2014 Mid Term Elections

President Barack Hussein Obama Visits Chicago May 22nd For Senate Democratic Fundraisers.


By Jueseppi B.



From Lynn Sweet, Chicago Tribune:


President Barack Hussein Obama Visits Chicago May 22nd For Senate Democrats Fundraisers.


WASHINGTON–President Barack Obama returns to Chicago on May 22 to headline big money fund-raisers to benefit the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Sen. Dick Durbin‘s re-election warchest.

President Obama, who touched down in Chicago in March for funders to bankroll the Democratic National Committee, will appear at a reception at the home of Michael and Tanya Polsky and a dinner at the home of Fred Eychaner, the CEO of Newsweb Corporation and one of the biggest Democratic donors in the nation.

President Obama needs the Senate to remain in Democratic control following the November elections  in order to advance his agenda for the final two years of his second term.

Durbin is seen as having a big lead over GOP rival state Sen. Jim Oberweis R-Sugar Grove.

The price points:

*$35,000 for Eychaner dinner and a photo (Or $17,500 per person).

*$15,000 reception co-chair and a photo.

*$10,000 reception sponsor and a photo.

$ $1,000 reception guest, no photo.









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  1. What we need is the Democrats running for office this year not to run away from the President and his agenda. Good to see some of them not doing so. Wish more of them would put their big boy and girl pants on and step up!


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