later date.




Vice President Biden Speaks at the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour


Published on Apr 14, 2014

Vice President Biden welcomes the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour to the State Department. April 14, 2014.





Biden, Kerry Greet World Cup Trophy in First Tour Stop




Vice President Joe Biden plans to head to Brazil this summer to attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup and cheer the U.S. national team at on of its games.

Brazil expects 600,000 foreign visitors and 3 million Brazilian tourists during the monthlong tournament, according to The Associated Press.

The trophy to be awarded the winner of this year’s World Cup soccer (fútbol) tournament made a stop Monday in Washington, D.C. at the State Department where Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry were on hand to welcome it and make a few remarks.

The stop was the first of the Trophy Tour preceding the tournament that begins June 12. Before the presentation, athletes from youth soccer organizations batted around a soccer ball with Kerry and DC United players.

At the ceremony, Kerry expressed excitement at the possibility of a match between the United States and Brazil, adding, “to do that the United States has to get through Germany, Portugal and Ghana.” Those opponents have been called one of the “Groups of Death” in the tournament and U.S. faces a serious challenge in emerging the winner.

Biden said he played the other football, but his grandchildren play soccer. “One of the great advantages of being vice president, I’m able to take _ if I’m not going to a war zone _ one of my grandchildren with me … And the only thing all my girls said is they want to go to the World Cup,” Biden said.

Whether Brazil will be ready for the event is a worry. Three stadiums still are under construction and the country expects street protests, according to the AP.

Thank you SUZANNE GAMBOA & NBC News.



Statement by Vice President Biden on the Passing of Nuala Pell

Jill and I were saddened to hear of the passing of our dear friend, Nuala Pell. She and her husband, Senator Clairborne Pell, were among our closest friends. They embraced me in my earliest days in the Senate, after I had lost my wife and daughter. I spent many memorable evenings in their company, and through all the years we served together, I always knew I had a welcome home in Washington with the Pells.


I also remember the love and partnership that marked their marriage. Senator Pell used to keep a pillow in his office embroidered with the words, “Happiness is being married to your best friend.” Nuala and Claiborne worked side by side on every issue, whether it was on behalf of the elderly, or women’s health care, or the arts and humanities, or access to education. After Claiborne passed, Nuala continued her lifetime of service, creating the Nuala Pell Leadership Program in Public Service to give future leaders the skills to enter public service. Her lifetime of service will live on through the next generation of leaders she helped grow, and in the hearts of her many friends.








Biden And Kerry Deliver Remarks At FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Ceremony





Biden And Kerry Deliver Remarks At FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Ceremony

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