2014 Mid Term Elections

TheObamaCrat™ Wake-Up Call For Thursday The 1st Day Of May.


By Jueseppi B.




White House Schedule – May 1, 2014


In the morning, the President and the Vice President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office. This meeting is closed press.


In the afternoon, the President and the Vice President will meet for lunch in the Private Dining Room. This lunch is closed press.


Later in the afternoon, the President will honor the 2014 National Teacher of the Year and finalists, thanking them for their hard work and dedication each and every day in the classroom. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Dr. Jill Biden will also attend the event. This event in the East Room is open press.






The city is drying out after a day of steady torrential rains and President Barack Obama has a light public schedule on Thursday, lunching with Vice President Joe Biden and honoring “Teacher of the the Year” finalists. The Illinois state teacher of the year is Pamela Reilly from Woodbury Elementary School in Sandwich, Ill.


Office of the Press Secretary
THURSDAY, MAY 1st, 2014


THURSDAY, MAY 1st, 2014



Thursday May 1st, All Times ET


10:00 AM: The President and Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing, Oval Office.


11:30 AM: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney, The Brady Press Briefing Room. Watch White House LIVE!! Streaming.


12:30 PM: The President and Vice President meet for lunch,Private Dining Room.


2:25 PM: The President honors the 2014 National Teacher of the Year and finalists; Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Dr. Jill Biden also attend, East Room.









Statements and Releases – April 1st, 2014


Statement by the President on Elections in Iraq


Readout of National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice’s Meeting with Egyptian Foreign Minister Fahmy


Statement by the Press Secretary on the President’s Travel to Europe in June 2014


Op-Ed by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden in MilitaryTimes.com



Speeches and Remarks – April 1st, 2014


Remarks by the First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden at Joining Forces Impact Pledge Announcement




Remarks by the President on Raising the Minimum Wage




Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney, 4/30/2014





Presidential Actions – May 1st, 2014


Presidential Proclamation — Law Day, U.S.A., 2014

Presidential Proclamation — Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, 2014

Presidential Proclamation — National Day of Prayer, 2014

Presidential Proclamation — Loyalty Day, 2014





Show Your College Pride with First Lady Michelle Obama



Ed. note: This is cross-posted on HomeRoom, the U.S. Department of Education’s official blog. See the original post here.


As part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s effort to encourage children to reach higher and pursue higher education, she will be visiting San Antonio on Friday to speak at the city’s College Signing Day.


First Lady Michelle Obama meets with students in a pre-K classroom at the Yu Ying Public Charter School, a Chinese-immersion, International Baccalaureate elementary school in Washington, D.C., March 4, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

First Lady Michelle Obama meets with students in a pre-K classroom at the Yu Ying Public Charter School, a Chinese-immersion, International Baccalaureate elementary school in Washington, D.C., March 4, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)


College Signing Day is part of Destination College, a week of events started by Mayor Julián Castro to celebrate San Antonio as both a college town and a college-going town. To celebrate their commitment to higher education, San Antonio residents show their support by wearing college apparel on Signing Day. (Watch a video of U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan attending a Signing Day in San Antonio.)


To inspire students across the country to consider applying to college, we’re encouraging journalists, celebrities, government officials, and YOU to wear college gear on Friday, May 2. It can be as simple as a hat, tie, sweatshirt, or socks – anything to help get the word out. We would be honored if you would join this effort and wear your college apparel on Friday and share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, or any social media platform using the hashtag #ReachHigher.


In her remarks on Friday, the First Lady will highlight the significance of pursuing and completing some form of higher education and the importance of students doing their part to answer the President’s ‘North Star’ Education Goal that by the year 2020, America once again has the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.




First Lady Michelle Obama To Stop In San Antonio


First Lady Michelle Obama is expected to make a stop in the Alamo City this week to help promote higher education. On Friday, Obama will join Mayor Julián Castro for Destination College Week’s ‘College Signing Day,’ an event that allows high school seniors to publicly display their college or university plans. The mid-morning event is expected to draw more than 2,100 attendees. The week-long (free) citywide program is geared toward empowering children to seek higher ed opportunities and reminds the public SA is a prime spot for collegiate education in Texas, with around 150,000 students enrolled at area colleges or universities.

This marks College Week’s fourth annual event. Obama will be speaking at The University of Texas at San Antonio and is slated to discuss the administration’s “North Star” education plan (as she’s been doing recently) which aims to make the U.S. once again, have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020.

Read More here.




Toward a Europe Whole and Free: Closing Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden 




Published on Apr 30, 2014

President Barack Obama will visit Poland in June for the 25th anniversary of the free elections that marked that country’s exit from its era of communist rule under Soviet domination, Vice President Joe Biden said at the Atlantic Council today. Obama’s visit to Poland comes as the US administration seeks to bolster Eastern European allies amid the transatlantic community’s confrontation with Russia over its attacks on Ukraine.





The TheObamaCrat™ Videos:


The President’s Trip To Asia: Photos By Mr. Peter Souza


Published on Apr 30, 2014

President Obama’s fifth trip to Asia during his time in office will underscore a continued focus on the Asia-Pacific region and commitment to his vision of rebalancing to the world’s largest emerging region. The President’s visit to Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines will focus on our major priorities in the region: modernizing our alliances; supporting democratic development; advancing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and commercial ties; investing in regional institutions; and deepening cultural and people-to-people ties.





The First Lady Visits China Photos By Ms. Amanda Lucidon


Published on Apr 30, 2014

The First Lady traveled to China from March 19-26, 2014. She visited Beijing from March 20-23, Xi’an on March 24, and Chengdu from March 25-26




The President’s Trip to Europe and Saudi Arabia. Photos By Mr. Peter Souza


Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, the Holy See, and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were where Mr. Souza captured these historical images. Come along on a journey of magnificent memories.




Check out all the TheObamaCrat™ videos at You Tube








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  1. Love the two babies in the pictures, that is actually rather funny. As you always do, wonderful briefing. I think I get more from your briefing than I do anywhere else, places to go and the pathway to find the information I need. I am as always grateful.


      • The cold turned out to be the flu. I barely got the Reminder out and then posted on the blog. I’ve been wiped out. As usual I am trying to keep up. The good news for me is that since my return to the online groups, they have picked up and really working like a support group. Things I learned in my old group are helping other parents today and THAT makes me happy. After each group I get resources and send them out to the members who attended. This week I had another light bulb moment in which I will add those things to the online group blog. Last week I had created a page of tips to help folks get the most out of the group. My daughter co-facilitates the group with me and she is amazed to see how group works. (Member do not know we are related.) Now she can understand why I went for so long all those years ago. This is parents stretched to the max getting practical, in-the-moment help.

        I was up till after 4 a.m. and then up again at 6 a.m. so I need more rest. The flu was rough but not as bad it would have been if I did not get the flu shot.

        How are you today? I hope you are having good thoughts as well! Did you get the humidifier? I hope it helps with the eyes.😉 See you later!


      • Glad your groups are working to help others and glad you are getting healthy. You need more than 2 hours of sleep Jack. Be good and get 8 hours of sleep each 24 hour cycle please. The humidifier is on it’s way, I bought a brand new one on E-Bay.


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